Political Snap Shot



Written Nov. 26 5:10 pm EST


   The new world order has a clear path to dominate this nation and Trump is still getting in the way. The impeachment process has achieved an increased polarization, as one party does their research, or ignores the proceedings, and has not moved. The other party is led like lemmings on hearsay. Quietly some Democrats are testing the waters, to see if they can step back from impeachment without risking breaking the harden Democrats. Then there is Antifa. This is what they face.

   Pelosi has effectively shut down the squad, by promoting AOC and attaching her to Bernie. You in the media have not even realized this. Brilliant move, as he will not get the nomination, and with that her star fades, instead of her as the current lead in the news. AOC you are being played. Omar is to busy chasing her white knight, that she paid as a consultant. So much for her children and ex husband. The money ends, then the romance may follow. The other two just fell, like off a cliff. Some win, the others get stepped on in order to rise.

   Democrats can never impeach the President, as the Senate will crush their plan. So why do this? They were hoping to move Independents to the left, and this did not happen. The polls are doctored, as it would show a wide shift among Independents, and slight decrease with Republicans to 6% instead of the 10% reported. If the Independents shift towards the President, you expect his base to move to the left? This is common sense. The polls lie. What is not addressed by the Democrats? The 90% in favor of impeachment, which is closer to 85% includes the undecided. That 15% (conservative Democrats) are scared for this nation, and will vote Republican in the secrecy of their voting booth. The Black vote will be suppressed, as some stay home, due to lack of support to anyone but Biden. They are brand loyal. Minorities have little, and Warren and Bernie want to share it (take resources away from you) with illegals? This why Schiff is having second thoughts.

   If the Democrats proceed to satisfy their base, which many already know, they will lose, and will get crushed in 2020. Do nothing or censure, stop the process to concentrate on the needs of America, they will take a significant hit, but live on to fight another day. Lets see has the balls to do what is right for this nation.

   America needs to step back and stop putting so much weight on the nonsense fed from the media, without checking the research as to the why, we have reached this point. The DNC paid for a false report from a foreign government to sway the 2016 election. This does not count. Biden withholds funds to stop an investigation into a corrupt corporation his son is being paid by. This does not count. Ukraine’s president steals 40 billion dollars and we must hand them 400 billion as if this won’t happen again. This does not count. The a phone call asking to reopen a closed investigation of influence peddling, not invent one is a high crime. You as our leaders are out of your minds, and you think the American people are so stupid.

   I was informed last night by the media, Michelle may get into the race. Would this be a threat to Trump, a definite yes. As this would assure a new world order take over of your country. Michelle does not have a clue of the sinister powers that backed her husband, or in turn her backers. Michelle is squeaky clean. She would win almost all of the women, youth, Black and Latina vote, but the earth changes will stop her before she starts. Do not do it Michelle, as you will be forced to betray America, and join a one world government as the Russians and Chinese strike America after the Warning, and a false peace is offered by the antichrist. This is behind the removal of Trump. This is written.

   Climate change will shortly accelerate, as this is closely guarded secret of all of your political leaders. Have you ever wondered why, a teenage girl is their choice of spokesman? There will be no explanation for the increase in earthquakes, and the tsunamis that will wash over many portions of the UK and the Netherlands. The backwash will kill millions on both sides the Atlantic. Forcing Democratic populations to be relocated away from coastlines inland into Republican territory. They have guns. Oh that is why, you want to take them away? So when minorities have no food, contaminated water, no housing, just what do you think, they are going to do, when the welcome wagon does not materialize? Democrats, you created the race narrative based on Mexican rapists, the sad part, 30% of women and some children, are rape or worse sexually enslaved on the trek to America. This is a fact. And this is why you called Trump a racist? This is why you were wrong. Division is on you.

   The bread basket of America will shift between extreme drought, withering emerging crops, then shall be washed away in the upcoming floods. Electrical storms will be frightening, and out of control, causing surges that burnout equipment, and start fires. Meteors will increasingly streak through the skies, and all will wonder why? This is what your base will call you on, the lie of Climate Change. You say, why has not Trump warned us? He has with the drills, emergency preparation guide lines, anything else, and he would be removed, as insane.

   God the Father is patient (this is behind the slow release of the earth changes), all loving, kind, and wants all of His children on earth to believe in His Son, Jesus to save all souls. So many events to warn you, have fallen on mostly deaf ears over almost the last 7 years. That ends after Feb. 22, 2020, tic toc. He has removed my hand cuffs, beware, as my job is to save souls, not earthly lives in the Name of God the Father Almighty, just like in the days of Pharaoh. I will start at the top, and watch the trickle down effect. You have been told so many times, He will bring you to your knees, and mankind will be rare on earth. Leaders on this earth, you have chose the wrong side, but you can change. This was written, and this is my promise, as I carry out His Will in the name of His Son, Jesus.

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