Political Snap Shot


Written Dec. 11 10am EST


   The world has all these comments as Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Prime Minister May states in her own words, but is essentially saying, this is not good for the peace process. What is surprising was pope francis (aka the false prophet) also agreeing, this tipping off the faithful that he is not on board with the Almighty as Jerusalem is the capital of the New Earth and presently His children, the Jews. You had a choice false prophet, to either hide behind the deceit of men in a time that the dark one rules promoting a false peace or stand up for the Almighty. You didn’t as all know, because you answer to another. All that is rotten will fall. Fear this America as many more will be exposed for who you are in these End Times.

   So, what is behind Moore’s sudden disappearance from the campaign trail? Moore was tipped by Democratic insiders as to why Trump and Bannon suddenly supported him. The RNC went to Trump with a plan that was seen as a win-win by the elite. Trump was told, as he no choice to back Moore and when he wins you will be seen as a hero for preserving a Senate seat, but replace him with someone else as Moore is forced out by the ethics committee. This is the plan.

   Moore chooses to thwart this as if he wins then he loses. So he did do what the elite planned all along with pre planned events herding him to not campaign thus labeling Trump as supporting a pedophile if he loses, which is in the hands on mankind. This is what is meant by a win–win situation by the elite and now you see that not only the people and you the media are just pawns. A warning to Trump is that you were played.

   The world has been warned by China about North Korea. If attacked, the Chinese will respond with force. So your sanctions mean nothing as the Chinese black market supplies all they need with the right price. Kim will continue as he will threaten, blow up, but not attack a US ally or possession. The point to show the US as weak and unable to stop the ambitions of a rogue nation, perception is everything. While all look at North Korea and Iran, China will continue to builds its army and weapons with Russia for the final assault against the West as prophesized in the Bible.

   As for the tax cuts, yes they are for the rich as few families of four with an income below 55K pay Federal or State taxes. Hidden money overseas returning is better than the present rate zero. Have we not tried the standard approach through ranking Democrats? This is the lie the media tells you. The Democrats protest as their proxies, control for profit the organizations that help the poor through programs that advance the few and medical practices that creating a pharmaceutical dependency guaranteeing a cash flow. This is why all remains the same over the last 60 years, they have offered hope even with a Black president in assumed power and nothing has change through their government influence.

   The sex scandals are here to remove those who prey in places of power on men and women as all will be revealed. Lie as a woman to destroy another and you will be destroyed, let all complaints come forward. Fear this.


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