Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 8 3:30 pm EST

   We have heard from childhood witnesses in the Mexican attack recently captivating the media. They claimed a woman exited her car with her hands up, and then was shot. The children fleeing shot at, and your media states at first, mistaken identity. The Mormons of that sect are not protected by God, as their elders preach to enslave them for sex. The Mexican cartels sees the Mormons as a sect of the devil, to be harvested for their souls, as they been. Some were taken, but only the women did not see God the Father, but more important, create a level of hate, due to this savage crime for all to see.

   You do not get this, as I told you, the hit was deliberate days ago. Only the BBC carried the story last night as the US media coordinated response was mistaken identity or a trigger for a cartel war and you see the funerals. The media is lying as they will not touch on what might be behind the attack. I told you in my last paper, they were targeted by design, as a cartel carried out an order from the new world order. Their tentacles are deep. Some of the children were burned alive in the carnage. The cartels are evil, but they respect the Catholic values of their families. The Mormon compound is not wanted in their country, and the next attack will have them running, as they answer to another, just like them.

   The Weather Channel did a Thursday night special on Climate Change, thank you. This was good for those who can read between the lines, as you are receiving a message of hope. There was a concern of climate change migrants that will overwhelm some areas from some candidate interviewed. There was a concern of an migrant influx, causing civil unrest. This is true on both parts. And most Democratic candidates expressed this concern, read between the lines, again.

   The Democrats offer false hope, as they cannot pay for climate change, Medicaid for all, including illegals, affordable housing, and infrastructure, to start. They have a policy of tax and wastes when they over see how your tax dollars are spent. Do any of you ask how, when we are 20 trillion in debt, and this is a crisis. Sea walls, brilliant as the east coast sinks. Add a 100 trillion on healthcare for all, then another 100 trillion for the green new deal. So if we have billionaires like Bezos, Gates, and Buffet with a combined wealth under 400 billion and you take it all, just what are you talking about? Loss of jobs, as corporations pass on costs to the Middle Class and poor, with the increased tax rates, you will pay or they will fold. When you tax corporate, they have to let go employees. So now more shift to government assistance, and this is your plan for the future of America?

   Nothing will change, as Trump is muzzled, and the Democrats hide the truth behind Climate Change. The UK floods, Iran quakes and down under burns just today. This is what your world faces.

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