Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 7 3:45am EST

Update Dec. 8 12:35am EST

Pearl Harbor: Respect for all that died


   Let’s address the Trump Administration’s promise to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Few in this country care about the move, but the Orthodox Jews are using you to send a message to the Palestinians. You, Trump were herded into this decision by your outside advisors that have Jewish links by a series of events that seem random as it is new world order goal is to destabilize the region for war, but you fail to see this.

   You are plagued with those including family members who seek to profit as this is the norm when a new leader is sworn in to lead this nation except for Eisenhower, Ford and Carter recommended by insiders and you pay the price by proxy. Your media will say Obama was clean if asked, and this is true. But, he enabled the Clintons and their theft of billions, through influence peddling with money laundered through their foundation and your administration looked the other way. All this took place in front of a gullible nation and media. Without influence, the foundation folded a little over a month after Hillary lost. Again your media is blind.

   Your Administration is to consider under any excuse, to recommend further study and delay the decision for at least 18 months as to allow a peaceful transition for all on the diplomatic embassy move. Those backing this will be placated and the Palestinians will never see that day, due to the earth changes. This is part of your mission; all changes are now on the fly, get use to it.

   I have asked the Almighty now to expose the truth behind the Russian intervention in our election due to the media’s persistence to shape the minds of the weak as the Deliverer. Heads in the highest places will roll. Fear this. I told you that the Russians were not the source of the Wikileaks email dump, but a DNC computer voting specialist insider with access to all servers was. Out of curiosity, he started reading the emails of Hillary and Podesta and was alarmed. So he copied them on a flash drive as he always had. It was only after Wikileaks dumped it on web, that all at the top knew this was an inside job. It did not take long for DNC information technology specialists to find the computer terminal and who was on site with a timeline. The person of interest knew what was coming and that he would be killed. So he went out for drinks and the rest is history. An Apparent robbery, but nothing was taken. If you are faced with a gun, most would give up their valuables. Refuse then you are shot in your chest not in the back. Few run from a gun pointed at you. No motive, but leaking DNC emails damning Hillary was an alleged cause for termination of life and carried out in the news in north Washington DC. They concocted a story that the Russians did it, spread the story through the liberal media and then pinned a probable cause that the Trump team colluded. Collusion is about greed of the subordinates and not a change in the election. Most Trump insiders expected to lose and they hoped to be in place to profit when Hillary won. This was a perfect storm. None of you in the media had the heart to cover this. Soon you will have no choice.

   We witness Trump slurring words at a press conference, but he does not drink. Trump is tired and after March is looking to exit the White House. This is just another pre-planned tactic to build a case for his removal by design. Since the procedure to impeach Trump was defeated in the House. Pence, the new world order backup to Hillary is in place to take over after Trump resigns unless he has great courage to combat the End Times. The media revealed Pence was ready to replace him and add a running mate with W Bush’s ex girlfriend Condi Rice while Trump was still running in the last 2 months. I told you the nwo offers both sides, but Trump an outsider and was never suppose to win. You need to ask when opposing parties compete over the many decades and nothing ever changes for the people except the flow of money to the elite. This is what you do not address.

   We see that Time persons’ of the year were the silent movement. Yes this is weeding out some of the sexual predators, but look at the years and those who have fallen before they spoke up. There are no heroes here, only victims as your courage came only when you were part of the mob.

   Moore today said something that many Southerners believe, “America was great during slavery”. Moore looked at this moment of history that stretched centuries from a control and monetary perspective. Labor costs held to a minimum and sexual abuse did not exist as 3/5 people were property. The wealth accumulated set the stage for the industrial revolution, and as a nation we never looked back. This is the Truth.  Moore does not consider the human tragedy of slavery, he only sees as a way to the means of money and power. This is why he will fail in his Senate race as the Almighty will have a surprise if hate causes him to win. Heed this. The Republicans do not need him as Franken was removed as promised. He preyed on young girls looking to be impressed. What if he screwed your daughter as another piece to be discarded? Now I know so many of you men in Congress and the media are having flash backs, but this needs to end. Continue to back his nasty ass and you will enable every hidden pervert to continue and this will come back to bite you in the worst way, again this is a promise from the Deliverer.

   You ask; why did Trump back Moore in the last week? They looked at it from a political position as they thought the Democrats would never force out Franken. But the Democrats considered the point made here that Moore will not win as you listen also. So the calculated move was to sacrifice Franken knowing Moore will lose and you will be disgraced again by backing that which is tainted. This is the plan and you fell for it. The slavery comment just slapped you in the face. Moore is new world order and a sacrifice to bring you down.

   Does slavery in some way exist today in America? Powerful men still exploit women, create dependencies and most people in America are financial slaves to the banking industry. Nothing has changed; except you in America are willing slaves and you are none the wiser.


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