Political Snapshot

November 2015



Written Nov 6


   The election process is evolving in the United States as the candidates are being shaped by the polls instead of the there efforts dictating the polls. You were told Hillary was helped as the number 2 Republican revealed Benghazi was used to tarnish her. The new world order and Hillary have come to an agreement as the politics of this nation is controlled by an outside force. Bush on the other hand is not like his father or brother. Jeb did not agree with the terms so his father told the truth in a book.

   These were his people before being placed in his sonís administration and Papa Bush 41 knew all that they were capable of. He cast doubt on the axis of evil and stated a more muted response, but why, was 911 the terrorist or was it an inside job to create war? Knowing death is around the corner and the rumors among the elite the power of God is real, some are telling the truth as to amend their lives. But is was fear of the new world order that forced Bush to reveal what is seen to crush his son at the expense of outing Cheney and Rumsfeld. So sad, Bush you are true CIA operative and leader to the end. Without the influence of the new world order, funds have evaporated for the Bush campaign and are crushing him, along with this news that will not help. His campaign is dead and truly it is a blessing as he thought he could change the world. They will tell you sign a pact and the White House is yours as Hillary will be harvested. Such is your fate.

   You were told there were the candidates the elite wants to crawl up from the depths of despair as if they earned it while facing the placebo opponents as if the American voter is in control of their government. Graham and Christi see how easy it is to control your future by a poll that is manipulated? Be careful as you will be approached and please walk away.

   The elected Kentucky governor was down by 5 points and won by a land slide. The say Republicans came out in droves to support a man who is disliked by its leaders. The polls manipulated were supposed to move the vote towards the Democrat the choice of the elite as the American voter pulls the lever due to an ad instead of knowledge. The people voted with their hearts, thus the result. Check the numbers. This is the problem and it is this that needs to be addressed if the nation is to move forward.

   You were told that Carson was pushed to reign in Trump, but outsiders have released information that may taint Carson, but the true picture as you hear in the halls of universities and the offices, Carson has no plan and certainly the demeanor to challenge Putin and the Chinese, smoke and mirrors. He is a diversion just like Fiorina 2016 and Cain from 2012 as if the Republicans at this time in history will elect another Black man or woman fired from corporate.

   The new world order has settled on Hillary and there presently no one that will challenge her and in here lies the problem. If none you challenge her, then the truth will never be revealed. When the new leader appears on the world stage your rights will be given up by your choice. You will be led astray by your leaders, who already have an agreement. The advantage as of now, is that being a woman, Hillary if elected will be more cautious. This is the Truth.

   Remember in America, the voter is given a choice. This is the primary basis of our 2 party systems. Recently a hard fought right has been compromised and is now controlled by money and the media. Now with unlimited PAC money, the needs of the people are ignored or pacified with a token bill from Congress. It does not matter the party elected as long as both continue the agenda of the elite. The Democrats appease the poor and the Republicans further those who think they are rich. It is a game and all of you have been used except the few hundred at the top pulling the strings of this world.


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