Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 6 2am EST


   You the media do not provide real answers for the general public, but then following the narrative of your corporate leadership by innuendo, is to lead your listeners to formulate an opinion that your bosses desire. Strzok was removed from the Mueller investigation with Trump by design, not for his distain for Trump, but his manipulation of evidence allowing Hillary and her assistants to walk.

   Both Comey and Strzok followed the Clinton orders as both expected to be rewarded when Hillary won. For them, this was a sure bet on the path to career advancement, but she lost. They said intent was not there, so we the public are going to believe that cheap Hillary is going to finance her own servers and IT staff when the government would provide this for free. The point she was lying and did not want to share sensitive information that would lead back to the Clinton Foundation and the source of donations that might show a preference of legislation affecting certain countries and corporations. This is the Truth.

   The next agenda is to consider the British MI6 that thwarted the supposed assignation of Theresa May. With Brexit, the Prime Minister is considered weak and sympathizing with the Muslims leaving the EU to fend for themselves. The plan was to allow the false flag event to continue until arrests could be made pointing to terrorists from outside of the country. This was a brilliant move by the Illuminati, as you now have Theresa in the palm of your hands as she thinks some one truly wants to kill her, but they just want her out like Trump.

   This country has been consumed by the Russians influence on our elections. I ask; did they change the actual vote tally on Election Day by design through hacking a closed system? What about early voting and absentee? Did anybody really pay attention to the ads on Google that changed a vote of a citizen and if so how many and in what states? Ask this of your media and see if you get an answer. You won’t.

   Finally we shall address cakes for same sex individuals. You were warned by the Almighty; do not try to influence His children as the affected male couple answers to another. The Christian baker does not respect your union, this is his firm belief and answers to no man as he obeys the Laws of God, which is in the eyes of the Almighty the union of two men or women is an abomination. You as a couple not sanction by God or any Roman Catholic priest have the right to choose another baker that accepts you’re life style. So spend your money there is this free country. Heed this warning.


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