Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 2 12:30am EST

Update Nov. 2 11:30pm EST


   The media that is slanted on both sides needs to move closer to the Truth. For Fox News, Manafort was always dirty, but he had the connections to get things done in a political campaign. What is not said is Manafort worked with who ever was in power is his deals were to secured and enhance the wealth of the Podesta firm. Ask why is this?

   What the general public does not realize, is that deals are being made to all nations and your government is facilitated by the connected. You are now seeing that, which involves the Russians, but totally over look the same pattern is in place for the EU, China and Japan to start. We have trade deals, but they come at a price for this nation. The agent secures the deal and funnels the money back to those in control.

   Ask how, the Clintons who stated they were broke at one time have now contributed by many foreign nations to their charity, billions?  Ask why little was done in Haiti to change the plight of the people after the Earthquake as if the astute forgot? Millions collected for Haiti, but little delivered. 100 percent in 2 percent out minus expenses, this is their agenda. It is a business, not a charity to change the world. On the surface a charity was token efforts to placate the media and public opinion. Ask why when Hillary lost the election all funds donated by foreign entities stopped to where the foundation closed its doors? And then when Trump won the moved the money overseas to Qatar where there is no extradition, why? Now it does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots, no power in government, no influence, and then no contributions. This was the bottom line.

    Manafort was seasoned in the world of influence and used his connections with politicians to enrich himself. Is it true he conspired against the United States, yes? His connections were built with the blessings of Podesta and the Hillary Campaign as they expected to win in 2016. So why did Manafort join the Trump campaign?

   His allegiance was with Hillary and Podesta as they had a relationship, but it was suggested to him to approach Trump and have an influence as a backup as Manafort never expected Trump to win. He saw this as a win–win situation. He would still have an inside track on the Russians with Hillary in power, and if Trump won he is still inside and he and the Podesta’s secret connection would profit. This was the plan, but he was fired.

   Fast forward to today. Manafort indicted. The problem is that, it will exposed Podesta and his brother when they dig deeper. Trump’s strategy counter to the media thoughts, is to let Mueller continue to investigate without removal from the case, thus exposing the lobbing industry for what it is. They do not serve the interests of this country and many will fall. This is the danger they fear as the rats scramble to avoid a sinking ship, “SS Paid Politicians”.



   To the American people, to the few that follow this website, due to censorship by pushing positions on search engines down, yet your media does. Consider the Trump campaign associates were caught in corruption with the Russians established over decades and should go to jail. Insiders were needed and recommended as connected by select Republicans. Trump took the advice in order to win. This was his error, trusting party insiders for advisors. Look to who recommended Manafort to Trump. Then look at who approved subordinate positions that infiltrated the inner circle and you will find the new world order mole and their associates. What you are staring to realize is that the Illuminati influences or controls both sides in all elections, in all major countries and the East versus the West.

   The Justice Dept. is looking for the Russian connection related to Trump. Leaks stress they were looking for dirt on Clinton. Step back for a second. Did not Hillary and the DNC pay for the dossier dirt from the Russians? So the DNC committed the offense and the under associates in the Trump Administration tried to for profit by setting up a meeting that never occurred. Trump was advised to whom to take on, as the inside connection to the Russians was not known for good reason. Manafort was and still is a predator, preying on the new to continue his side deals just like Podesta. This is the problem. Trump is not a politician. I said again, who profits and you find the criminal. This is a fact.

   Now Donna tells the truth in her new book. I recommend it, as she was thrown under the bus by Hillary. The deceit is far worse than how Donna’s tepid truth is revealed in her book. Some truth is better than the full truth resulting in death.


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