Political Snap Shot




Written Nov. 14 10pm EST


   As control for this world intensifies and only a few in the media realize what is at stake. So first look at Rance Previs as Chief of Staff and Bannon called his equal, what is behind this as the media again is clueless as they were in the election.

   Do not be fooled Rance will not convey a message of continuing the views of the elite, but will open doors to the changes Trump wants. This is his job. It is all about access and connections to get an agenda moved. A new comer will suffer the same fate as Obama, resistance and little accomplished. Past mistakes will not be repeated. Bannon does harbor racistís views as this is the Truth. What Bannon provides is a new prospective as to the mood of the nation. This is what the Trump Administration seeks despite his checkered past. Racism will not be tolerated for any reason, but you bring in the best. Just know this Trump, you are allowed to keep Bannon, but keep him on a short leash. Donít let me come in and clean up your mess. This is the bottom line.

   What is so sad is that racists in the south tell you to your face. Those in the north smile and lie. A racist in the White House has been common, but you donít see it has welfare and poor schools continue. Little has changed since the sixties, look around. I told you look at what has held you back, not the promises. Donna gave the questions to Clinton. The media had bias. The polls were fixed and polling employees were removed for fraud altering absentee votes for Hillary. Why if she was a winner? You have learned she was not. This was a set back the agenda of Soros a pawn in the Illuminati who was financing, pressuring others of wealth while pulling help forge a division in this nation to move towards the new world order.

   I do not want to hear the voice of the illegals as they pine stating their children were born here. I ask how as an illegal birth occurred in our hospitals with few reported by design? Few paid the bills and even more skirted property taxes supporting the cost of schooling. We are a land of opportunity, but this nation are not a bunch of fools that watch their jobs and spending power go south as we all sing Kumbaya.

   Solutions are needed that focus on home and the Democratic message that we are a nation that includes all, then include Americans first. Your clue is why are protesters waving Mexican flags? It is America first or you can take your illegal family home to squalor of poverty. Do not disrespect this nation as you are not the Indians of this nation. This was their land taken by the powers of Europe and you think you have rights when they have few?

   Ellison be careful, as their will be a religious war in the world and you are being set up as a patsy. Black and Moslem you will be a lightning rod, just why do you think all are lining up behind you. Maybe you will not listen, and then will pay a severe price if you take the position. If it that easy, then?

   Now to take a little time to respect the patriots, Bill you did a great job with inclusion. I will leave at that and do not let it go to your head as you have been wrong in the past, good job. Chris, do not ever waver.

   With all the accuracy presented here as all thought it was impossible. I represent the Almighty, this is the only Law. Trump you are the last president as you will soon find out in your briefing. F..k them all as the represent the elite and the Almighty will wipe the face of this earth of all of them. Not one bunker related to the dark side or those caught with indecision will be left. You are a product of the impossible, never doubt my words or what was given to you will be taken away. This is not a threat, but a promise. We stand 100% behind you until you show us something different.


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