Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 15 5 pm EST

Update Nov. 15 6 pm EST


   Today, former ambassador Yovanovitch testified before certain members of Congress, as the Democrats seem to be so displeased. She was removed as ambassador, and then smeared. We are here for the facts, that may lead to impeachment, not her life story and how her family will be affected, few care. In America, some in ambassador positions are appointed in conjunction to campaign contributions. This practice has occurred over all presidencies since 1900. Check it. An ambassador carries out the will of the president and she, as ambassador to the Ukraine who champions corruption, was damaged goods, although very qualified. The State Department policy allows us to police the world, no matter the corruption and you the taxpayer pays. You know the safety of the world is dependant upon us. They are free loaders as not one would stop an attack on the US as we shift further into bankruptcy the goal of the new world order banking system. Attack us, our allies except the UK and Canada will all roll over as cowards rather than die. This is the inconvenient truth.

   She watched the leaders of Ukraine walk away with 40 billion dollars and the leading investigation into corrupt corporation Burisma investigation stopped by vice president Joe Biden by refusing to fund aid. The prosecutor was removed and the aid given. This was a crime. As he had the option to use proper law enforcement channels, as you stated today. That is not the policy of the Trump Administration, as she looked the other way, and no matter her credentials, was removed. Many on the panel addressed the prosecutor as corrupt. I ask why, because he challenged the son of the acting vice president of that time?

   You, the Democrats keep saying, the Russians were behind the voting scandal, but few choose to look deeper. Ukraine’s investment in Biden’s son is worthless if Trump wins in 2016, and in your wisdom, it was the Russians. If Hillary won, Burisma would still be allowed to scam the Ukraine with Biden’s son on the board. Added, the Obama administration raised concerns in 2014. And you America would be none the wiser. You were told follow the money, and the money leads to Biden‘s son. We saw how Schiff leads the witness for a desired result, and the ambassador body language shows distress. Is she being pressured, yes.

   The whistleblower is a DNC CIA insider that received inside information from a mole within the Trump administration at a high level. Just look at the removals over the last years to narrow down the source. Did not Nikki reveal, she was asked to be recruited to undermine the president? Second hand evidence cannot be used for impeachment unless the source testifies, otherwise it is hearsay, and this is the basis of your trial? Transcripts of the call count, not second hand interpretation, as if they are in the mind of Trump.

   We heard of back channels in the Trump Administration for personal gain in campaign contributions. Really as if his base listens to CNN an MSNBC, and they increase political contributions. Only 3 million people seriously follow events in this country to arrive at an educated decision, the others trust the media for an opinion, and this is the danger. The only one that gained in the Ukraine scandal was the Bidens to the tune of at least 1.5 million that was on the books, much more passed hands in a diplomatic pouch that found its way aboard Air Force 2, and this is an unknown fact, is provided from the Almighty.

   The ambassador said she is non partisan and that is true, but she answers to the shadow global elite. That is a scourge placed upon this world, yet still unseen by the general public. This is why she was removed. You ambassador, will take the fall for these lies, and your family destroyed or eliminated when the heat rises. You will crack. This is what they fear.

   Ukraine offers no security to America, but it is only a country, to slightly slow a Russian advance towards the EU in the near future. The missile contract withheld by the Obama administration would not slow a Russian advance, as forces shift through other avenues. The Ukrainians would abandon their posts, as thousands of tanks advance, and the missiles captured. Aid given and then they purchase weapons from the Military complex in the name of a deterrent. America, you are being ripped off, as the Ukraine only spends a portion for defense and the rest they pocket. You are idiots.

  Pelosi, be careful, as the rope you are on, only stretches so far, due to your actions with the Almighty. Need you be reminded on the definition of bribery? Bribery: The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties. It does not address withholding a gift of US taxpayers that never occurred, as a delay does not count, and nothing of value was received for Trump. My advice, say a prayer for Ruth if you continue this same path. Remember, I only deliver the Word of the Almighty, has He alone controls life and death.

   In closing ambassador, I ask, was it worth it? Selling out to the new world order without change, you lose your eternal soul. Hell is real.

   History has taught us, that those who go against the establishment will meet their maker or change the course of a nation. Lincoln was removed not for freeing the slaves, but for not agreeing to what as an early Fed Reserve as McKinley, and JFK for attempting to exit an agreement with new world order bankers. Entrance to wars with the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor, enriched the military complex by design. Why the need to engage Vietnam and Afghanistan when France and Russia already loss? South Korea now asked to pay billions. All is not what it seems.

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