Political Snap Shot

The Brainwashing of America



Written Oct. 4 11:30 pm EST

    The latest danger to the people of America, is the relentless brain washing pushed in the media by certain outlets. The trust of revealing the truth and providing a balanced report for events on our earth has been totally compromised by the deep state, as the scales have tipped to the extreme, and intervention is now needed. I have told you the NSA, your agency tapped the phone calls of world leaders including your President, and this is the source of the leaks. Then the information is passed to their lackeys, the CIA and certain members of the media that suits the situation.

   The White House talks to world leaders are by a secure line or so they think. I again told you, few of Trumpís inner circle was privy to the conversation with the Ukraine president. How did the whistle blower get the taped conversation, second hand? Your media turned what was holding up a missile deal to withholding aid. They are lying. Your media states Trump wants to did up dirt as if it does not exist. No, it was to reopen a case that was closed under pressure from Biden. This again is a lie.

   None of you have looked into Burisma Holdings. The company was owned in 2011 by Mykola Zlochevsky who was a former minister of energy and Mykola Lisin. Oh, Lisin died in a car accident, really. On the board the president of Poland now why would that be? To arrange where Poland purchases its gas and oil? Another board member was the former head of the CIA counter terrorism dept. That should raise eyebrows? Hunter Biden hired in 2014 and let go this past April. You ask why? As Ukraine intelligence have little hope the Democrats will unseat Trump with Biden in a national election. So they hired a Kerry senior advisor with links back to the Clintons and DNC. There are playing it safe. This is your corrupt world, and you ask why is the Almighty going to destroy the status quo you see?

   Your leaders are out of their minds. Several Administrations made a point to reduce welfare in America, and now the Democrats want to give welfare and health care to illegals. In New York City they want to find you 250 K for saying the word illegal alien, which is the truth. What happened to free speech protected by the Bill of Rights. Also punishment that fits the crime.

   You have leaders, that care not for America. Yes we welcome others, but they must contribute, and not burden the taxpayer, housing, school systems, law enforcement, health care or force wages down for those already here with few skills.

 The media is dictating to you what you think want, but maybe you should start to consider about what is best for you.

Update Oct. 7 11:59 pm EST

   Currently, the neo-cons on both sides are protesting president Trumpís decision to withdraw troops and assets from harmís way in Syria. It is about stop wasting the money of the American people that changes nothing. You may ask, why the uproar? Trump gave a stern message to Turkey, as to any idea that they will recover the territory of the Kurds and subject them, would result in a severe consequence. Economic destruction was the warning to Erdogan, as that was public. I say please try, coward. As you know, your sorry as will join your enemies in hell. You have no true friends as you leverage, but you wonít stop, as you are a traitor to NATO by buying Russian missiles. Renegade on the Boeing purchase, and you are done. The missiles you bought will not work in a time of war. It will not be the Syrians, but the Chinese who will be given the technology by the Russians to disable the system, as your land has American nuclear missiles, will be the first to go. You are a patsy, no an idiot, and all see it, but you. This is the plan of the Bear, countered by Trump.

    The strategy of the president, shuts down Turkey and your hope to crush the Kurds, impedes the flow of money flowing to the military complex, as we exit Syria, and has exposed the neo-cons in Congress. A NATO ally cannot attack an ally of the United States without repercussions. For Trump, well played. Now you think, you have a hidden card. Your informants will be eliminated, pipe lines destroyed, the roads and vehicles for rogue truckers in flames and pot marked with craters. Is this what you want?

   Moving to Trumpís taxes. There will be nothing found there, accept failed business write offs, which the Democrats hope to use as an embarrassment only. Do you not think, the IRS would have revealed illegal payoffs and corruption? A solution in this subpoena is to allow the Southern NY district look, but all information is sealed unless a violation is found. They will find none.

   So letís get real, with your out of control world. Transgender bathrooms, create them. A person with a dick shall not go into a bathroom with women and children. This is common sense, no matter how you try and spin this one. No person of transgender, no matter how they are identified, shall go into a bathroom with a male under 16, kidnapping. All of you transgenders with a vagina want to use a male locker room, because you think you have some testosterone, be my guest. All have a right to exist in their perceived form, but none have the right to infringe on others, when there is a risk to the vulnerable.

   We have a new problem, as vaping has reared its ugly head. Did the tobacco industry put certain chemical outside of nicotine to hook the young and vulnerable? Judge from the sicknesses now surfacing. The chemicals in place could not have been researched as to the long time affect, this is their down fall with in a short time period by design.

   Solving climate change is complicated, and if it was true, it would take the cooperation of all nations. Industry will not take that step, as they expect you to die, while they hide while sheltered in their bunkers. You expect to remove the wealth from the elite, and the corporations, and then your government taxes you for their mistakes? You are fools. This is the truth.

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