Political Snap Shot





Written Nov. 30 11:59pm EST


   There is little to comment on tonight, but one media anchor just forced me to break my peaceful night, thank you Rachel. And what is with the long monolog stretching nonsense, and your point? Time is valuable, but extra words seem to be your new focus as if the average American comprehends your words.

   Your comparison to Woodrow Wilson, who pushed the League of Nations (AKA new world order) and Bush pushing privatization of Social Security (Wall Street bankers aka new world order) compared to a nation wide tour to Trumpís thank you. Are you insane? The world will change and know the lies of the media. How will you spin this? Trust me, I will crush most in the media that lies, but you can change. Heed the warning.

   Wilson after the war was suppose to unite with all nations under one leadership this is why he was sent on the tour, but it failed. After World War 2 it was the United Nations, this too has failed to unite the world under one. World War 3 will accomplish this as all will be tired of death and turmoil and accept one. This is the current plan.

   President Wilson allowed legislation during the Holidays to pass financial slavery, thus the Federal Reserve now quietly control the monetary policies of this nation as an outside bank (Bank of England) charges us interest to print and manage our money, thus the national debt and you are proud of this treason? Bush (Yale Skull and Bones) pushed privatization of the Social Security system while promoting the mortgage crisis. Had this gone through seniors would be in despair after the 2008 market crash.

  Trumpís national tour has nothing to do with this as you are promoting the status quo as you are part of the swamp. Now I will say this Rachel, there will come a time during the Warning where Jesus will review your life in your mind. Your soul will burn for pushing the inclusiveness of the same sex community. Happiness, really have you found it? It is time to soul search for the Truth. A temporary thrill that fades over time is not worth the destruction of your soul. In the Bible homosexuals and their cities were destroyed and this will happen again. Heed the warning as you influence many. Continue your present path and your soul will be lost and your cause crushed. Human rights do not supercede the Laws of the Almighty, bottom line. I tell you this as you are a stand up person and I would hate to lose you.


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