Political Snap Shot




Written Nov. 30 11:15pm EST


   With the media still fixated with Russian collusion, look deeper. I told you, the plan was maintain the investigation without bringing charges directly on Trump spearheaded by the Clinton Campaign, but it has morphed. Yes they have Manafort, but he was working for Podesta that could implicate the Democrats and Clinton. The point is to create a virtual cloud of deceit by design that never clears until Trump resigns, but you do not see this. Charges against Manafort where made in a few months with evidence, but a year later just threats. With Pence in power the status quo shall continue as he is the back up if Hillary failed, which she did. This is the current plan of deceit and the sad part, all will welcome it.

   You were told that peace would be preached as the world falls into chaos. Look at your leaders especially May, her people die with attacks over and over again and she condemns videos that show a way of life that no one backs, because it is divisive? Videos do not kill and to proclaim that showing the Truth is counter to peace tells you your leaders (cowards) have lost their concept of reality to protect you.

   As for Tillerson, the feuding is real, but it is by design has he knows of the coming earth changes that will escalate and wants to be with his family. Respect his choice. Trump with his rhetoric has given him a way out, as he may take after March 2018. Impeachment is a threat and he may opt out as planned as the seeds are planted again by design.

   The Delaware quake is a precursor of what is to come, as the East Coast of the United States is being pulled under the waves as the Atlantic basin expands. All in your government knows this, but you the public as your homes flood lose. What you will find is camps you are sent to for protection, shall have sexual predators on a new level by the those in control as your lives are on the line, the false security will make Weinstein look like a boy scout. This is your warning.

   Again you the media focus on North Korea. It is a diversion, the advancement in technology without money and computer power was provided by the Russians and Chinese as they continue their ploy of concern by placing troops near the border to placate the gullible American media. Ask how long did it take China and India to develop nuclear weapons and delivery systems to project a warhead? Donít count on Russia as they were given the technology via connection arranged by the Illuminati out of New Jersey in the Forties. The plan was to balance the power in the world for a perceived threat to advance the military complex and its control of spending in the US Congress while increasing financial debt as they controlled the Federal Reserve. This is the Truth. They take you the public as fools.


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