Political Snap Shot

Time is Up




Written Jan 20 12pm EST


   Many in our political world have confused words stated by a candidate, not as a politician as inflammatory remarks towards racism. The problem is that these are not viable threats. If you look deeper politicians say the right words as to not offend thus hiding their true agenda, this is Washington as you know it. It is about maintaining the status quo; true racism is hidden, but allows those oppressed to not move forward. This is the Truth, but all are in denial.

   In the news, a California and Georgia representative have removed themselves from the inauguration events involved with Trump; many followed and join the movement as peer pressure mounts and you call these leaders. Inexperienced as to the ways of Washington, it is about a subtle facade to present the people hope yet exploit masking your true feelings and when you are told to speak up, and some do, they crush anyone that poses a threat to the elite. Now do those representatives know they are being, used? Yes one who has no clue is excited the other subdued as his words are false. Both of you have been in Congress for years, what has changed? Donít lie.

   What is sad is that you championed the rights of others, then once elected after many terms, you played the game to stay. Did you really think the established in government would listen to your pathetic pleas for the poor? You have been compromised and all will know shortly. You push Climate Change, but it is Niribu that is influencing earth where most (your people) along coast lines will die. Congressman it is Atlanta that will be toast when war breaks out and you know this. Hillary agreed to the target at secret NWO meeting. Do you know the meaning of F U? The Bible does not lie like your alleged friends. But you will hide in a bunker like a coward. Emerge and then walk the area in a radiation suit offering hope to the dieing, I donít think so. They will curse you, if you live past the warning. Black people these are your spineless leaders, built up now on a past when they were true heroes. Hopefully they will change.

   Letís talk about Sessions, yes he was an alleged racist in the past, but he has grown and regrets his actions. Did not Jesus recruit the tax collector? Maturity brings change as those who influence are seen for what they are. Presently under the Trump Administration this will not be tolerated, but as one, he knows how to stop and identify racism as he was one. The best to stop it is to hire one who has been there.

   The commutation of Chelsea Manning espionage sentence has been moved to a release in May. Many of you ask, why would anyone that released military information to Wikileaks be pardoned? Why would Assange now come in? His mission is over. The Truth is that Obama was pressured on Assange and this is his revenge. He is telling you Chelsea unlike another DNC employee who paid the ultimate sacrifice release information of the dark side of the military and politics. This was the source of the Clinton-Podesta email leak. Dead men tell no tales and the leak sealed as no new information has come forth. If it was the Russians there would be a continuous stream putting constant pressure on all American Administrations. Trump is Putinís worse enemy, but they play the game. Now Santorum is standing up, brave as the Russians were not the source. What the intelligence community and the Clintons did was for personal reasons and some for financial or power gains. It was not about freedom or a fair election process. Now you can spin this, but the decision was held to days before he leaves, and the Democratic Party was just flashed the bird. He did not pardon Hillary, beware.

   The questing of polling again comes into play again for the media as to approval rating of Trump. Almost half voted for him, yet the approval rating of 40% is accepted without question, really. You voted for him, but disapprove? You were told the polls are skewed in order to shape a populace opinion. All polls showed Hillary crushing the Donald and the media played this up. We saw voter fraud in Florida, they were fired and Michigan to rig the election and the media focuses on the false narrative of the Russians did it. So where is the proof? There is plenty of innuendo all baseless as it was revealed the information did not come from Russians, but an independent firm and it was their conclusion the intelligence community adapted this conclusion with validating.

   Hillary was far ahead in the polls that were rigged. It was their own internal polls that were real that revealed she may lose. This is why she cancelled the fireworks celebration before the election results. She knew the fix was thwarted. Money hungry they screwed the Gucci family. I told you her pay for play Global Initiative would fail if she was not in power. It has and now layoffs. Fear those, Hillary and Bill you kicked to the curb. They stole insurance with downloaded files; you will secretly pay from your billions that will never help the poor you stashed in the Middle East. Fear those who do not want your money.

   This past Wednesday, Obama stated in the news, election fraud is ďfake newsĒ. This is a fact. Graham now states Trump is the rightful elected president. You were told by Hillary and Obama that election fraud in Oct. 2016 was false and to disregard any effort by Trump to cast a shadow on our voting system. They knew about the Russians then and it made no difference, until they loss. This is the Truth.

   Obama as you leave the presidency of this great nation, remember the parable in the Bible of how the master gave his chosen 10 servants a certain amount of silver. You brought back only the original amount of money and as you say today Master, God, Almighty I hid your money and talents to keep it safe. (I tempered my talent; reserved my actions to keep America safe, but the gloves came off for Hillary an agent of hell.) This is where you stand and I like you. Polished, well spoken and a great representation of how a president should act, but the NWO ate you alive. I ask; what have you done to change the direction of America? You say health care and we will cover this later.

   I ask; have you even tried to remove the weight of student loans off the backs of Middle Class parents who make too much for aid, but are just getting by as disposable income has shrunk? Creation of low paying jobs is a smoke screen where the majority, are one pay check from financial disaster. Why the high interest rates when mortgages are less than student loan rates? There are few jobs that a student can take with over a hundred thousand in loans and the parentís credit records are wrecked.

   Why is Sallie Mae or the company they spun off collecting a thousand dollars a month from graduates making 15 dollars an hour, many part time? Deferring loans a policy put in place only to allow interest to accrue. This is worse than Wall Street as they pocket the spread between the student interest rates and the prime, do the math. This is your America and spineless Warren does not address this. I have watched both you Warren and Bernie after the fact and I do not like what I see, nor does the Almighty.

   You, Obama have done nothing to stop the flow of jobs overseas, you just ignore it or it is part of a treaty. Any treaty that results in a deficit is a sham. The goal is a slow transfer of wealth from one country to another under the guise of free trade. The problem is you pay debt on the imbalance and the money comes home in the form of buying real estate. In New York City, especially Queens the locals have been displace due to rising prices. Race relations and peace addressed in the inner cities? This is a joke again, and you offer comment, but no change. Help your own before offering help to illegals. What is with catch and release? So when the border patrol catches illegals your policy is to tell Immigration to let them go here in America? Then, they can get health insurance and education paid for with US tax dollars while your own canít get a college loan or decent schools? Is this a joke? No, this is America.

   The separation of the poor and the rich has expanded exponentially under your watch. Why is this? The Middle East, this was easy you should have killed them all that were associated with terrorism, while you had the chance and destroy the oil infrastructure, but profiteers swayed you. When you go to war it is your job to destroy the enemy, not let them rise again. By the way who authorized the B-2 bomber attack mission at a cost of 8 million (a lie, it was higher) just for two planes? Support refueling planes, AWACs, the smart bombs, drones and hellfire missiles, control and command did anyone ever think of using the B-52s with regular bombs and pound the area? No, you just like to waste money to get 80 terrorists. Hey give a mercenary group a million and they would have crushed them, some would have done it for fun. Nobody cares if they die. Did history teach you this?

   Stop with the climate change as this will destroy what is left of your legacy, when this nation finds out you lied to them. You are a coward as you failed to prepare those who elected you for what is to come. The saddest part is that you backed new world order Hillary over threats and they released them anyway, such the fool. You can thank God that no one in the main stream media made this public. You are respected for now.

   I also respect you very much, but the Truth is more important. I hope you understand as I answer to the Almighty and not a man or woman.

   Now for Hollywood, brave arenít you, when you think millions support you. Your little bubble will shortly burst for all to see. It is you that is dividing the nation. It is you that is judging another for words of the past instead of actions yet to be seen. It is you that refuses a hand of cooperation. There will a set of signs in the sky for all to see. You can change or continue your ways. Abortion, homosexuality, deceit, all are sins in the eyes of your Father. You have no idea of what is coming and the tipping point passed today at 12 noon.

   Nothing has chanced in the Black community, in fact it is worse. If Trump does nothing and the inner cities stabilize, this is better than the 50 year down turn since MLK walked the surface of this earth, while all of you civil rights activists ride the coat tails of his achievements. This is the Truth. Yes, Lewis you got your ass kicked in Selma and that was brave and helped changed America, but what have you done lately? Nothing, but you continue to ride the fame of your past achievements. This is the problem. Why donít you take some time and reflect why you are a Congressman. Hint, help your people. Trump was not there in your past only in the last year. Where is your change?

   Corruption in this nation runs deep and our law makers fine the banks billions of dollars, which is nothing. Remember the point of the mortgage crisis was to allow a bubble to expand, then at the right time banks and the Fed collapsed funding, thus crashing the stock market as the wealthy were positioned short in the market. This was the plan. They made trillions on funds that held positions, Federal, State, County and City pension funds in the main and 401Ks were crushed and the fines of billions are not even .05 percent of their gains. The system is rigged and you the public are the fools with this process.

   The birther movement is sketchy as Hillaryí supporters in the spring of 2008 first spread by Politico an article Obama was born in Kenya. There is no connection to Hillary as layers were put in place and the Republican campaign in 2012 used this same narrative by Trump with no political ties to Romney and exploited this. just as the Democrats. Trump a reality celebrity had name recognition weight with nothing to lose, but a lot to gain if Romney had won. This back fired and Trump was kicked to the curb as real proof could not be produced. The correspondence dinner with Obama belittling him sealed it. This is the Truth.

   As for the Supreme Court picks I suggest to the Democrats to work with him or the Almighty will remove one of yours by natural causes if you cannot approve. The choice is yours. Abortion rights will be repealed as this will save your nation.

   The Affordable Care Act was created by Obama to help America, but it had many flaws. They assumed healthy would just put off care lowering the average cost of coverage and those who were older and who were truly sick would slowly use the system. The problem both used the system well above projections and losses mounted. The Insurance companies despite the pressure from the Administration are withdrawing, due to losses now not returned by tax favors. With Trump in there is no help, so most will withdraw.

   The average single payer in Corporate America is about 5 thousand a year with deductibles and family coverage is 20 thousand and you offer this to the poor for a few hundred or less a month? The young think there are invincible and few get health care unless they are expecting. Drug costs are out of control and over prescribed. Donít prescribe and the doctor is sued, all by design. You put a band aid over an infected gapping wound and you call this a legacy. Little was done in Medicaid fraud, double billing, worthless tests that the doctor owns, gouging of drug prices. This is change. I ask where were you?

   Politicians all offer hope, until they are compromised by the establishment. They see it as compromise; the other side sees it as molding. This proceeds until the politician, becomes a shell of what he or she stood for. Look around, do we have the best infrastructure, school systems, infant care, bullet trains or standard of life? Or are we a nation where the many lives pay check to pay check? Hope is more than words and 8 years later, events that the common cannot control are worse. This is the stark Truth.  Our nation is about hiding greed and posturing, we put on a face that we care for the weak. We promote illegals to depress wages, but the faÁade is hope for those fleeing poverty. Poverty is here. Look at Flint, they gave polluted water to their residents to save pennies. This is your nation. This is your politicians. This is your nation. Now you can change or God will change this. Time is up.


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