Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 1 1 am EST

All Saints Day


   What few of you not have realized, is that the Democrats in their allegiance to the new world order, put the vote up to impeach Trump on satanís day Halloween by design. They had no choice, as they follow orders from the global elite. They figured no one would notice. For those speaking up from Brooklyn, you are the fall guy, really are you that stupid? Pelosi was promised a presidency by the dark one, and this will not occur. All presidents have used leverage in the past to achieve an agenda. Continue down this path, I will through the power of the Almighty will expose all. Please take your chances, or let the impeachment process continue until it falls short. Again I do not bluff.

   Now for all those that practice in the black arts and child sacrifice (missing children), will be exposed. This will shock America. I was granted this gift from the Almighty, as I asked for it. So those at the top and bottom shall be exposed in a way to not destroy America. Just know, Hillary will fall as part of this, just when, is up to Father. What will be so sad, is those who dismiss this warning, again you were given a chance, but chose to dismiss it.

   Francis has defied the Father, God Almighty with the synod, and will change the faith that Jesus established in stone for no man to change. The false prophet and satan as he walks as a man celebrated yesterday as they will rise to the throne of Rome. They will move mankind to one world religion, as prophesied by the Bible. Heed this, as the Warning is upon you.

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