Political Snap Shot





Written Oct. 8 3am EST


   The general population has now seen why politics is only for the strong as even many good hearted are turned. The Democrats are stunned; they lost this encounter with the Republicans. You constantly need to be reminded, that what seems right is wrong and what most think is wrong is right as this world polarizes. What has been revealed is that a political party backed by the media made a decision to imply guilt without a trial of their peers. Did you investigate the psychological profile of the victim as an event like this can alter the mind as to who the attacker was. None of your speculation will lead to the truth. Yes she can repeat the story, her version to people, but if those there at the alleged time do not back it, it is in her mind. This is common sense. Yet this event has nothing to do with diminishing the occurrence of sex crimes occurring in this country as every case is different. Being accused is not guilt. Her event was believed, but who did it, cannot be proven and the Democrats used this to delay and destroy a nomination and a man for political gain. This is where a disconnect from reality occurs.  You want to change things, than report it or another may suffer your same fate. Courage is not coming out when the few do and make you feel comfortable. Courage is being the first that causes change.

   Look at the planning of this event, information held until a critical time, the release of the name with anonymous tag was by design. The timing of other victims for reinforcement of the initial charges, but you let it get out of hand. What you do not understand no matter who Trump nominated they would have suffered a similar engineered smear campaign to stop a conservative Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is no coward, you expected him to fold and his wife pressuring him to quit due to embarrassment. Your plan did not work out.

   The polls are doctored and the anger shown in the media does not reflect the silent majority. The Lord talks to the souls of the innocent and this has blown up in the face of the Democrats. I ask? Booker, are you that blind for power that you do not see that you are the fall guy? Wake up; the Democrats are not putting another Black man in power during the End Times as they thought Obama could never beat Hillary. They will not make the same mistake twice.

   The key here was to expose the corrupt process of politics and the collusion with the media and paid protesters. For the Democrats their exposure was complete and it is here the forces of God won this one against those under the control of the new order and the unseen antichrist who is pulling the strings. Again I say those that you elect in the Mid Terms through manipulation of how events are, will wish they never won. The disasters are just starting and are escalating. All that you value will be taken as few are listening to the Word of God. Life is sacred and woman’s rights to abort that which is created by God will be your demise as women soon in many cases will belong to no one.

   Same sex marriage that is a slap in the face of the Almighty who created you as you spit on the Sacrament of Marriage will doom your coastal cities until you come to your knees begging forgiveness. This is what you shortly face as your politicians who spread the word of the dark one as humanism and socialism.


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