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Written Nov. 26 11:59pm EST

Update Nov. 27 11:59pm EST




   Congress never thought this day would come as a migrantís riot is at our borders. We have seen human shields used at the Middle East and now it is here. No sane woman with children would bum rush an armed border wall. This is your spin on peaceful women and children pushed to front by design? You are idiots. As for the Trump Administration, it only takes a rogue a mile away to fire a shot at a child resulting in a death. This plan is in the works and the ambulance will remove the bullet and replace it with one from border patrol firing range while in transit to the hospital or in a coronerís van. This is what you face.

   The wound will not match the grain of the bullet fired into the body as this is your clue, but they will say it was a child allowing massive tissue damage. Place an IR real time sat 24/7 and you will crush the elite. They hope, sympathy for a dead child at the hands of the Border Patrol will shut down ICE and bring Articles of Impeachment against you. This is their current plan that morphs quickly.

   Manafort is being thrown under the bus, but not for reasons the public is being told about by the media. All charges against him were while he worked for the DNC and the Podestas. This is the leverage to turn on Trump. He has been told, rat and they will be your last words. Mueller assumes he is being tight lipped as to protect Trump, but it is Hillary and the DNC.

   Trump knows this and will not pardon an insider planted in his Administration by the other side. Manafort is trapped and Mueller knows this. Now what? This will force the Democratís hands hidden behind many layers, but it is their only move.

   Much is being said about the GM plant closures and what Trump promised America. Trump is not responsible for corporate and their poor decisions involving the future of their business operations. Executives are not the brightest in the world as look at the many failures. They are dinosaurs. GM will retool and rehire and it is the labor force that will pay for the errors of their leaders. This is not right, but this is America. Change it and start your own business.




   Today the Climate Change report was being promoted on all media outlets, backed by over 300 hundred paid off scientist. They were promised safety like the media during the passage of Niribu. What will be karma is that all will not be in a safe haven when Niribu becomes visible. This is a promise. And then they will lie to save their asses.

   May is presenting the British people an ultimatum, as you now have no choice. Really so the EU union is about eternal bondage. Is this the treaties your leaders set up for the UK? Leaks that the trade agreement with the US is in jeopardy, is a lie. The EU can kiss the Donaldís ass, Macron you first. The EU and May are controlled by the new world order. The migrants were allowed passage to destabilize all governments as to force one solution. You the public are none the wiser. Trade is two way, both sides lose in a dispute, but the US has no constraints. Break away and they will crumble as others are watching your courage and will join.





   The news cycle has shifted away from the southern border by design as any coverage shows the truth. Thus it is now limited in scope. Now we have Hispanic news guests on Tucker admitting only 10 percent of the caravan are criminals, but those are only the few that are known. Women and children are just under 20%. They lied. This is why the media is called fake news. They distorted the truth to mold the minds of Americans by design as all liberal networks had the same talking point from one source. This is the Truth.

   So letís address Cuomoís crude attempt to analyze Corsi and Wiki Leaks. First you assume GRU-12 was the source of the email hacks that was leaked to Assange. You have no proof as the NSA would have caught the transfer of data and shut it down from the DNC servers before going overseas in totality.

   Knowledge of the hacked emails was about greed and power. Stone when informed ďsuggestedĒ someone should contact Assange to gain an inside edge. Corsi knowing the risk passed on the job and forwarded the info to another independent without involving himself. That is it. There is no crime here, but posturing to get an inside on the Trump Administration.

   The Manafort connection with the Russians was monetary, not collusion to win the election. Even he did not believe Trump would win as was put in as an insurance policy to feed Podesta. This is how what was said was leaked. I told you he was deep in with Podesta and was a deep state placement within the Trump Administration. Did he talk with the Russianís in Ukraine, yes, but it was purely financial as to sell influence and access to Trump as he got paid and Podesta took his cut just like under Hillary. Check it. Trump saw this and he was fired. Mueller is pushing collusion and the threats are to tie in Trump jr. or Kushner forcing the Presidentís hand. This will collapse when exposed and Democrats and Mueller will take the fall.

   I have told you over and over again, the NSA monitors all internet data transfers and cell phones around the world and the hack at the DNC would have been stopped and false emails would have flowed. The point is to find and eliminate those responsible, quietly. Records showed no external transfer, so they looked internally among their staff. Who was on duty and had access. It pointed to one. Only an internal IT person with clearance to the servers could have stolen the emails, but he was clever enough to delete his login credentials, but hidden in sub routines outside of only 1 as insurance, a marker lead to who was responsible. He was killed as an example on the streets of D.C. The cover story was a robbery of Seth Rich. He gave the files to Assange, check his travel and habits leading up to his death.

   Cuomo this must be your day as I give D Lemon a pass. Really, a Blue Wave as nearly 40 House seats was lost by the Republicans? Do you ever tell the truth? Obama lost 63 seats in his first mid terms and thank you for that what seemed like 5 seconds of a graph showing the true numbers to cover your ass. You think you are so smooth. Popular vote from dense cities do not reflect the true view of this nation. This is why we have the Electoral vote for President and Congressional districts. If not, then the popular vote from cities would control the rural communities, which they know nothing about.

   As for the many established politicians retiring, it is about being with family when Niribu appears in the skies causing panic. That is the bottom line. But your mouths are zippered. You say you for the people, but you will let them die without warning for the elite.

   Oh back to Cuomo, next time you use a border commissionerís words as you played the entire interview yesterday and today a snippet. This trick was not his view and I call you on it. Donít lie.

   Hyde- Smith did use race in a negative way to inspire her base. It was wrong in the Republican lily white areas of Mississippi, but Espy sold his soul to the new world order and the lesson is; he was crushed.




   The conflict in the Ukraine is a test for the West. Cut off one of their important ports is to bring it back into the fold. Will the EU stand up to Putin and Russia. No, they will just watch as cowards and state why is not America and Trump stopping this? Putin took Crimea and if challenged will invade the Ukraine by design. Any push back will lead to WWW3 as sanctions will not work when funded by the puppet master aka Bank of England and China. Again this is the EU, protect yourself before calling others.

    What you need to focus on is a comment made in the BBC coverage showing migrants paying 6000 pounds to slip into the UK. Now I ask, why would migrants with free reign of over 25 countries want to leave France or the EU? All is not what it seems.


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