Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 29 1:30am EST


   What has occurred with the FBI announcement today? The Clintons and their backers, the Illuminati crushed Trump with personal choices over the past two weeks, but he keeps bouncing back. The director, Comey did hold back prosecution due to the pressure applied from the Clintons, Bushes and Obama who hope this would all go away. Clinton in damage control states to nation show all in a demanding voice, but she knows what is in the emails, and is calling a bluff as the content cannot be revealed during an active investigation. Comey was not given a choice to reveal this nor was the timing coincidental. The truth if reveal, would crush Clinton, but the American people will be allowed to vote their hearts with all of the deception facing both candidates, but a verifiable definitive game changer.

   Trump has a seven day window to where his message commands the media and Hillary will plant a deception in the final weekend to turn the tide, but will not affect the final polls as too late. This is her plan. Will it work, depends on Trump. Stay focused and on message no matter what she brings will be dismissed as desperate and the undecided will ask, why now? All expect a new scandal against you Trump with little time to rebuke.

   The FBI scandal is real and not going away and is linked to national security rather than personal misbehavior as a private citizen. For her this is why now. The patriots of this nation have taken a stand to protect this nation as Clinton would betray it and join the new world order after the war already planned by members of the East and West as they listen to another. This was written in the Bible. This is what those in the know, fear.  One world, one government, one religion, this is the difference. It is time for the media to step aside and let our people vote.

   By the way, I am proud Biden took his name out of the running for Secretary of State under a Clinton Administration. Clinton has picked another, months ago, and Joe’s name would be used to attract voters pleased with the present administration. This is the same tactic she used when announcing 50 prospects for her VP when Kaine was already picked. It was about the prospects energizing their own inner circle for Hillary as if they had a chance. You were used, American politics 101.


Update 1:30pm EST


   Michelle, are you aware of whom Hillary represents? Your husband knows. This election will come down to Pennsylvania, unless this nation gets wind of what is in those emails currently being withheld as to not tip the election. The current plan has been to steer the white women suburban vote towards Hillary while driving up the inner city vote for Clinton already for her, but to inflate due to fraud and repeat voting is risky even though, it is not being monitored. All this is to balance the angry rural vote.

   A new point was voter suppression as this is illegal. So what was meant by Trump was to suppress opposition to him by selective ads targeting a particular group opposed to him, nothing more. It is here the media makes more than what is. We have an influx crossing the border illegally just in case Trump wins. Exactly what does this say about this nation? All households have rules as to behavior and these rules are in place to preserve harmony and peace. This nation has rules in place for a reason as this is not the EU. We are a compassionate nation, but not when the safety of the nation is in place or our economic well being. When any group that is illegal depresses your wages, crushes your school systems and avoids income tax as they are off the books and your excuse is they pay sales tax. This has to change. This is the uncomfortable truth. I speak to all who came here paid your fees and waited your turn; do you think this is fair?

   If Clinton loses especially now with the reopening of FBI emails case no one in the Democratic Party thought would come in the last 11 days. Just know, the Clinton Foundation transferred a significant amount of money over a billion US dollars to a Middle Eastern country that has no extradition agreement, ask why? Is this her get out of town fund if prosecution is impending? You ask, but Obama can pardon her? Not if she is officially charged after January 21, 2017. Outcomes she can withdraw due medical reasons already in place. She could lose the election and damage the Democratic Party as the cowards that they are will sing like rats. Get impeached and then you have puppet Kaine in place ensuring war and one world government. Trump could win pushing but the treason within our country or and unlikely an election delay due to earth changes.

   Some are asking on why Trump would sue Access Hollywood? In many states both parties are to be notified if they are being recorded a hot mic as on purpose, but only to be used if needed to keep a person in line. All knew Trump could not bring a lawsuit quick enough, but the damage is made. As a result to limit liability NBC fired Billy.

   She spoke about the power of women to use free speech, but the problem is when it comes to slander. Karma is a bitch. Gloria Allred was brought in to protect the women who came out against Trump. Many were lying others have a case that cannot be proved. Few are willing to take that chance so groped woman syndrome will slink away. With all the noise, filter it out and just ask what is Hillary offering to change the direction of this country? Nothing as the emails will eventually reveal it was all about her self interest first and moving this nation towards acceptance of the new world order with one leader under one government after war crushes all that you know. This is her plan, as I told you this, months ago. This is why I considered her a traitor to this nation as the greed was just perks from the job. It comes down to one who has sold this nation to the highest bidder as your trusted politician or the one who will change this nation, but has a big mouth as a private citizen. This needs to be considered with your vote.


Update 6:30pm EST


   The Hillary campaign is in quiet turmoil as Huma has backups of what was on her computer. So the demand to Comey to reveal what is known is about what does he know and what will the American people know. Their only card to play is to demand a release of information, rebuke the comment of Comey that points to a vague comment of either abuse or innocence. He chose he words wisely as to not influence the vote, but let this nation know something is wrong enough to come forward with the statement to Congress. Clinton is well aware Comey will reveal nothing and will play the media as there is an injustice with timing and lack of content, crafty aren’t you Hillary. So what is her plan in the closing days?

   Hillary is waiting for the main stream media to back her as the victim as the release was well timed on Friday afternoon pushing the real opinions to the Monday evening news cycle. But this is the same man who said we have no case, thus like a pardon. She knows the media is controlled by those who back her and the threats to anyone who backs Trump are already in place.

   Those in the media know with added pressure there will seem to be a rat in place and this could cause defections that will reveal collusion with the media (speculative), the DNC and Hillary, which could drive the campaign further south. So they are digging through the past of Trump to find anything that will shift the focus away from them and this scandal. Hillary will do anything to win. The trick is to make it appear as a natural story and not planted; planning takes days, which they do not have. With anything that is rushed mistakes are made. They are hoping to drop the bomb Wednesday afternoon, but most likely will occur on Friday afternoon if all works out. If not then the election will be close.

   She has chosen to roll the dice. Just know, if she falls, then you’re Obama Legacy, Michelle initially, and Biden will be tainted. The DNC, and some aspects of the media (CNN & MSNBC) will fall with her as all of you knew better except Michelle, she gets a pass. It is better to change sides than scatter like rats in self preservation.



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