Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 10 11:30 pm EST

  Democrats are in a state of denial. Haley revealed a key piece of the truth at great risk. Trump was warned of spies within that undermine from the day he elected. This is why the leaks persist. But more important, how does this nation move forward? It doesnít. Few voters understand the relationship of taxes, social programs and the precarious positions taken on profit and loss between corporations, expenses, and labor. Tax the rich and their corporations, then they pass that cost on to the consumers or their stock price dives, and they lose millions on stocks options, and their job. Exactly what path do you think they will take? Pay under socialists agenda, or skirt the tax burden? They are greedy.

  Medicaid for all does not address excess drugs that do not work or tests not needed to ride up the bills. So you pay 50 trillion dollars, and not one of you question who the money flows to? Do you address the insurance costs for doctors due to suing? Do you address rural clinics that will fold as the price paid for services only works with volume? Winy Warren lied about her heritage to advance herself, and this is who you want to lead this nation?

   Biden is not bought like Obama, but his son is, and there is your problem. No president can be impeached for reopening an investigation in a foreign country. All of you say it is election interference. But Biden is not the nominee, nor was the money withheld in the Ukraine. The Deep State has made it clear, to remove Trump. When Nibiru shows in your skies, you will know why. Keep you in place, continue to work, and believe in the paper dollar. This is their goal. Many believe any information counter to the narrative is a Conspiracy Theory. I spoke to a woman and she was told Hillary started the birther claim on Obama who was not born in this country, not Trump who copied it. She discounted it, and said she will move to another country if Trump is reelected. So where will you go? This will end.

   You need to ask, why do the super rich high tech leaders support the Democrats? The Democrats were Jim Crow in the 50ís and changed in the sixties, as they had no choice. Yes they offered civil rights, but certain elements within (new world order) ordered the take out MLK, RFK and Malcolm. And you cannot even connect the dots. Under your Democrats has any thing changed since the sixties for Black America? No! All is not what it seems.

   The Democratic Party financially enslaves us. Poor education, the lure of welfare so you choose not to improve your life from free. And now 60 years later, they have a plan? They lie and they take Black voters for granted. The owners of Newports ad Kools killed millions and you do not have a clue, as you are so brand loyal, just like in voting.

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