Political Snap Shot





Written Nov 12 3am EST


   Many questions are abounding with the general population of this divided nation after all votes are counted. The polls slanted to influence, but exposed as not one the target in any crucial state. This election was about the media exploiting hate in order to push a candidate of the elite to control this nation during the End Times. The goal of the mission was to crush those who represented the forces of the dark backing Hillary, destroy the power structure of both parties in the United States, expose the connection with the elite, the media, banking interests, Soros, the Vatican and Obama and for Donald, he has a perk he soon may wish quietly he did not win.

   Many that guided Hillary were so arrogant. As it was their destiny or right to lead this nation. But with little common sense, they did not have a clue as to what would befall them as it was impossible that Trump would win. With God the Father Almighty nothing is impossible. We told you that Hillary was an agent of hell and e mail leaks if looked at closely confirm this. She and Podesta are in involved in the black arts. Please ask her as if she denies the dark one in public then she is a dead woman walking.

   The goal of the elite is division to where martial law strips you of your Constitutional rights with civil unrest, but you donít see this. The KKK endorsed Trump and Blacks think he is a racist. This was unwanted, but a label was created by the Clinton campaign. A true racists hides their agenda with a smiling face and institutes a protocol that financially enslaves you to an oppressing debt by letting you buy what you cannot maintain to afford during engineered downturns, destroys your education system through parental apathy and promotes on TV and athletics as a path to riches that few see and then most go bankrupt. Promotes poor health through advertised food choices leading to obesity and allows open borders to depress your wages, but this doesnít sound familiar. Is there just one example of personal distain against a Black person Trump interacted with? Illegals destroyed your jobs, depressed wages as they moved to the cities from the farms, and school systems. Instead of getting a common sense handle on the border crisis Trump is painted as hating Latinos. You cannot have it both ways. Immigrants have helped this country and are welcome, but we as a nation control the pace under a set of laws. This is the bottom line.

   Trump made a mistake when he said the protesters after the election are paid. Lawrence he did not lie, but was misinformed. The statement is not true, but what is, the organizers of the protests are financed by Soros and a few paid agitators thrown in the mix. Trump, the press will twist every word you say, suggestion, have your surrogates make the daily comments and you should concentrate on the transition behind the scenes. Stay on message. Soros will continue to finance mass protests and stoke the media to report the constant unrest. What is so sad, is that this was how the Democrats were going paint the disenfranchised Trump voters after their loss. Losers who are uncontrolled destroying property and hurting others, as the voice of the nation, was unacceptable. The media, well they just doubled down.

   The challenge to the Electoral College is unfounded. It was put in place to shunt any state with and explosive population like New York before 1960 and California now from controlling the destiny of the nation. The College allows the voice of all the people to count as this country is diverse from sea to shining sea. You need to give him a chance for at least he is not a traitor like Hillary selling out to the highest foreign bidder for money that will not count shortly. Do you really want a popular vote the presidential race when the demographics are changing rapidly? No, then stop talking with emotion for few of you know the Truth.

   Hillary if elected was going to allow a controlled global war with nuclear weapons to be advanced in an effort for population reduction. This is what we fought against as to save millions in this nation. What you now face is worse. The riots will increase, division spurred on the Democratic Party. Trump is president elect and has made not one policy change, yet all of you have decided without any actions. All of you use the word racist freely, but have no comprehension of its meaning. Wallace was a racist. The KKK, are racist, as they lynched Black people. The Democratic Party was racist in the Fifties, and was forced to give you the right to vote through painful protests and the sacrifice of many lives. A few perks and now 60 years later where are you?

   The Almighty has put in place where you can choose between a women right to abortion, a stamp of a governmental or religious approval of gay marriage rights or the Laws of the Almighty. Trump was guided and assisted by the Almighty as I told you what you see as wrong is right. The next battle will see a defiant public protecting the agenda of the dark side and the earth changes will escalate removing millions starting in Europe and Asia, but you will still not believe.

   This nation has been spared the initial wrath due to the election, but this will change and the media will continue poison the minds of the public. They got nothing right with the election, but you were told here Trump would rise in the primaries and you laughed. You listen, but you do not hear. You see, but you are blind. You make decisions that affect your soul based on what? The Almighty has given power to bring cleansing to this world on the word of His representatives. The scientists will fall just like you did. Arrogant words as if they spout the words the people need to hear for hope and guidance. They lied to you as they knew what is coming and will tell you only when there was a need to know. Heed This.

   It is better to lose your life than your eternal soul. This is the battle this world still does not understand.


Update Nov 12 10:15pm EST


    It is time to define your presidency and take away the media control and rhetoric of hate and bias exploited by the Hillary campaign presently in place. I know you have looked in the mirror and said, ďPresident TrumpĒ. Donít lie. Shut them down, the haters and KKK that use your message as this is not you. Tell them to stop or as president the law will. Just know a few are planted. Enforce the message that the borders will be secure and Moslems coming from troubled areas including the EU will be vetted for the security of this nation. As for some woman and children refugees, only here allow compassion, but America comes first. This is your campaign promise. Solutions to the border problem while embracing all that live in this country legally.

   The border will use infrared, motion detectors, drones, well positioned satellites on hot crossing areas and well placed intercept forces to prevent intrusion. The cost shall be place on Mexican goods, border fees and tariffs to offset it until Mexico shuts down the flow from their side. Once captured, they are driven back to border, as they have no rights or Mexico can absorb their legal and incarceration costs.

   Wall Street, the elite and Hillary had no interest in stopping the flow of illegals. Depressing wages and polarizing was the goal. Yes there is a human side and this must be addressed for those here, but additions stop now then letís solve the problem families that contribute to this nation and pay back taxes.

   Fear is being promoted by the dark side, rise above it. Then give a positive direction to this country. This is your job. You were told be careful of what you ask for. Now again rise above the noise, focus on the mission and drain the swamp. It is not about compromise, but carrying out the directives of God the Father Almighty.

   Polarization will continue as it must. This nation has to choose between the life of an unborn and a womanís right. This nation must choose to protect the Sacrament of Marriage between a man and a woman, or fall into the abyss by accepting same sex marriage as law. The only law is Godís Law. So it must happen, the Warning. Millions will die and your coastal cities cleansed by water (Tsunamis). This is on you as the concrete block was just dropped on you with a Hillary loss and defiantly you protest in the streets. So be it. What was given to you will now be taken away and then maybe you will get the message.

   War that was arranged by those backing Clinton, are scared as Trump will not delay or have a limited response. They will all die. Some of those that pledged to satan expecting power in this nation were crushed. I ask, where is his power now as you weep bitter tears? I will say this, all of you have that have pledge in dark ceremonies will be exposed and the world will know your deeds including your precious ceremonies on tape. Oh yes, these were hacked also as they were suppose to used as black mail incase you turned. Important men and women will be seen doing unmentionables with children. Once revealed we will see how you feel about your leaders you have on a false perch. This is where we stand.

   The End Times tell you what seems right is wrong and what seems wrong is right. By the way, a president does not need to twitter as a lone wolf the less chatter, the better. Just know I donít have a cell phone or personal email account as I have been off the social media grid for over a decade knowing this day would come. Just maybe you should follow my example. The media will never be your friend as they are controlled by the same people who controlled Hillary, which is now toast. Expect the unexpected, revenge.


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