Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 12 12:05am EST


   Tonight Chris Matthews, you gave a passionate speech at the close of your show on Trump Watch. You of all people a Roman Catholic now question your faith on the capital of the Jewish race as not Jerusalem? In the End Times the dark one rules and all that would lead to peace is false. But you know this as you prepare. Niribu will crush this earth and a loss of souls who were not given the proper time to prepare due to media and government lies. Is this what you want on your soul? You were given a great responsibility and as I see it, the Almighty is not pleased. This is the Truth.

   Yes in any other period of mankind’s history your statements would be true as the Trump Administration would be starting a new war with grave consequences. But it will be the Russians and Chinese that attack the West (preplanned) and conquer the Middle East. They will allow the antichrist as a peace maker after WW3 to crush the Jews who have Jerusalem. This is written. If you cannot help, then avoid the subject. In the End Times there is no Mohammed or any other deity of any other religion that will save the disillusioned masses. All who choose to move on have to go through the Almighty’s (Allah), Son Jesus. This is the bottom line no matter what any man says.

   Your politics in Alabama is out of control. Jones compares Moore to Wallace, really. Wallace sent the National Guard to intimidate then Negroes with dogs that bite; water hoses to disperse the crowds and just spitting on those who they thought were beneath them. Then you put a Black man on a flyer and infer what if he trolled malls for under age white girls would you vote for him. That was an insult to the Black community as their vote is guarantee. The point to Democrats that you are still an old boy as you placed a Blackman in an abuse situation to show all the will not be tolerated. This is what you use in your campaign and now exposed.

   Moore did do what he is accused of, but you just want to know what type of person you are putting race as a way to win. You, Jones have skeletons in your closet and you will wish you never ran. This is a promise.

   I have told you that the Democratic Party profits on its services to the general public. So we see why they support abortions as the sell the aborted baby body parts for profit. This is a disgrace in the eyes of the Almighty and you on earth will all pay a price.

    We shall move to net neutrality as this does have a purpose. As the earth changes accelerate all relevant websites holding the Truth will be pushed down in their ranking as to minimize the random person from finding it. This is the plan.

   There is talk of news stories that have now been proven false and one correspondent was suspended. I told you there was a systematic process in the media to discredit Trump. This was always known as I told you this was by design, but there was no proof. They say it was a mistake and they apologize. I say, they only apologized when caught.

   In the End Times all that is seen as right is wrong and all that is seen as wrong is right. As we progress through the End Times remember who was given power to control all.


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