Political Snap Shot



Written Oct. 30 12:30 pm EST

   Yesterday Vindman testified in the Democratic impeachment process. So what does this mean to the common man? Vindman was placed as an advisor by design, a product of the new world order to protect the interests of the Ukraine. Did he reveal anything not seen on the transcript, no. He offered a personal opinion, as did many others, a spin. It does not count in a court of law, just the facts.

   It is not a crime, to ask to a nation to reopen an inquiry of an alleged investigation closed by pressure from the then vice president Biden. Did he know why his son and the company, was being investigated, no! As he has said so many times in public. If you do not know the facts, or what your son was doing, then why interfere? He told the truth, his son never informed him on what he was involved in, but the CIA did. Joe expected Hillary to win and the issue a non event. Joe Biden is lying. Biden saw the Clintons skirt the system, and reap billions, Obama over a hundred million, and he just wants his family slice going into the pole shift.

   It is not a crime, to look for an association that may have been committed using influence? But, this is not what you see. I am asking you Democrats on this issue, Have you truly thought this through? You will lose. Those spearheading prosecution will be taken out one by one in scandal or death, until you fall to your knees. The Almighty sent a message several times, Schiff are you listening? Is it worth it? It is country first, not the new world order. Satan and all your practices of devotion will not save you. Hunter was paid and none of you will dare say influence“. This is no different from the Clinton Foundation. As this was Quid pro Quo.

   Those testifying on the behalf of the Ukraine, have to support the impeachment process by design. They perceive a Democrat in the White House in 2020, but are following the narrative fed to them. They are none the wiser. With Obama passing aid at 3.8 billion a year until the late 2020s, Trump’s intent that aid may be held back was a paper tiger, and held no weight. If aid was withheld authorized by Congress in the end, that may be a crime. If information on Biden was invented, that is a crime. If you reopen an investigation on alleged corruption, this is not. But blinded, and you do not see this.

   You can not influence an election, if you do not know if a candidate will win. In a court of law, they do not deal in the hypothetical. Joe Biden crushed an investigation on his son, Hunter by with holding aid, and this is right. Now Democrats, millions paid with no talent, and you do not think something stinks? Again, Trump asked to reopen a closed investigation, not create one. The world and media are watching.

   Cuomo, be careful in your closing Tuesday night. 20 million alleged to made in Trump properties, did he provide a fair service? The Clintons set up the foundation where nations contribute, essentially bribes and you in the media look the other way. Billions transferred overseas to avoid our laws. Contributions dried up days after her loss in 16’. But again, you can not see this. The Obama’s now makes over a 100 million on books, Netflix and speaking tours, but their relationship is strained as the man has changed. The Truth shall be revealed.

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