Political Snap Shot





Written Nov. 9 11:59pm EST


    As the nation is still in shock at a Trump win, I will say congratulations President elect Trump. I hope you thanked the Almighty as I did not see your speech, too late. If not, do it quietly alone in reflection. Hillary your concession speech you wrote today, that was a gracious exit, moving on.

   To the defiant press, your slant will hurt you in the eyes of the public as they will never trust again especially when the real cause for Climate Change is revealed. Watch as the color of Trump hair changes quickly like Obama’s. Addressing the rigged system all can see that almost all the polls were slanted by picking and choosing the sample that favored Hillary as to influence those who did not want to vote for a loser. There was no hidden Trump vote as all were not afraid to state their choice anonymously over the phone in a poll. This was the plan. The secondary plan to systematically replace raw vote totals with a computer hack or personal changing totals at polling stations was suppressed by the leak 2 polling officials were fired without comment and covert monitoring correcting any hacks.

   With all the promotion of the KKK, which Trump hates, but will take their vote was a disgrace. The KKK would never publicly support Trump as they know this would hurt him. This was arranged by Soros. To the Black community she used you as why would Trump invite Blacks to his parties? You state the Central Park incident, all have a right to an opinion, and he was wrong as he listened to the press as do you. An opinion is not racism. There is no whitelash, as these same are some of the whites voted for Obama, but nothing has changed, but the words of hope coming from your mouths. It is about disposable income, but you don’t talk about this. Reality check, college costs are over 60 K per year at the better schools and the average family income is less. Something is wrong.

  You need to ask, why is Soros funding black lives matter? Did you not read the hacked email stating he wants to create division so that one government will be needed to control all? Hillary a puppet of Soros will now have her strings cut as a liability. Hillary, just know all those people your husband took money from and expected you to deliver once in the White House. Some are coming for their money and others you need to fear as they will go down if you do. Obama can not pardon if you are not guilty. Good luck as you sold you’re soul to satan and he may collect shortly. Remember Donna once said if you stand in the middle of the road you get hit. What happens if many get hit while standing by you?

   Trump has a tuff road ahead of him and that has risen exponentially. Secrets held from the American public by both Republicans and Democrats and they can not count on him to keep his mouth shut. None of you thought he would win. The snickers and laughs will now bury you at CNN, MSNBC and a few at Fox. Chris Matthews gets a pass. As for the elite it is war against Trump and you the media will be the scapegoats.

   The forces of dark just got their asses kicked, but they will rise from the ashes as this is their time. Soros will continue to stoke racial unrest. Organize confrontations meant to incite a police response and polarize whites against blacks, but no one will understand why? For Trump no need to comment, it is a political trap, stay on message as this is Obama’s problem. Protests will change nothing ignore them as you will say, “I will embrace all when in office”, Hillary lost and they will get over it.

   What you need to say is that you have no problem with the Latino community, but when some skirt the system and enter illegally; you are a criminal, bottom line. You protect America first and those who enter legally are welcome as they contribute to our society. Illegals are exploited by the rich and their own to enrich themselves. This will stop. One life lost is one too many as common sense needs to supplant political correctness. This is why you won. Now prepare as Soros is the known enemy, but there is one more deceiving in the Republican Party. Trust few and again I told you Newt is a new world order sleeper. He is not the one.

   This nation needs to be placed back on a track sanctioned by the Almighty; your job is to eliminate government sponsored abortion and same sex marriage. All have the right to live together and love, but we do not need to validate it. As the rest of the world gets crushed the faithful will thank you. The Almighty and I stood up for you against all odds; will you stand up for us? This is your choice as you owe nothing to anyone.

   Many will have appointments they want, again you owe nothing. Place your own as they are loyal, the others will report to another. When they tell you about Niribu, just know the Almighty is cleansing the earth and no one of the dark side will remain on earth alive. Things will change quickly after your inauguration; enjoy the calm before the storm as America will need you to right what the cowards in our government chose not to do. It is here even you will call on the Almighty for courage. We all do.

   Trump many around you criticized you for listening. Even you thought you have almost no chance of pulling this off in your mind as business opportunities abound was your focus. Remember who made this possible. In the End Times anything is possible and you are a product of this. I don’t care what a man or woman tells you. When I tell you a directive, know it comes from the Almighty unless you fall to the dark side. Stay on message and no matter what you learn if you are with the Almighty all of your loved ones will be protected against anything. God controls all. Ask for the file on me if you doubt and you do. By the way war is coming as Hillary was going to allow a delayed response and limit targets. The Russians will attack the Eastern seaboard, but land on the West coast with the Chinese. This is their plan. The negotiator will be the antichrist, fry them all and protect America. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Dunford, a patriot will brief you as to the challenge.


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