Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 10 EST (Delayed Release)


   When dealing with Hillary always take her words with a grain of salt. Yes there is fake news, but most originated from the Hillary campaign. What you need to realize is that she stated a general term. Where are the specific stories? If no one questions it is assumed and her point hits home.

   The press favored Hillary. Many news stories on CNN and MSNBC needed approval from Hillary’s campaign manager with built in denial. This is the Truth. Your hacked emails were the Truth, but you are trying to blame it on the Russians when it was insiders at the NSA tired of corruption. So you float the Russians did it, as an American, a patriot can not be revealed. I just want to ask how did you get Obama to drink the kool-aid? Trump supported by Russian agents and you and your staff so sure are drinking champagne to a victory on Election Day? The Russians do not control the America vote, but you would like to continue to project this through a mindless media. Hillary, you are done. Now you can continue to conjure up black spirits in order to change things, but last chance. Pledge to God Almighty and Jesus or be caste aside as chaffe to be burned. The choice is yours.


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