Political Snap Shot




Written Nov. 5 11:59pm EST


   So the politicians have come out on Sunday morning TV to spout their spin with current events. Let’s start with Pelosi on CNN. She was asked about the Clinton campaign with the DNC fixing the nomination in favor of her. Brazile once told you in politics if you stand in the middle you get hit. Ousted from CNN for giving Hillary the debate questions and pushed out of her position for following orders she is telling the truth in her book. Yes Hillary arranged that the votes of the super delegates may not represent the will of the people, which Bernie told you, but few listened until now and Pelosi made no statement as to the removal of the super delegates in the future. The suggestion of who to vote for was understood with political appointments soon to follow. The manipulation of the DNC funds that have backed television ads in targeted markets all controlled by the Clintons. Want more; then dig on your own. Pelosi suggests that we move on as her hidden agenda is to not betray Hillary on national TV as Elizabeth Warren did when she said the primary was rigged when asked. Warren told the Truth, but will there be party backlash or Hillary crushed in ongoing investigations. Warren took a calculated risk, but may come out on top. Pelosi shows you she is a politician with words that give some hope, but there is no real change. This is your Democratic Party.

   Moving to Feinstein who states Hillary has been investigated in connection with the emails, “the dossier”, and Russian collusion. How when Bill had compromised the Obama AG in her plane? When Comey has looked pass the email scandal without examining the evidence. Now Mueller knowing Manafort is in deep with the Russians, but this arrangement was established with the Podesta’s years ago, but the push at the Trump administration by subordinates suggested a meeting, but was turned down. There is no crime in hearing a suggestion that goes no where. This is what you in the media do not understand. Collusion means you work together for a gain over time is this not what Manafort and the Podesta’s firm did with Ukraine, but they are not Russian as this is the key. Did those associated with the DNC and Hillary collude with the Russian, no they bought a dossier through a 3rd party from the Russians and colluded with Ukraine. Ask, why did Mueller bring charges so quickly after the morning raid, yet over a year later no charges against Trump? The difference is you can build a case or invent a case by pressuring greedy underlings working on their own hoping to profit more once on the inside. Follow the money and you will find it is the established of both parties that is the problem, and no newcomer will be allowed to rock the boat. This is the Truth.

    Again the media speculates the Trump wants Mueller removed. I told you there is initial partnership with Podesta that will rise to the top like scum and Manafort was placed in the Trump Administration by recommendations, yet an apartment in Trump Tower did not hurt. Mueller will be allowed to continue the investigation as collusion will shift to the Democrats and they fear this. It was they that started the idea of Russian collusion with Trump as this was to discredit him early on. But the world quickly understood Putin is no friend of the US as seen by Trump policy. We are enemies as predicted in the Bible with Revelations. Again you do not pay for a Russian dossier to invent the truth against Trump. This is planting dirt. Searching for dirt by opportunists hoping to profit or government appointments turned down is in 2 different leagues. So look for a false flag event to prey on the impulse of Trump to remove Mueller, now warned this will not happen.

   Finally it is a sad day as many lost their lives as martyrs while worshipping Jesus and the Almighty in a church in Texas. All of speculate as to the cause, when the astute knows it is the influence of the dark one. Those with mental problems or anger target the few that cause pain, those influence by the dark one (I hear voices) kills them all. You were told here that murder would become common in this world and it has started as another sign of the End Times.

   The release of the Paradise papers again shows how the laws of our nation allow wealth to be hidden overseas. They sell influence get rich and then hid the money with laws put in place by them and you think this is government for the people. This is the October surprise instead of earthquakes, the predicted rise in murder of the innocents and the sins of the elite exposed. You continue to think mankind is responsible for Climate Change and life evolved as there is no God. All of you who think you control this world shall know real fear and your lives and souls shall be taken by the dark one who is just beginning to unleash evil upon this world.


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