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Written Nov. 19 11:59 pm EST

Update Nov. 20 11:59 pm EST


   Today we continue to hear the impeachment inquiry move forward. The line of questioning is to lead the witnesses to a predetermined conclusion or to agree, but this has not been addressed in the media. The questions from the Democrats are not challenged, and when a Republican goes to a sensitive area, it is challenged by Schiff. The Democrats refuse to believe, that one of its own may be exposed in corruption that may destroy the Party donors as fear rises. Keep this up and Hillary will run and then, you are doomed, as she will only garner the minority vote and the white elderly. You in the media refuse to see the truth, as in your mind, Trump has interfered in an election. This is a hypothetical as Biden is not your nominee, but he was in charge of Ukraine corruption and US funds that flowed to that nation. This connection will sink his campaign. Security of this nation, under Obama, really. The Russians gained prime access to the Black Sea and Mediterranean by annexing Ukraine’s Crimea in an invasion and we did nothing. They lie to you.

   What has not been emphasized to the American public, is this. The former Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych was caught stealing at least 40 billions dollars, when caught, of which allegedly only a billion, was recovered. He was removed from office and replaced by the present president, Zelensky. Viktor fled to Russia, but while in office he appointed his crony Mykola Zlochevsky minister of ecology. While in power, minister Mykola was able to obtain lucrative licenses in oil and gas and set up a 50/50 partnership with Mykola Lisin, but by design, he died in an “accident”.

   The owners of Burisma were under investigation for being given licenses under the former corrupt administration, tax evasion and money laundering. Minister Mykola fled to Russia to avoid prosecution. So to preserve the cash flow of Burisma, they hired Americans with powerful links for their board under investigation. In America, Joe Biden was assigned the task to rid Ukraine of corruption. So the Burisma hired a senior aid to John Kerry, Devon Archer and Hunter Biden with a hidden agenda to remove the prosecutor and this was Ukraine‘s choice. Aid or leave Burisma alone, was push by Biden, and this is on tape. The cover story, Ukraine prosecutor Shokin was corrupt also, but no one questions, why was the case dropped? Just know, Archer was convicted of securities fraud, a criminal stealing from the Native Americans, hey birds of a feather.

   Democrats, by your own rules, the Obama Administration said Burisma was corrupt with ties to the old president, yet Joe allowed his son to serve on the Board, why? They all got rich. This was a protection scheme, where Hunter provided no skilled services to a corporation where little time was spent. For the present president of the Ukraine his orders were to look the other way. This is the truth.

   Now we have an impeachment hearing asking the Ukrainians to look into past corruption and not invent one. This again is the Truth, which is legal. But the Republicans never connected the dots until now. God help you Schiff, but He won’t until you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and denounce the new world order, which you know is a death sentence, good luck, as your colleagues unknown to the general public are dropping like old flies.

   Republicans are you that blind? Vindman is a mole, just like Tillerson and Kelly just to start. He was on the call and was the source of the leak, yet his testimony does not follow the transcript yet offers intent as if he is in Trump’s mind. Hero, no a traitor as he is trying to undermine the Presidency of the United States, as a pawn of the deep state. He briefed to the whistle blower, who is in the CIA, now not active and is a patsy as he took him for his word. Sent him to Schiff and this plan was hatched. Will it unravel, yes, but not how you may think. Oh by the way, Minister of Defense in Ukraine was a legit offer, but as some allude to, it was a joke. They will kill you, Vindman as Ukraine will lose millions. The Russians will flatten Ukraine in their march west, as Trump stands down and the EU run like cowards.

   We finish with Epstein. Few of you believe Epstein committed suicide, so I will offer you a glimpse into a suicide single cell, since DeBlasio and your media will not. Below is a picture of a cell and this is not even as secure, as the NYPD has, New York’s Finest. No sheets, tear away clothing and an 18 inch drop with nothing to attach to. Nerds calculate the pressure on a neck, factor in the give of the restraint, height and F= MA. His body is on the floor and the mass of a head. They think we are fools. By the way, the guards were gassed, knocked out and the cameras disabled. They are scapegoats, but never should have taken the job. Check the toxicology reports before it is doctored or removed, as you were looking for drugs. Who allowed this, start at the top of that prison and then the head of that entire organization, orders flow south and low levels take the fall. The guards did not know, why they fell asleep, and lied to cover their tracks. They were set up. That is the truth.

   Let’s not forget why would Epstein allegedly be removed? He had pictures like the one showing the Prince holding an underage trafficked teenager. Doctored, how, the backdrop is an Epstein residence. So what about the young girl leaving while he is at the door? All of Epstein’s residences had photos of his young conquests on the walls as this was reported in the news, but again minimized exposure. Andrew knew Epstein was banging young girls as with the elite, they all looked the other way or may have participated. The Almighty knows, I do not, as this is not my mission to expose Andrew. But if you want to pursue, why would Fergie his ex, offer a meeting with Andrew for 700k, when he gets an allowance? Epstein was blackmailing him, but offers services. Fergie took the fall in the past. I am sure he will do that on his own. The UK and the Clintons has crushed the FBI to release names and pictures (100’s of thousands), but no one noticed how quiet it, is with Epstein dead by design.

Update Nov. 20 11:59 pm EST

   Today’s testimony seemed like a bombshell for the Democrats at first, and the media immediately embraced the narrative that Sondland spoke in his opening statement, Quid Pro Quo, and they ran with it. This was a deliberate ploy to present the Democratic view early to Schiff, but upon under cross examination, Sondland’s statements offered no proof, but was seen as worthless in the end. Fox and CNN presented their angles, as usual. Fox concentrated on the final subsequent questioning, and that negated the opening statement. As for CNN, they offered the opening statement to their viewers, which the conclusion the Sondland testimony was downplayed. This is your politics.

   Sondland was compromised by the Deep State, a mole before the election, for a just in case, even though a Trump donor by design, the deep state provided the money. He turned on Trump early in their association and then became a donor. Check it. You need ask why? He took the job as an easy pay day, not expecting Trump to win. Check his deep financial history.

   Trump is a closed circle person, trusting family only, and would not allowed an appointee, he placed to know the negotiations with the Ukrainians for any reason, as ambassador to the EU. A loyal donor on the inside? That is a lie. Sondland is a deep state operative, as Trump did not know the true source of the contribution, nor cared. This was an oversight.

   Today’s hearing followed a pre planned narrative to assist, then trap the Democrats and media into a win-win narrative, only to be reversed when Sondland was questioned. Trump celebrated! But this was by design. The key was to increase division among our citizens, and increase national polarization. This was the goal, as they hide (slither) under the name of the deep state, but are the new world order. The Bible warns you of one world government, but few listen. The Democrats promoted racial hatred, but to win votes, as Hillary was suppose to win, has now backfired. Democrats, this is on you. The upcoming race wars predicted in the Bible are just beginning. Are you proud, carrying out the new world order agenda? Both sides fell into the trap and the American public is none the wiser.

  The deep state wants one world order under satan, not God. As America will now do anything on the world stage, other than the present set of viable leaders. This is the push behind no borders. This is the push for Medicare, this country cannot afford. This is the push for the green new deal to stop climate change, again you cannot afford. The deep state wants one religion and one leader. This is why the pope embraced pagan idols at the last synod. The deep state goal is to bankrupt countries, and this is happening here, as all proposals cannot be paid for, even if they strip all the wealth of the rich. Solution all come together under a new form of communism. But you do not see this.

   The rich have wealth built on the confidence of the general public, that provides a foundation of banking and stock market systems, the market crashes, no revenue. Paper, (money, bonds, or stocks) is not wealth. It is a perception of value in the human mind during good times, but holds no value with a world ending event. This is why the Democrats have no real plan. The Democrats promised Blacks would rise to the mountain top, but nothing really has changed since the late sixties. You cannot afford college and if so, your job, does not bring you out of financial slavery of student loans. This is the sad truth, besides being educated in the wrong fields.

   We will be invaded during the chastisements and you in the West, those who live, will have a new job, as a prostitutes for the Asians and Russian advisors who invade. The men and all over 45 will be killed, unless you like a model until beauty supplies are gone, but death would be better than a pleasure unit. This is happened to Korea when Japan invaded. For once America, stop drinking the kool aid.

   I have a special message for Schiff, continue on this path, as you represent the global elite. The Almighty has a certain timeline and place for you. I asked, Him to go easy on you, but was overruled. That is a lie. Do you need to see a certain old Supreme Justice meet Jesus as a lesson, when they are called home by the Almighty? This is your last warning.

   Just saying, none of you in the media had the balls to cover the point of Epstein’s jail cell. The Almighty is so disappointed. You know who you are.

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