Political Snap Shot




Written Nov. 21 2am




   There are certain key elements of media that keeps promoting the Blue wave in 18í. In 2010 Obama lost over 60 House seats and we do not have to talk about the losses in the Senate. Trump may lose just under or at 40 at tops so that is below 67%, you have failed. In the Senate he aced it, by gaining when you hoped to take control.  




   The American media is pushing for justice for Khashoggi. We have told you, he was a spy that was caught by the Saudis. This is what the Turks and the CIA left out as they do not admit to spying on the Saudis. I told you this event was to force Trump to impose sanctions raising oil prices in the world, which is currently in a bear market, all for greed. For who doubt, look as the 50 day moving average is now south of the 200 day moving average. This is a solid bear signal. Stalling the economy is the covert agenda of the new world order. Was their collusion?

   I told you, no nation would reveal bugs planted in an embassy for a strategic worthless man. No nation would kill a dissident in their embassy as for the world to know with audio. Poison his food at dinner. Inject him with cancer under his armpit as this is CIA standard tactics. Silencing a person means he disappears, not point a finger back as to who gave the order.

   This nation would not cut ties with the Saudis over a resident Washington Post reporter, aka spy. You guys are idiots. So this nation needs to raise the price of oil as you champion a cause? News flash America does not care, he was a resident. Ask!

   The American Civil Liberties have sustained an injunction against the Trump Administration as to allow anyone to breach this nationís border. Women and children are just 20%, but few report this. No one has a right to break our laws and now a judge states yes, costing you billions. 10 thousand quickly becomes a million as in the EU, then what?

   Yemen has over 80 thousand children under 5 as reported in the media, which has died due to starvation. The UN has little to no presence there, and for every death reported; the true numbers show more than 3 to one reported is ignored, this is closer to the truth. Starvation was by design economically, but now nature will be the cause in all 3rd world nations to experience the same shortly.

   Interpol is so upset; that now a Russian within a democratic process is the frontrunner. So now that you cannot manipulate the smaller nations you want to cry foul? Hippocrates as you established this process, and now not one you want who is in the lead. Now what?


Updated Nov. 25 11:59pm




   The BBC is covering Trumpís rejection to Global warming. You have been warned here, all is not what it seems. Some scientists have reveal that the oceans are getting warmer, but the rise in air temperature does not match the rise in ocean temperatures. They have been muzzled; the astute can read between the lines.

   Hillary has been quoted as reversing her position on illegal migration. The elite realize the public has eyes. The have ignored what has happen overseas. Complete disruption of society, rapes as Western girls are easy, as opposed to Muslim girls. They are men first. What the elite did not expect, is that the Mexicans in Tijuana oppose the migrants. The protesters are muted in the media. Mexican funds going to them? Not in their life time. Money was used to move them as long as they did not stay. Support was orchestrated as poor people do not give away, what is needed at home. Certain American organizations made sure they had clothes, food and transportation. Now stuck at the border for what may be months, no bribes will curb public opinion as in America.

   Currently women and children are not attacking the border and the ugly truth of uncontrolled illegal migrants breaching the borders is now not seen in the best interest of the Democratic Party. So they refer to the lessons of overseas without referring to home. This is their new current plan.

   They show you woman and children in tight shots, yet 80% of the caravan are men. They say the migrants are harmless and prove they are criminals. I say prove they are not, but what is happening in Tijuana with the use of tear gas to control the crowds says it all. But the media states donít believe your lying eyes. They say they are seeking work, but refuse offers of work in Mexico. Yes it is your jobs that will shrink at the entry level. It is your apartment rents that will rise due to demand as they will flow into the poor communities. It is you schools that will suffer as they are over crowded and teachers you need are replaced by bilingual to teach basic English. These are facts.




   Currently the Chinese are using the same tactics of the British Empire to expand their control over areas the West has discarded. They improved on the infrastructure of a nation built by their workers who double as military are in place. The you money lent comes with strings attached, not so much in interest rates as that takes decades to financially enslave a nation. Look back at how your President Wilson gave the Bank of England control of our Federal Reserve. Only now where debt is out of control did the military takes back control outside of public knowledge.

   The Chinese investment is about establishing forward bases or refuge from the earth changes. In Africa it only takes a few hundred million dollars, which will be worthless shortly and a dozen beautiful Chinese women to do what ever it takes. This is a fact.

   Again Turkey lectures the world and Trump on Khashoggi. But your leader, Erdogan has murdered tens of thousands. Where is their voice? I told you Khashoggi accepted the mission to spy on the Saudis. An insider in America embassy leaked the information as he is only a resident. The top level media execs in corporate gave the consent and agreed to implant him knowing he was CIA/reporter they took the risk. They were hoping to get an edge in the flow of information from the Middle East. No matter the cover story he was killed in the embassy, he was taken to Saudi Arabia. No body, no blood in the embassy cleaned by maids. The sad part is that Khashoggi never knew he was a spy. It was a job. Welcome to the world of the CIA.

   So just how did the CIA reveal weeks after, who was responsible? Easy, it was one of its own. All cell phone conversations are compromise, all including encrypted. Heed This.

   As for Iran, who has called on all Muslims to rise up against America and the Jews? You do not speak for Allah. The prophet Mohammad gave your part of the world a set of rules, but he was a just a man. The Jews whether you accept it or not, are Allahís chosen children, period. Your enemy are the elites and bankers that rape your country of resources, not the people of the US and Israel. So you will continue and shall you will fall. The earthquakes are just starting and your cities and oil fields will be leveled. Then you will have your wish. The West will be gone as you will be worthless without oil. Then you will beg for food and water and few will listen. The West dances with evil due to greed. As an agent of the Almighty, I just destroy it.


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