Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 3 11:59 pm EST

   So we hear from unidentified military insiders, we do not celebrate the death of our adversaries. We did it with Bin Laden, Saddam, Hitler and Hirohito. So what has changed with Baghdadi? Nothing, they (the media) are pushing the new world order narrative, as they are owned. We hear again, military insiders do not know what the Trump Administration is talking about with Baghdadi crying, screaming, and running in fear into a tunnel with children as shields. Were they in the situation room? No! That is not the worse, as CNN on Sunday asked where is the proof? CNN, this leader of Isis took children to protect his sorry ass in a tunnel, a coward, and crying is an under statement. What grown man blows up children, that he used as a shield and you back this?

   The whistleblower need not be revealed, as he is CIA that answers to the DNC. The phone call with the Ukraine, as all calls are, was monitored by the NSA, unauthorized. You had a government agency spying on the president, and then released it to a CIA agent as second hand. This was illegal. Schiff was presented with an opportunity and accepted. It was not Bolton, yet he is still new world order. Just know, the Democrats have not challenged the transcript.

   Previous administrations have paid or refuse to pay nations with our tax dollars that furthers the agenda of our nation. The deal with Sadat, the Shah Reza, Imeldaís husband and so many more. What the media refuses to state, and ultimately sways the opinion of the less informed American public, is the intent of the request. Hunter was embroiled in corruption under investigation initiated by Ukraine, but stopped by his father by with holding aid and this is on tape. Millions paid for influence by Ukraine and China, just like the Clinton Foundation and you want to impeach. You will fall as the Almighty has given power to me to expose all in His Name. Good luck.

   So moving on, you have the Democrats telling you, they will change your life. They are lying. So you tax the rich who have accountants to evade taxes. You hope to tax corporations, and they will pass those costs on to the middle class and poor and cut jobs, rather than miss Wall Street expectations. How many trillions will this cost? Medicare for all does not work for the 150 million with insurance, as this plan is a down grade. Are you going to force corporations to raise their wages by 20 K for families, as healthcare is part of their union contract? No. They lose, and you say they will not pay.

   Then you want to kill millions of jobs by eliminating the fossil fuel industry while the world continues to pollute, check out New Delhi.. Oh the rich countries will subsidize them? With what money! How many trillions does this cost? But you are already tapped out with Medicare for all. America, they have no realistic plan.

   Yes the racists like Trump, but he is not. You really think Republicans and many Independents will back illegals? You are idiots. Exactly what do expect, when you give tax payer money away, and 60 years later nothing has changed in Black America? This is the Truth. What do expect when you invite all to come, but it takes our taxpayer money from infrastructure and schools? What do you expect when allies, who are leaches, and do not pay their fair share for American Military protection? We do not need them, but they need us. Russia attacks us, just what help are you expecting?

   You were told there is an outside influence to climate change, as it is not carbon emitted by mankind. Within in months the public will be aware, and all politicians associated with the new world order shall fall. Pelosi has her own bunker and she will say the public can not handle the truth, as she takes away your choice.

   The removal of Trump was engineered from day one, as he could not be bought, but was allowed to be himself as a counter. He talks about the real polls, and this is true. Those doing the polls have sample numbers to call that can be doctored, but more important, many polls are taken, and they choose that which is favorable to the client, the DNC.

Update Nov. 5 11:59 pm EST


   Today we hear the British Crown pushed extreme pressure to crush the ABC story belonging to Amy Robach, years ago. What the media is stating, they stopped the exposure of Epstein, as the story was weak, but it was Andrew and Bill that were being protected. They had pictures, now missing, and it shows, how your media is controlled or as they say fake. Epstein was in a suicide proof cell guarded by the NYPD who had El Chapo, but the cameras were offline and guards asleep. They even allegedly bought the medical examiner. Are you that stupid? You need to ask why? Your world is controlled by the elite, and any crime committed by those in the new world order is hidden, but this will change shortly.

   We heard an ambassador reversed his sworn testimony, so he lied under oath and now changed the story and you trust it. He was pressured with an accident, a miss deed, and complied. Many in the Trump Administration have been prosecuted for less. You do have the transcript. So why ask for opinions from those who are the small players to comment on voice inflections?

   11,000 scientists stress we are in a climate crisis, but do not explain, why the sudden change when their predictions pushed it to the next century, then 2050. What gives? Trump was briefed on the pole shift and scientists continue to examine the data gathered by the super secret X-37B after 780 day mission. They were measuring the approach of Nibiru, but to no avail as they do not have formulas on the repulsion force or potential weak points in the incoming gravitational particle flow responsible for the planetary plane or escape of a rogue object. They are wasting our money and withholding the truth, where billions of souls may be lost to the dark one. We are in the final months of an impending pole shift caused by the fly by of the rogue planet Nibiru. The earthís core is heating the oceans and the crust at subduction points. This is why the ocean temperature increases out pace the air temperature increases, just look to the Arctic and Antarctic. When the double suns appear in your skies, you have little time.

   The Mexican ambush was not a mistake, as they targeted American women and children, which could be seen. They are sending a message to Trump and the Mexican president, as the coward he is, does not want any help, as the threat comes to him. The cartels are betting on Trump will do nothing as the impeachment process goes forward, and a change in power to the Democrats will relieve the pressure. This is their current thinking.


   All do not question why would the Ukrainians hire Bidenís son under contract until 2019, and then have a prosecutor investigate the company, he is working for, when his father controlled the purse strings of military aid before 2016 election. The prosecutor was an assigned patsy. He job was to question the company and Biden, then be removed, the charges dropped and assign another. There is a clean slate. The Bidens expected Hillary to win, and so did Ukraine. This is why he was under contract until 2019, when they could reconsider the political climate in the US. I pose this question, as all Democrats want to eliminate fossil fuels, but Biden's son was on the board of an oil and gas corporation. So our nation shuts down energy independence and other nations profit and your politician families get rich, only in America!

   It was all about maximizing the flow of military aid to the Ukraine on the backs of American taxpayers for political favors. The Bidenísí saw the Clintons get rich off the foundation, and the Obamas off of book deals and speaking tours. Joe said to his family, it is our time. This is what, they do not tell you.

   For America, polarization is reaching a peak, as predicted a decade ago. The Democrats are engineering race wars by design, as those behind the President if removed by impeachment, instead of a vote, will revolt and they know this. Those of you in the cities when the waves wash away your cities, where will you go? You need to consider the bigger picture. Again they lie, the Democrats state healthcare at a cost of 50 trillion at lease for all, and pay a hundred trillion for climate change under the new green deal? They are idiots as there is nothing left. And your enemies will conquer you, just like Rome, as you cannot afford a defense. This is what the Bible warns.

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