Political Snap Shot




Written Nov. 18 11:15an EST


   First letís address the plant of fake news stories as this may have effected the election. The only thing that affected the election was Hillaryís use of an illegal mail server and the pay for play Clinton Foundation. The news stories planted on the internet was to discredit sites that tell the truth. You hear the Russians did it. No, the American people voted. All this to cause doubt as one would never arrive at the truth. What you know is that the polls were false in order to force those against Hillary not to vote for a potential loser as this was the plan. What you know is that the media painted Hillary as a champion of the Middle Class, but pledged allegiance to Wall Street in her high paid speeches. What you know is that Bill secured contributions under the name of charity to enrich himself has the fear of losing the election forced him to transfer over 1.8 billions to Qatar. These are the stories label false that are true.

   Now Sanctuary cities is now in the news as Mexicoís ex el presidente Fox is defiant. Fox do not ever threaten the United States as if you can protect an illegal. They have no rights. You think, because they pick vegetables and fruit, steal construction and lawn jobs, which they are fully compensated for gives them a right to pay no social security, use emergency rooms without insurance and not pay a fair share of property taxes as many as live twenty to a home? It is they who depress wages by design with open borders so the rich can get richer. It is trade agreements that destroy the labor unions in this nation as jobs flee to your nation to reduce costs when management talent or innovation cannot. You seem to think; because they are not violent criminals they are not criminals. They are breaking the laws of this nation and anchor babies for compassion will stop. Illegals are not on the tax rolls. They only pay a fraction of property taxes and sales tax. Fox you want to help them then develop your labor force and economy instead of taking the practice of taking bribe, oh I forgot you are no longer in power. Illegals make your fair compensation and go home. What about the children, pay back taxes, tell your parents to apply as non resident workers and wait your turn without social services. This is fair, for you to stay without a criminal back ground. Do not like the rules leave, wages will rise for Americans to the point they will be employed by Agriculture. But know the immigration rate for Mexico with you included will remain the same.  As for Trump he will build the wall as to stop the migration from the south when the earth changes shortly erupt. America is not the dumping ground for those you cannot take care of or provide government services. There is a legal process in place for immigration, use it.

   There is talk of a slow transition process, why? All of you know how politics work, reward those who got you elected by loyalty, but more important money. Ambassadorships for sale, cabinet appointments given by rank, and agencies ran by lobbyists. This is the status quo or I should say was. The only thing that determines a position first in a Trump Administration is loyalty, and then it is talent. Political money and ties need not apply. With this said Secretary of the State is so important. Rudy, John and Mitt are out as Rudy is best to serve as AG period, no matter what his ego states, but I see you have picked Sessions already. Tap Powell as an 18 month appointment until a solid candidate can be put in place that is infallible. Powell left the Bush Administration to reject the control of the new world order as he was played by Cheney & Rumsfeld with WMD and knows all operational tactics. Was an insider and knows the players to where no one will get the upper hand on you. This is so important; smooth, steady, experience, simply the brightest and this will be seen as a choice no one can deny. Heed this advice from the Almighty. If he says no, leave that to us to change his mind quietly. He is a patriot and country needs him now.

   Ellison I told you to beware, but as a rising politician you listen only to inside circles. You need to ask why a position was offered with little to no competition. As a Muslim Black Congressman the Democratic Party needs you to push back against Trump? He destroyed the best in his party and yours and you donít see that you are the sacrificial goat. So now bring your ego back down to earth. You are being setup as a lightning rod for division in this country. It is Soros that has pulled the strings for you to take over as he has a plan. If you want to play with the big boys as your strings are pulled, then you will be crushed as Hillary in the end. Do not play the fool for no one. The power they give you is only an illusion, just ask Obama.

   In race relations Hillary has exploited every word as if Trump hated Blacks, but nothing out of his mouth except association to Moslems overseas and illegals. Only a fool would allow a potential threat in without vetting or allow a group of people in that depress wages and exploit the tax base. It is country first, and then we can help others, based on strength. With the Hillary phase over Soros is now inciting hate as his operatives act as white nationalists with a job to discredit Trump and stoke the divide, but again you in the media donít see the truth. I told you that when racistís words are placed in plain view to hurt after a Trump win; it originates from the opposition who hope to change the narrative. As a supporter only an idiot would bring attention to that which is not needed. Racists are cowards and hide, but the counter for the losers are to exploit this and push this narrative through the media and press, they have done this. Thus the division associated with Trump was pushed to the fore front by Democrats, no different as to when Republicans said Obama is a Muslim, both are lies.

   There is a movement to divide this nation and I want you to look at the subtle signs. As Mexicans you ask to be treated fairly, but you broke the law. You are swatters that expect rights because you are here. You use compassion for those born here as a right. Just how did you and your baby get past the insurance screen and lack of paper work? Did you pay? More important your children so proud to protect their rights while slapping America in the face by waving Mexican flags. This is America. We can solve this problem together or there will be division to where a point is reached, no one will be safe.

   Now to the press, Trump does not need to be followed every second of the day. Do you have cameras in the Obama bedroom or their childrenís school? No, let a man have a quiet dinner, period.

   Finally those expecting Trump to announce what Obama refused to do. Trump was shocked when told early this week what is to come and how soon earth changes would occur as opinions given to him were muted. To tell the truth to the American public would be to remove all hope, but he could remove the strangle hold the elite have and level the playing field behind the scenes and institute real preparations to help those who survive. This planet will be cleansed and nothing from the dark side or those in the middle will be here in the end. The poll shift is not about survival, but an acceptance of Jesus Christ. It is here you must remain firm and no influence from your son in lawís Rabbis should you listen to. This is the bottom line. We are in the End Times are the clock is ticking as there is about 27 months left and more than 90% of the people here on earth will be gone. The population will be removed in waves and your warning will be a sighting of the second sun in the sky then the Warning is near with a comet impact. Trump will then issue a statement and offer prayers. For those, looking to exploit the news of Niribu your days of glory will be short lived. Nor will all your preparation elevate you to a leader. Some of you waited over a decade and you will keep waiting. No game changer will occur before the inauguration. If mankind discards this message, chastisements and plagues the world has never seen shall be unleashed to remove all evil which you refuse to do.


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