Political Snap Shot




Written Nov. 26 11pm EST


   Much is being said about Steinís recount as on the surface it does not make sense. The truth is that the powers that were behind Hillary compromised Stein as a front person to push the recount as not to point back at Hillary. Voter fraud was in place as absentee votes were being changed for Hillary in Florida the poll workers fired and walked out. It is the establishment that maintains power by fraud when necessary not the new comer, as how can he? Trump had no ground game or insiders placed to influence the polls for Hillary in place since 2007. So what is the point of the recount and where did the money come from.

   The recount is to remove any suspicion that the polls were rigged and Hillary and the DNC had people in place to swap votes. They are using Stein backed by the money of the supporters of the new world order. Stein raise almost 5 million for a loser under the guise of preventing voter fraud, thus stating the disclaimer there is no evidence. Yes there were donations made by the few hoping that this would reverse their nightmare, but most of the money came from those wanting to control the White House layered by levels separating donors from the true source of funds.

   Then you ask why the recount? They hope somehow to reverse the election covertly by planting fraud in Trumpís win, when it was the reverse that was true. Stein you are a sell out to America as any promise to move forward your green party agenda with this side agenda you see as harmless. You signed a deal with the devil; they will never deliver on your agreement. You can not back out now, but speak of it and they will have plans for you and your friends. The sad part, this plan will fail.

  Now for Trump, I told you the general for Secretary of State, yet you are advised of another, Petraeus. He was purged as a traitor during the Obama Administration as he is a new world order pawn. If you want to protect yourself against the new world order then it is Colin. No other will perform better, heed this. With Colin, you have the player or you can go against this advice and appoint someone who will be played and betray you. Do you really think Giuliani or Romney can handle Putin or the new world order when they are lying? They will promote peace while preparing to attack as they knew what Hillary was going to do and they will never make that mistake again. Rudy does have balls, but in a bind will falter on the world level. Romney, when turmoil hits, will cower and cry in a corner. Never trust a man over the Almighty. Start and you will be just like the others before you.

   By the way, why are you stepping back on Climate Change? You knew what is coming and now they present an alternate view in your briefings to keep your mouth shut? You got in this to protect the American people; you can not pick and choose what they should or should not know. Tell them before Niribu appears in the skies if not, you will be a paper tiger like Obama and the impact of the comet intensified here in America due to the rise in sin. Everyone in this country has to right protect themselves, those you fear will do nothing with little funds until the comet is visible in the sky and then they are trapped with their own.


Update Nov 27 8pm EST


   Some of you have additional questions as a recount is part of the Democratic process. What is wrong here?

   There are red flags here, which the media is ignoring, as CNN along with other network anchors are currently actively promoting the idea. Stein has never been able to raise 5 million dollars in a week for her own campaign and now she can for a recount that does not help her. Her website to donate is not known to the general public and few would seek it out as most feel the election is sealed for Trump. The board of elections only secured the data, records and machines tightly for the first week with no challenge, seals were put in place. With no one looking the seals could be replaced and tallies slightly adjusted to change thousands of votes to swing the election in a surprise to Clinton. Has this been tried in those keys states where the recounts are in place or to come? Yes, but those behind this have been removed and the original results put back in place as two can play this game.

   Stein was nothing more than a proxy for the DNC as they are now involved and you see this. I told you to find the culprit look to whom a decisive event benefits. Again this is the deceit of your Democratic process and media cooperation. The Wisconsin recount will find nothing and the recount frenzy in the media will fade quickly. Just know what is to come, will make this political process and media cooperation seem like a bunch of Boy Scouts.

   I have told you the dark side will rise and will seem to crush the earth with a great loss of life. As for world war 3, this will come after as your world rejects the Warning and is seduced by the antichrist under one combined religion blessed by the pope, the false prophet.

   Your future can change by a decision to reject sin or by a set of increasing chastisements where almost all of you will wish you were dead. Again the sad part, few are heeding this message, so you bring this upon yourselves. For those who are aligned with Jesus not a hair on your head and some family members will be touched as long as you are in a state of grace and you give atonement for others out of it. This is a promise no matter what you see around you. For those that think this is a joke, the upcoming earthquakes that will devastate areas outside of the U.S. first, this shall open your eyes as to what is come here shortly.

   Your government, scientists on climate change and the media in the know have lied to you hoping those in the inner cities will be taken out will little time and money to prep. Hillary has known since the late 90ís and planned her rise to power to coincide with these times. This is the Truth. The symbolic date of change is Jan. 20. 2017 as we are 70% along in the seven years that started 2/22/2012 when the first seal was opened and all will know something is wrong with 25 months to go.


 Update Nov. 29 1am


   The Thanksgiving holidays are over and now every anchor has an opinion as if they have a handle on the current events. I ask, have you reflected on what you are thankful for. No for many of you, self absorb in your own worlds, but this will change shortly. You were told by the media how divisive any movement against the result of the election would cause irritable harm to our Democratic process. These were Obamaís and Hillaryís words. Yet now events have changed this. So what is the Truth?

   Hillaryís command center never prepared for a loss. With the manipulation of the polls and media cooperation forged by CNN, MSNBC and other networks to a lesser degree, the fix was in, as how could she lose. The problem was the internal polls showing the true vote was not adjusted as the pollsters keep in place the same slant thus giving Hillary a victory with no true voting patterns identified in many states. She also knew that many operatives were in place to tip the vote if needed in the polling places and outside with their laptops ready to hack as this would point to the Russians. But nothing came together at the last second though she was assured safe guards were in place and she still lost.

   With the Trump win, the decent thing to do was to absolve Hillary to bring the nation together as this move was known in advance. Thus a new plan using Stein and a hope election officials sleeping on a Trump win could be exploited. So a covert meeting between the Clintons and the new world order was initiated.

   It was agreed a gullible outsider would push for a recount covertly funded and fraud could be achieved as no one is protecting the voter records, but a simple seal already in possession by the thousands. Infiltrate some sites and shift small numbers just south of 5% already presented by the media. What a plan, unless this was anticipated by the forces of the light and your efforts reversed. Stein you are such the fool.

   Hillary, you will not be prosecuted, but others who associated with you will be pursued in your place, and it is they that will come after you to save their asses, good luck. The vote will not be reversed; push hard and the anomalies will be revealed pointing back to you. Karma is a bitch.

   What about Trump saying illegals voted? Illegals can get valid drivers licenses in certain states, check. Any accident raises insurance rates for you the American citizen. Any death that should not have occurred may; if our state governments did their job to protect residents. A license allows a vote if they apply and are not filtered. Illegals have no rights, but fair human rights as they are returned to their nation. There is no respect for our laws. There is no respect for our flag for some. There is no respect for tax system by almost all. There is respect for those who serve in the U.S. Military. These are who we should embrace and their immediate family only. Ask why are the elite in this nation allowing illegals and the promotion of black lives matter to divide this nation with funding?

   Finally when you think of Romney, ask what does he have to offer? He has a small base. He has no experience on the world stage. He cannot command authority with an ego that only his friends supported due to wealth. Lose him once and for all and offer another job. Again letís not have this conversation again.


Update Nov. 30 2am EST


   Many of you keep bringing up the Russian connection to hacking our voting system, so for the last time letís clarify this.

   The Russians were never hacking our system, but patriots set on stopping the new world order and their subordinates like Soros and Hillary are in place. It is they that hacked the NSA as all communications in any form are stored at their facilities. Insiders tired of the corruption released timely info to counter fraud and media bias. This will increase as all who helped Hillary by choice will soon be exposed and watch them hide when one turns.

   Fraud in the voting system cannot be carried out remotely as the media portrays. There are PRI lines in place to transmit data that only can be hacked locally, but more important you need insiders within the polling precincts. Voting data is not transmitted over the internet, thus cannot be remotely hacked. They are a self enclosed system put in place to protect the integrity of the system. A Russian operation would need hundreds of hackers placed locally around key states and thousands in place at polling centers. More important, there would be a need as Donald could not win with the polls fixed as you in the media predicted days before the election. This was the quagmire, no nation would invest these resources, on an if, and then why? For once, will you in the media take your heads out of the sand, but really I had another phrase in mind and confront the Truth.

   Hillary had insiders at all polling locations and had the connections to hire hackers to locally change the vote. This effort was countered and now you have president Trump. Will this be revealed in detail, yes, as the timing is dependent upon Hillary? Trump never had the resources or ground game in place to change the vote. How with little knowledge of internal processes or even more, the people inserted in polling places would have been exposed by Hillaryís crew already in place for years. Again use common sense.

   Now a word to Trump, again you have chosen someone who has exploited the weak as Treasury. I say again keep him on a short leash as it his job to counter the banking cartels and protect this nation. He has walked on the dark side giving him insight as to what will come against this nation, but you potential Secretary now have a choice to fight for the light. We will be watching, as you try and walk a straight path. Remember, what is given can be taken away.


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