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Written Nov. 29 2:30Am EST

Updated Nov. 29 11:59pm EST

Update: Nov. 30 6:45 pm EST




   Mueller continues to dominate the left media and few realize, the focus of the Manafort crimes were committed in Ukraine, while he was working for the Podestas, who one of which was given immunity. Manafort was never trusted by Trump and he has nothing, but continues to state this to Mueller to save his ass. Manafort you a have choice, rat on the DNC and Podestas and you will have your pardon. Then let them come against Trump, and it will be dismissed by a Judge.

   Cuomo, you speak of adverse political operatives using the riots at the border to fuel hate. Did not the left use babies separated from their mothers in the same theme? This was a process, put in place by Obama to protect children from the sex trade. Both are facts and the left & the right are wrong as you are so easily manipulated by the global elite. So how do thousands move hundreds of miles in a few days with no money? Oh you say the contribution of the Mexicans. This is a lie. Soros backed groups facilitated the organization, transport, clothes, food and shelter along the way. What the elite forgot is they do not control the media or people of Mexico, so they state the truth. If their own does not want them, you think we do? Yes we have jobs, but few are low skilled. The migrant caravan has no skills. Accept them as in the EU and millions will follow. This is a fact.

   Under the current concept of asylum (see below) presented in the media, every poor person abused in this world, over 4 billion can seek asylum here. Then what? This is why those at the top are reversing and leaving the young pups like Ocasio to take the fall. For Trump, an ultimatum to the countries of Central America will come, I will cut you aid, which you embezzle or make it safe for your citizens.

   As for Mexico paying for the wall, it will be hidden in border crossing fees. This nation cannot let all who have humanitarian reasons caused by the elite bankers controlling the UN and media. This nation is over 20 trillion dollars in debt by interest rates and false wars. Your politicians like the EU have no plans when millions move towards our southern border. Democratic promises, but no actions and you elected them. This is about Globalization. The new world order and all of you are so blind you do not realize opinion is being led down a designed path. This has been predicted in the Bible.

   So D Lemon, I gave you a pass yesterday, but that does not get you one today. Are you an idiot? Exactly when is it your job to lecture the nation on the apparent behavior of Trump? You have a news program, not a talk show speculating on world events as you are not on the inside. I told you what is right will seem wrong and what is wrong will be seen as right. You know what is coming and if you care, then change things instead of the narrative. You are asking what about your same sex mate. Lose it or lose your soul. Choose!




   Merkel has been forced to not seek reelection after following the directives of allowing the migrants from Africa to overrun an unprepared EU. Merkel you were told the earth changes would be upon us and the migrants would provide a docile work force opposed to your own citizens in revolt. How is this working? The new world order is led by the dark one and he lies. You just sold your soul, and when I stand above the pit and see you, I will just wave unless you change. I will not chastise you, as that honor is for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as He judges all.

   The Bank of England sent a stern warning to the UK. Exit without a deal and they may be subject to an 8% down turn in their economy and the pound will crash. The Bank of England is in control of most banking systems in the Western world and just a few years ago lost control of the US Federal Reserve. They are not about to lose the UK in their push for globalism.  So what is their plan?

   If Brexit does not conform to the EU tentacles still controlling the UK from afar, then they will raise interest rates under the guise of turmoil. The shortage of funds will automatically shrink the economy by design. This is their plan.

   Only being presented in the EU by Hillary and Kerry, they are presenting the perils of unchecked illegal migration in the EU. You need to ask why, since their voices in the US, reflects a different position? Is this presented in the left media, no. Just as media coverage at the border has lessen. This is the Truth.

   Do we really have to go over Khashoggi again? Let it go. Khashoggi was a CIA spy and was caught. His phone had audio accessed remotely, which provided a constant level instead of the cover story of placed hidden mics within the embassy. There was no dip or rise on the recorded audio, Trump, they are lying. What they will say after reading this? It is that they edited the recording and enhanced a stable audio. Yes, that murder may be true, but then ask for the original raw audio and location of the crime unknown.

   When Khashoggi was captured, the CIA placed a drone with infrared overhead and allowed his extradition back to the Saudis. You ask why? Rather than reveal a Washington Post reporter was used a cover as a spy, the Turks admitted they bugged the embassy. This is a lie, as the Saudi swept the building every month looking for listening devices and few were found. The Turks admitting the embassy was bugged was old news as all devices were removed. The CIA had the audio, tapped his I phone and passed it to Turks to provide a cover story and Khashoggi was transported to Saudi Arabia where information was painfully extracted as a spy. All agree to the cover story rather than reveal the truth.

   The world has a definition of Asylum, so let’s reveal to the common man who it protects.


Definition of Asylum


  A person who owing to a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear is unwilling to return it.


Fleeing for economic reasons and local violence does not allow asylum.


   After WW2 did France and the UK offer sanctuary to the Jews or allow them to return to a controlled Germany? No! Global rules when you fail shall not be applied to America.


Update Nov. 29 11:59pm EST




   Currently the media has been herded to focus on Cohen and that he lied in Congress.  He did. What he should have said is that the Trump organization continued business as usual and “considered” building a tower in Moscow. Again this is true. But this is where the media goes astray. Talking about a deal is not collusion. Speculating Putin would be given a 50 million dollar penthouse, really in Russia the top floor worth that. How much was invested, nothing. This is a lie. Trump gives away nothing for free as a business man. Go on and judge him in your small minds as if you are not a court of law. Not reporting a deal that did not happen is not a crime or needs to be reported. This is the truth D lemon.

   No one abandons their business when running, only if they win. When he became the Republican Candidate, the deal went south. As for Cohen, who is bound client-lawyer privileged; nothing has been revealed or is admissible in a court of law.

   I have a warning for Mueller; you have been allowed to proceed to seek justice. You have a choice, present it or move on. Do not let me invoke the power of the Almighty.

   Trump is preparing to protect this nation against an attack from Putin and the Chinese. This is prophesized in Revelation in the Bible. The new world order pulling their strings and want him removed to usher in one world order, one religion under one. This is the Truth.

   You speak as your leaders have your best interest. Yet they create wars draining trillions, but it is the interest on the debt that counts. They are agents of the bankers, but you are so blind. South Vietnam was a waste, nothing was gained there. Did we change Iraq or Afghanistan? But the military complex made trillions. How much change was made to elevate the poor here? What about the school systems? Yet in their wisdom allow the poor to come here fleeing poverty just like here at your expense. This is the narrative of the paid media employed by the elite. Do not our government officials spend your tax dollars to protect the EU and look the other way with bad trade deals? They answer to them, the elite, while presenting a façade of hope. This has gone on since the late nineteen forties costing trillions. You are fools.

   Trump, Niribu is closing and shortly all will know. You know the plans of the Bear and Dragon, so set up civilian defense teams in rural areas with supplies. The cities will be lost.


Update: Nov. 30 6:45 pm EST




   Many are asking, is the massive quake in Alaska, that happened earlier today, now upgraded from a 6.7 to a 7.0 as they saw the damage and adjusted it in the media, a new trend? The Richter scale measurement instruments in the USGS have governors on them to reduce intensity reported to the public, put in place under the W. Bush Administration. What hit Anchorage was at least an 8.5 as I told you judge the damage not scientists under the gun reduce panic when everything goes south. Is this a sign the earthquakes are about to exponentially increase worldwide? No! Not yet. The real uptick will start after the holidays.

   Trump in his dealings with Russia, again there was no deal, but he lied when he said nothing was in the works. Had he lost the nomination, not one of you would have cared. Now that he won, he said business must go on in a loss, but he won and the deal was crushed. This is the bottom line. Lying about future plans is not against the law, so it was seen as a prudent choice. This was the advice given to him by his lawyers.

   For the Democrats, Pelosi is a bad choice as she is the past. As you try to move forward, know that she takes orders from the new world order that embraces one global power. She is the new Hillary, reject her. As for Ocasio muzzle her as socialism is a small step from communism. She has a personality, young and looks good, but will fail when events kill thousands, then millions and has no clue on how government works, but she can smile. Watch as her face turns after a week in Congress and she is sworn to secrecy on what is to come. She will go from, for the people to save her ass in the bunker.




   What is not being address by the Democrats at the border is how do we pay billions in health, housing, education and food costs of the migrants? Exactly with their low wages, what will they contribute to balance the handouts we give? Little, as the Democrats only care about providing a sub class of cheap labor on the backs of the American tax payer! They are poor with no skill sets that this nation needs. When you give a pass to one group, then another comes expecting the same. This escalates until the border is overwhelmed by millions, just like the EU.

   Your eyes do not lie and there is no plan in place by the Democrats to halt the flow. Look at the filth in the camp. This will be your neighborhoods. 5 billion on earth are fleeing violence and poverty and your leaders want them to come here and claim asylum. Housing will skyrocket. The deficit will rise as they cannot pay any taxes except sales tax. What they need is a leader with a set of balls to eliminate the terror within their own country. If not, they are cowards running instead of fighting to save their nation. This is the Truth.

   Keep this up and race wars will break out in America, especially when they find out about Niribu. Oh I forgot, you are going to hide in the bunkers and not care. I will tell you this, I have instructed the Almighty to create earthquakes crushing all cesspools of D.U.M.B. installations and it was granted. If you cannot lead now, who needs you in the short lived future?


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