Political Snap Shot 





Written Oct. 31 8:15pm EST


   As you were told Hillary's quiet task is to switch focus to Trump with the same rhetoric and away from the emails. She called on Holder and Gonzalez to protest the timing and the lack of substance. You will pay for leading the American people away from the truth. Donna is the first of many to go down. You were told there is a law in place to not reveal anything that will tip this election, but Hillary in a sign of desperation wants all revealed. This is a bluff. A warrant is issued to legally gather evidence on the assumption of case if it goes to trial will produce guilt. Her laugh states there is nothing there, really. Comey and the Attorney General were in your back pocket sealed by your husband's visit as you think you are so powerful as to warp perception. So what did the agents come across that only could made known to Comey seek a warrant and make him go against the hidden protocol of the Administration and the elites in both parties? This is what you need to focus on in the media.

  The fact is that Comey offered a vague response to comply with the letter of the law. We have Reid stating Comey broke the law, which is false. He would break it if he revealed specifics of the investigation. What was on the lap top stunned agents as to the deceit and plans of a Clinton Administration if they attain the Presidency as this cannot be disclosed to the people of the United States.

   The Clinton dialogue states Comey feels bad for what occurred the decision in July. I ask why, if you were cleared of charges. Which is it Hillary did he bury charges for you? If not why is there guilt? Comey was given no choice as holding back would bring down the DNC, the White House and Clinton and you would be left with Kaine a patsy.

   The woman Senator that was from the Mid West on Chrisís show again a plant to redirect voters, but the appearance seems genuine as to not point back to Clinton. The goal was to see what sticks and then Hillary will move forward on Wednesday on the basis of decisive snap polls and focus groups of her closest advisors as a new point and plan.

   Public is being told of Trump destroying emails. For him it is legal as a private citizen unless subpoenaed by a court of law. His fired campaign manager is allowed to seek business with the Russians as no wrong doing was found and was not working for Trump at the time, but the innuendo again is made to shift focus. This is how Hillary rolls.


Update Nov. 1 11:50am EST


   Good morning, as predicted Hillary is fighting full force with media plants hoping to turn attention back towards Trump by tomorrow. Nothing new with character ads as a new set of woman will look as a sign of desperation and open up talk of slander. So they shift to the Russians and their alleged hacking. Putin already warned the Hillary campaign to stop this line of attack for political gain. The key hear is that if the Russians were really hacking the DNC and Hillaryís emails then why didnít Huma take all of computerís off line?

   She figured an investigation would never look at the former Congressmanís computer as she had to set up the email accounts and passwords herself under her user account. What she did not count on was that her husband would be caught sexing with a minor and the computer taken as evidence. The FBI found the other account and opened it. They showed it Comey and told Comey what they saw and he issued a warrant end of story.

   Two things here, the Russian story if was true shows total disregard for our nation secrets because Clinton pushed the Russian hack, yet still Huma left sensitive information on a computer she set up. If she says her husband did it then how did he get the user name, passwords and server information? You see is lying because e mails were forwarded from this same computer confirmed with a simple check of the IP address linked to the sent email. If the Russian hack was true then the computer should have been wiped. This is simple common sense, but as we see lacking, just like her judgment. The Russian hack is a lie and the Clintons know this, but the concept helps her in the polls and garners votes she hopes.


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