Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 3 6:30pm EST


   Currently there is a commercial running on CNN as a concerned citizen professes it is time to impeach the president. Look to who his financing him behind the many shells to discover the reason and who benefits. It states Trump can start a nuclear holocaust, but this is far from the Truth. It is the political process of past Administrations, yes Democratic and Republican and its ineptness that allowed North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons and then allow the Russians and Chinese to upgrading their missile program as if their scientists are that smart. Remember the CIA estimates of years now real time technology is in months. They had help, but you refuse to acknowledge this, ask your government why? It is the Pentagon that assesses the threat to this nation and then asks the President to approve a nuclear strike. He cannot just push the button as you CNN allowed this ad to deceive the American public.

   Obstruction of justice is still unproven in a Court of Law, yet you proclaim this is a fact. This is a lie. There are many powerful people that want Trump removed as he may reveal the plan put in place by the Illuminati and those in our government under their control to muzzle the truth on the End Times and Niribu.

   For those who are asking about the expected EMP, this is due to a unified magnetic field between the Earth and Niribu as the distance closes under 25 million miles. It is not an act of man or government as locations will be random, but along weak points in the crust on Earth. The unified field will responsible for the strange lights in the sky. Responsible for violent lightning storms with bolts approaching 50 miles in length as event ramp up and surges that start home fires with devastating results. Your government will point to mankind and secret weapons. This is false. You need to prepare.  

   Statements from the Democratic Party spearheaded by Warren say something is amiss. Donna will not tell the whole truth as some truth and to sell books was a compromise. Again look at the money that stopped when Hillary lost the election and funds into the Clinton Foundation halted. Yes Trump is right about investigating Hillary, but he also realizes his campaign was infiltrated by the same filth that permeates among both parties.


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