Political Snap Shot


Written 1/16 1am EST

Update 1/16 11:59pm EST


   PM May was crushed yesterday, in classic new world order style, as they eliminated the weak. The elite in control of banks as you saw the pound was on the rise by a coordinated effort. May can and will be pushed out as her political value is now a liability to the one world government and her Party. This is in the hands of the Mps. A vote of no confidence will come, as May will have to offer concessions now to the EU as this is their plan. She has days to a few weeks with no leverage and the Mps know this. EU was never going to let the UK leave as they are faced with tariffs, border stops in Northern Ireland, and regulations that will bring down their leaders as the opposition will do no better, but you are led a to believe a change is in your best interest. Neither will work, as the new world order has control of both sides.

   What May cannot believe, is that as a pawn in the new world order did not consider, as a leader of a top 5 nation, has no respect to the ancient order that controls the financial world over centuries, she is just passing through and has been discarded. The defeat sends a message to others, fail in your task and be destroyed as she has been by the lopsided vote.

   The UK is facing a choice on Brexit as many MPs voted the will of the people, that has changed from independence, now what? This is the new trend. It took 2 years of a media barrage to sway the opinion of the Mps and all you got was a little over 200 votes? The current trend shows the people of the UK have no faith in the current government, as their Mps rejected the new world order plan for the subjugation of the UK. So weak. Those who will lead have no choice, but to align with the EU. The banks are leaving, along with a trillion dollars in capital, check it, and half the trade in the UK is based in the EU. Again what is the plan?

   The UK leaders now in power have no present plan, as it has been rejected and plan B only contains more concessions, this will not work. Your leaders are inept. This why May has a high chance of being replaced. You have been told, the UK exit from the EU will be stopped and all associated with it, crushed. This is now a fact. The UK will fall back under the control of the EU and their leaders will be nothing more than the proxy voice of the EU. You are under a dictatorship of which, you can not see.

Update 1/16 11:59pm EST

   Prime Minister May survives a vote of no confidence by 19 votes among the Mps in Parliament, but does she have a new lease on life? She has been set up to lose. As she has to come up with a new agreement within a week, when the original took years to negotiate. Macron when interviewed in France stated they will ask for a delay to strengthen their case when told you have your best offer. Brussels has a stranglehold over the UK.

   The EU covertly now controls the UK by proxy and again will be given no choice, leave you pay a severe price with no deal. Stay, we control your economy. This is the plan of the new world order. May, a pawn will eventually fall and the replacement will fare no better as the people who want relief from their plight, will freely choose one world government cloaked as the EU.


   Currently is the media insane with its current comment, knowing there is tape on Trump’s comments on NATO. Yes, he did say that we would withdraw as few countries have active armies or pay their fair share. So we as a nation are to protect those, who will not protect themselves and declare nuclear war where all life ends? Is your family willing to die for European states that make bad decisions? Please ask your liberal friends who think life will go on? Oh that’s right you have not told them they have less than a year as Nibiru approaches.

   Leaving NATO was a threat to get our so called allies to pay their bills, not as a Russian agent. This is your weak definition of treason, you are idiots. Trump is preparing for war as the others wasted money on false wars and stripping the Military. This is a fact. Putin does not smile with Trump, look. For once, you in the media need to step up with the truth instead of repeating fed talking points. All see this. Treason, this is a lie. Putin threatens us with hypersonic missiles, a relocation of subs off of east coast and you in your lack of wisdom, you think he is a friend? Has he been charged, no, but you have in the media have convicted him. This you will pay for.

The day Trump resigns, moves on for other reasons or if impeached, this nation will fall. Many in this government are aligned to the new world order, who answers to the antichrist. Now it is that you dismiss this, even though it is written in the Bible, shall be your demise.

   Addressing Representative King, yes it is noble you voting against your own words, but crossing the new world order has consequences. What America does not realize is that most White, Hispanic a few Black Democrats and many Republicans in Congress harbor the same hidden thoughts to some extent. You will be welcome into the Kingdom of God if to stand true when they come or walk.

   The Judge that did not allow the citizenship to be allowed on the Census orders came from the elite in both parties as if the nation knew how many were here illegally. The Republicans have cheap labor and the Democrats have a dependent social class that they service. Our nation will erupt at a number north of 40 million and almost a trillion dollars in cost to the tax paper. They say America, you can not handle the Truth.

Update 1/16 11:59pm EST

   O’Rourke states, the wall will force illegal migrants into a treacherous zone where death may result. This is true, but this is a conscience choice, by those attempting the crossing, as few to no woman with children will take that trek. Those attempting will be a fraction of what is now moving towards our Southern border, as many will divert to legal ports of entry for asylum. Do nothing and the flow increases, put in place a deterrent flows decreases. This is the goal, as those trying are men by passing our immigration system. That is a crime and a theft of your tax dollars.

   Idiots, change the reason why they are leaving their country, but you won’t do this. As so many corporations and the elite with tentacles into social services get rich. They all say let them come under compassion, but you pay for it. What about our homeless? What about our veterans, who fought and some died for this country? What about our children who go hungry at lunch? This about America. For all others get in line, apply, and wait your turn. The border is not about color, as all are welcome to the land of the Free, but through our ports of entry. Your leaders exploit points with out thinking, and you voted for them. This will boil over as the deceit present in the media as acceptance is only backed in certain liberal strongholds as their neighborhoods rot. When all the people who can pay taxes leave, then what?

   We had the suicide bombing in Syria that killed 2 American servicemen, a military contractor, and advisor. Were the remnants of Isis responsible for the actual attack? Yes, but they had help. The deep state gave them the location, funds to pay the family of the bomber, the explosive that the sniffers could not alert detectors place there, and the timing where the collateral damage would be maximized.

   The deep state or military complex is not about to lose their gravy train of income of America’s presence in Syria. So the attack was arranged to give certain Senators the power to present a point. Isis is still strong and we can not leave. This tactic has been used by the deep state many times in Iraq, France, Germany and England. When are you going to learn?

   I have told you over and over again, what is the mission in Syria? You say remove Isis, but it was really to remove Assad, but he is backed by the Russians, who will not move unless there is war. You were warned long ago about Syria. Will keeping troops in Syria change things? No. But it will spend our money. We leave, the cost moves to the Russians.

The people of Syria ran as migrants to the EU, cowards, and you expect us to protect a country that Assad will eventually control? Trump is right, and those opposing him have a personal agenda and it does not help our nation. Syria has no oil or anything of value to US interests. This is a fact, and the country is a waste of our time as even their own chose to leave and we shall join them.

   Do you want to stop the threat of the Middle East for good? Do not buy their oil. It will be over in a few months, but greed and your quest for power, will not allow you to do this. The Almighty will do it with shifting the crust and the oil drops to deeper crevasses that cannot be reached. This is just beginning, doubt it. Check the drop in pressure forcing the oil to your surface. Come against the Almighty’s spokesmen will only increase your losses. War will come and the earth as a burnt cinder, just what will buy with your worthless money?

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