Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 5 1:30pm EST


   The tax bill is not what shifts wealth in this world, the stock market does. The goal here is to allow the wealthy to bring back valuable assets so they can be converted to hard currency when paper money collapses, due to the earth changes. This is the plan. Will those who are considered Middle Class under 75k for a family lose, they pay little now. The real loss is all the programs that were put in place to help the poor, but enrich those put in place by the Democrats. You were told programs offer help, but never solve the problems. This is how they make their money. This is why, there is fierce resistance, follow the money.

   I ask the Black Community, your Democratic Party allows DACA and those to be educated and given protection as an illegal while you fight for equal education in your primary and high schools systems and nothing has changed since the sixties. Yes we need to help those who were brought here as children, but they do not come before you. As for the police, there are bad ones, but the majority is good. If you the finally want to lead, Black leaders, then do the right thing, then ask all to respect the law without attitude. When confronted submit rather than run as you are innocent. Engage in a non-confronting conversion like the rest of America. Then if someone does get shot all will be on your side and change will occur. Otherwise, you are living a lie. The Democrats rob you through programs to help that they control by proxy. The Republicans rob you by gifts to the rich. I told you both are working for one. Who they are working for will destroy what you know of your world.

   With Trump and the RNC that are now supporting Moore, something has changed. This will not go forward; again you were compromised in your minds by the dark forces now controlling your world. The Almighty states he did exploit children as a man for sexual gratification as he considered their minds weak and easy when presented with gifts. This is your world. As for Trump again you will lose this one, but will have to work with one less. You still have the majority and can work with that until March. At this point your mission is over and you are on your own as you walk between two chairs. The door is open but you must choose.


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