Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 23 5 pm EST


     Hill testified that the Russians are behind the influence of Ukraine in our elections. Oh her credentials mean more than common sense. The American people have not been told, how or why the Russians favored Trump? Except the Hillary narrative Trump and Putin are a bromance. Your eyes do not lie. The cold war has escalated. Missile treaty is gone. Iran deal gone. Hypersonic missiles to defeat US defense systems and you think Putin is a friend?

   Since they could not change one vote by hacking a closed voting system, that does not use the internet, address the interference. Facebook ads, as if that would be seen by the demographics that supported Trump. Transfer of the emails from DNC servers when the NSA, which monitors all file transfers in this nation and others, traffic accessing the DNC severs, would have been shut down by its origin of source. The killing of a DNC IT staffer with access to download all of Podestas and Hillaryís emails to a PSD and Wikileaks. And you still cannot connect the dots.

   First the Russians did not expect Trump to win, as did those in power in Ukraine. For the Russians, they saw Trump as a wild card, that could not be controlled. Hell bent on rebuilding the US Military and rearranging trade deals, which was not in the interests of Russia and the Chinese.

   The Obama Administration did nothing to stop the Russians, when they annexed Crimea from Ukraine, but they supported their corrupt regime. No one invests millions into a vice presidentís son and a senior official under Kerry and you do not think they would not want to protect their investment? Hill lied to impeachment inquiry, as again she was compromised. Joining those with a vested interest to undermine the president. If Ukraine is invaded, it is war and Biden and Obama did want to give them the Javelins to protect against tank warfare, why? The ground game would not stop a Russian advance into Ukraine and would not stop their westward progress, then what? Once a coward always one and these are your leaders.

   Joe Bidenís son was paid by a corrupt corporation to avoid prosecution and the loss of funds that could be confiscated by a new government leader in tax evasion. This is a fact, not conspiracy. Pressure was applied by Joe Biden by withholding US government funds approved by Congress to remove the prosecutor and the case was closed. Nothing there. This is a fact. Joe was appointed to oversee corruption in the Ukraine and protected his sonís interest instead of doing his job. This is a fact. The same threat allegedly made by Trump, did not get a public statement from Ukraine and the aid was given. This is a fact. Biden did commit a crime to protect his sonís attachment to a company under investigation and Trump asking to reopen the case through back channels is an impeachable offense? This nation will be informed of why Hunter was hired. As for Joe will be known as no go Joe in the minds of Democrats.

   Democrats in the House, I plead with you, not to follow down this path blindly, your leaders have laid out in front of you. No one can hear a phone call placed against oneís ear unless you are in quiet room and sitting very close to the person. Why listen to this call, can you hear every word distinctly or pick up intent with voice inflection? Again the witnesses were lying as they were provided transcripts of the call from moles in the NSA. Check it, and see who was monitoring the call, downloaded it and printed it, then follow his trail of communications. It was in the number of copies made that will expose the mole. Prove the transcripts were provided to the witnesses, their testimony falls apart as treason.

   I ask again Democrats, as Independents are no fools. They see this inquiry now as a farce and the Republicans only have harden. The polls, which provides only the best samples is far worst in swing states. The general population of Democrats within this great nation have put their faith in your leadership, and failure is not an option this time as it may be strike 3. Hilaryís loss was strike 1. The Mueller investigation failing to indict, strike two. And now the impeachment inquiry if you vote for impeachment, followed by a Republican led by a Senate trial, shall reveal things that will crush the Biden campaign, win over some Democrats to the right, Independents will abandon you, and the harden Republicans, will deliver the election to Trump in a landslide.

   You have no chance to impeach in the Senate, none. As a Democrat, I would abandon ship, end the impeachment inquiry before you permanently damage and divide this country and start a race war. Pelosi and Schiff will pay a terrible price, and only intensify the rise of the far left in the power vacuum left behind as they are removed. We need two viable parties for a balance in this nation, not political war.

   I ask Bernie and the rest of you, how are you going to provide healthcare for all, if there is a recession? If the rich hide their money, then what? What is going to keep doctors in rural areas, when they get paid little? Just how are you going to provide affordable housing if millions of illegals increase demand, push down wages out stripping what you build, and then, they only pay sales tax? You say many will move into homes with relatives. This is an under statement. Many families will be housed in the same residence, but the property taxes do not change, but the increased burden of children strain your school budgets, just to start. Then you remove the tariffs drop and the 600 billion deficit continues with China and expands as you ship more jobs overseas. No one in NATO will continue to pay their fair share just like the U.N. and the cost is passed onto the American citizen and they are our friends? You have no winning plan, do you?

   I ask again for the media to tone down the racism claim against Trump, put in place by the Hillary campaign to paint Trump in a different shade to get elected. That backfired and now almost all white supremacy groups feel embolden. A racists does not help women, Blacks and Latinos get jobs, lets wages rise and secure our borders. That was an idiotic move, because, look what you created. George Wallace was a racist, have you forgotten? It is so bad now, that shows like All in the Family, the Jeffersons and Married with Children would not have been made. Think about it.

  For once improve the lives of Americans first. Can you do that? Millions of women and children are trafficked, address this. Ransomware and spam calls and you nothing. As if you cannot trace where the money is being sent, address this. Infrastructure is just talk year after year as roads and bridges crumble, did not Obama promise that change? The American people have little time before the earth changes, but impeachment and more people into this country is your focus. You read the reports on the floods, drought and other effects on our food supply. Next year will be catastrophic, then what? Oh yes, as I predict, you will hide and cry instead of leading.

   The Bible has warned you of these times, and you keep asking, what is the source of hate in this country, but you refuse believe, what your mind is telling you.

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