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Written Oct. 31 2:30am EST



   Over the past couple of days, the 14th Amendment has been in the forefront of our news. The problem with the news media is that they offer opinions on our Constitution without the legal background. They have no right to shape the opinion of this nation without the skills, which you have few of. It is true that the 14th Amendment was passed in order to give guaranteed citizenship to the slaves, who were considered 3/5 of a man by the South. Given that, this was a Constitutional right to participate within this country as equal to those who controlled them before they where free. Are illegals exploiting this, yes, but you Trump will not deny anyone born here as an American. There is another way.

   The media paints the President as if he has the power to influence minds. Really so he talks about Blacks getting a chance to have more jobs and break the cycle of poverty. I ask, how is that working for white nationalists? He talks about removing crime infestation in the Democratic cities of Chicago and Baltimore as your children die and the need to replace the inept leadership. Again what has changed in your communities? Your mayor was forced out of the White House as someone left a dead fish on his desk as he undermined the Obama Administration. He was allowed to skirt the residency laws as you are so blind.

   Moving on to the words of CNN host “Dee Lemon”, I guess you are trying. You speak about the negative instead of bringing all together. The mobs have been flashed on our screens at college campuses. Key politicians have called for all to accost any Republican in public, which we have seen. You speak of a Caravan marching in violation of our laws, for you to think no criminal is hiding among them shows your ignorance. All arriving in the caravan are stealing resources from the American people. So what you do not say thousands can depress our social and health systems, when you can’t pass health care. Millions of Americans live pay check to paycheck and you invite the poor from others nations on the backs of the poor and middle class? Thousands will become millions as the EU is your guide. It was pointed out on Tucker that many low wage jobs are now requiring a bilingual person. So how is that going to work in the Black Community? Again your leaders are not in their right minds.

   As for the Jews targeted, Trump stood up for the embassy in Jerusalem, when no Democrat had the guts to do the same. Now a linked supporter knowing the President’s grand children are Jewish is going to target a Synagogue? Again, look to who this benefits and you have who did this.

   Again the Jews talk about lowering hate and rhetoric. So we are to ignore what happens in Israel? Has your nation stolen land after wars supported by the US? Do you not infringe on Palestine lands to expand settlements that the world sees as illegal? Do you not have a wall? Please ask President Carter. Do not as Americans chastise this nation when what is done in your nation is far worse.

   Oh, you say we suffered the Holocaust and Europe paid your citizens no mind as intel told them of your plight. Yes, but remember the UK removed you from Europe by design and offered you a desert home, which displaced Muslims without compensation and you think they would not be bitter?

   This is your world. Just know the globalist when given the chance will crush your nation and the slaughter will be far worst than the 40’s when the antichrist emerges.

   Trump you have to play it smart. It will be stupid for you to go against the 14th Amendment, but there is another way. Your new executive order will not allow the parents to stay in this nation until they go through due process behind those who legally applied. The choice is the child as a citizen may stay with legal family members, be deported with the parents as to stop separation or return at the age of 18 by their choice. Chain migration being that the parents were illegal have a 10 year waiting period to apply for citizenship and chain migration ends there. It is not your place as leader of this nation to step on those born here for any reason.

   “Dee Lemon” made a good point yesterday, finally. We need to close the loophole of those who overstay their visas. If you can stop them at the border, then you can round them up if they overstay their visas as you can easily trace them. Let’s take racism out of the equation.

   You ask about the Affordable Health Care as it will never work. First the Health Care system will never reduce the wages of doctors here far above the rest of the world. So you are going to ask a doctor to cut his or her wages to parity with the rest of the world? Good luck! You cannot even control prescription drug prices, nor have you never tried. False tests to increase profits as the insurance companies have to pay?

   Insurance companies’ under rights insurance policies if there is a profit to made. This was promised by the Obama Administration, but failed to deliver the youth who would not make many claims. There is little potential to make a profit with an elderly population dependent on pain medication. This is why almost all major insurers withdrew from the plan. The problem is that many, who have never been insured, are living in marginal circumstances and have pre-existing conditions. A typical corporation pays 20 thousand to insure a family and you think families making under the average family median in the low fifties can turn a profit for insurers? The youth feel, they will not get sick, thus opt out. The establishment lies. This is why the plan will not work.




   What has been little covered is the devastating flooding in Venice Italy that covers 75% of the city. As for Merkel stating she is retiring, this is a lie as your will world change far before this and she was promised leader for life by the new world order (globalists).


Written Oct. 31 11:59pm EST



   As the caravan approaches our Southern Border, we are told this is wanted by America in the media. The polls lie. The true intent of people’s thoughts is a façade when confronted by like minds. In the voting booth the truth will be revealed in a minor part as many are brain washed by what they hear and consider as truth as few due research. The Democrats have no plan for comprehensive illegal migration, as it would have now been public. How many years have we heard this? The flow is increasing and they cannot even take care of the Dreamers.

   You speak of healthcare for all and fair housing prices when hundreds of thousands are allowed to stay on this nation’s taxpayers.  A few billion to protect the border or tens of billions to house, clothe, feed and provide social services. This is a fact. The goal is to make you subservient to the bankers as they present events of human turmoil by design to force action crushing you under debt. It is called herding, but your leaders are sooooo stupid as they do not recognize the signs. Leaders that want change may make it two terms. Once in it is you join the establishment and offer something, but no real change. Those that sell this nation can be determined by their longevity. This is how Washington DC works.

   The facts present themselves, as millions are in poverty and live day to day and the poor from other countries are skirting our immigration system and to be allowed to compete for your resources. I ask is this, does your government works for you or all in the world? No, they control laws that keep you in place, but few see this. DNC leaders are quiet now on the caravan as siding with a mass influx has grown stale and you do not know what to do. The media is showing the extreme supporting this. Adding, the poor migrants eliminates your starter jobs as they work off the books for little and send the money home increasing our deficit. If they pay taxes, they have obtained false documents, a crime. Most do not and live 30 in a home as to evade property taxes that pays for your school systems. This does not create jobs or bring health care, but indebts this nation further. This is the Truth. This is why you have been told the media lies. I ask all of you to vote for the truth instead of being led down a path for the blind.

    You are constantly told that there few criminals in the migrant migration. Only an idiot would consider those who are evil will not hide among the sheep. The tragedies in this nation are constantly down played in the media. It takes one illegal to destroy a family with a death in drunk driving. It takes one to be killed in a shooting or hacked to death. It takes many to destroy or health care system as few one pays.

   How do you stand by and know your leaders will allow the flow to increase. They have done nothing but offer support at your expense and neighborhoods. Not in their school systems and where they live. You pay the price for their decisions and you think they are looking out for you? Charity starts at home then reach out. If the opposite occurs as it has you are being betrayed. We have a deficit and are broke. If we cannot afford your own does it make sense to take on more? This is common sense. Anna in the End Times it is about polarization right or wrong. You are on the wrong side, I will pray for you.

   As for the voter registration problem in Georgia, yes the Republicans used a technicality, which is a law on the books. Change the law or mobilize those who would be disenfranchised to correct the error. Whining means nothing Oprah, actions do.




   The BBC has revealed that the oceans are heating at a faster rate than predicted. This is true as he air temperature cannot support the current trend. So your scientists need to offer a true explanation, but you are cowards.


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