Political Snap Shot





Written Nov. 16 11:30pm EST



  Acosta do not celebrate so quickly. You were out of line and your pass was revoked for good reason. You showed no respect and in defiance the situation escalated and you expected no response? The White House is drafting rules as this will not happen again. Back down and meet with Trump representatives or you will be seated in the back with an occasional question. It is your choice no matter where you sit today.

   In Broward County the delay to disqualify the new recount was planned as the vote total did not close the gap, but expanded it. This was a calculated move by the Democrats. No one misses a recount by 2 minutes unless by design no matter the lie presented to the media. New world order Gillum has been removed and soon Nelson as the hand count solidifies what is already known. This is your world.

   Some are questioning how the Democrats have handled the wild fires. First knowing the gravity of the situation, they never enforced mandatory evacuation. Lives were lost for no reason. All at the top were told each event would be worse as Niribu approaches. This is still true as frequency and intensity will increase exponentially.

   California was picked for the disasters for a reason. Greed, homosexuality, abortion and the lack of God within their lives will bring extreme changes to state as an example. Malibu was hit to send a message to the elite and now entire town was destroyed. The nation still sees this as another disaster that points to global warming, yet it is God trying to awaken you. Enjoy your last Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays as the earth change will reach a new level a city will be destroyed, a state, then countries. You brought this upon yourselves.




   The UK now in a bind as the Brexit may not pass Parliament as May seeks an agreement with the EU. You have been told the UK can just walk as the earth changes will shortly overwhelm this planet. Currently May’s plan is to force a second Brexit vote and this time the UK will remain in the EU (new world order). When you leave no one has demands on you. Exactly what would the EU do, cancel all trade knowing the Bank of England controls most the global markets? The New World Order controls May and Merkel and the UK knows this. One world government as predicted in the Bible is now on your doorstep.

   In Pakistan we see a woman Asia Bibi under the threat of death for blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad. First, the soul can only be damned for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. There have been many prophets sent by the Almighty to spread His Word. No prophet including Mohammad shall be raised to the status of worship. He was a man spreading the Word of God. That is it. You Speak of Jesus as a prophet, yet He is God. This is why your world will be crushed.


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