Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 17 2:30am EST




   Trump stated that the Federal Reserve is his greatest enemy, why? Very few in the general population knows that a certain person who controls the Bank of England and many others in the West controlled the Fed until recently when the US Military removed their power and stripped them of some of their wealth. Certain spokesmen like McCain and Hillary wore boots made for high level prisoners. This is a fact.

   Over 800 trillion dollars was siphoned off from our nation to the puppet master family of this world under the false name of Rothschild, over the years since president Wilson sold this nation out. He hides as another. Have they recovered the stolen interest money from the Fed since early in the 20th century, which is a private bank with the illusion of a government agency? Or have they investigated the manipulated booms and busts as they controlled interest rates? Timing is everything in a rigged market. No, but they took back the money stolen by the Bushes and Clintons from Fort Knox as gold was systematically replaced by tungsten bars. This is why Congress did not want an audit of Fort Knox gold reserves. Check it. If Trump spoke the truth the media would crush him.

   Interest rates control the expansion and contraction of global markets. Bubbles are created to suck the public in and then the connected go short on down turns where a transfer of wealth occurs. But you the public are none the wiser when getting fleeced.

   Hillary has revealed the truth to this nation in the interview about her predator husband. He used his power to intimidate interns. Monica was not his first, but one of many. The others were paid hush money and signed a non disclosure. Hillary protected her sexual abusing husband as it is all about power. This is how the Clintons roll.

   As for Hillary stating investigate Trump. He was not a politician, so who ever he bedded it was mutual in his past. He is a man, get over it.




   Some are saying, the Trump Administration stated we were better off in our past without immigrants. This is a lie that was stated on the BBC yesterday evening. Immigrants were offered hope and land here to settle this country and all were welcome and contributed with hard work to build this country. Now your leadership of a certain party has no clue on how to control the border as they are parrots speaking the agenda of the new world order of global control under one. Times and needs of this nation has change, but your leaders do not see this. Yes you can get cheap labor, mostly off the books, but they come with baggage. You pay for their kids schooling. You pay for their health care as a hospital must treat an emergency without insurance. You pay for auto insurance when someone has none. You pay when a crime is committed, as one is too many. You pay when 30 live in a home meant for a single family as property taxes are about 1 home. And this is what you want to vote for?

   The needs of what of what supports growth in this country has changed, and cheap labor using our public resources with little cost to them is poor management. Yes they will work for $5 per hour as their own takes advantage of them. Businesses win, the IRS loses on those off the books. Social services lose as the net drain is in the billions. You the Middle Class has been lied to. Now you can continue to decline or support true change. You decide.

   The current trend supported by most economists, state that China and India are quickly closing the gap with the United States on GDP percentage of the global economy. America, are you that blind? Our own corporations have moved jobs from your cities to China and India. This is how, they are catching us. Then with all their money they earn from us, the foreigners come here and buy up housing to point, where many Americans cannot afford housing and are pushed to the streets. Policies put in place by your

   This is nothing new as it has gotten worse over decades. For once open your eyes look around, and let what your eyes see sink in. Stop being molded by the media. What you miss is that China has a financial strangle hold on Africa and it we be the Chinese that rule in Africa as the shift approaches and not the EU or the UK.

   What about the threat of Trump stopping all aid to countries backing migrants seeking a home here without due process? The media fools say a cut in aid would bring more. This is false as most aid if in increased would be embezzled. Little goes to help the common citizen. This is why they flee. Sign an agreement with Mexico to allow the US Military on their soil to turn away those escaping poverty. This eliminates a call for asylum as they are not on US soil.


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