Political Snapshot




Written Dec. 15 12:59am EST


   You were told Moore would be a loser in the Senate election here, but this was in the hands of mankind as the elite interfered in the last week of the election. Trump convinced by his aides with Bannon as the spear would propel Moore to victory in the final hours as he received orders from the Republican elite in the shadows. But Moore received orders not to campaign in the final week until the last day as if he was ahead by 10 points in the last days. Such is the deceit. This is what the dark side does, set up alliance then destroy it. What you now realize Moore was bait as you were told if he wins you preserve a Senate seat, but you suspected something was wrong when Moore did not pound the pavement during the important last days. No one who expects to win sits on the sidelines in a close race. Had he pushed in Southern portions of Alabama among his base, he would have won, but he was told to stand down. This is the Truth.

   The current cover placed in the news is insistence of a recount as if he really did care after being told the information of his removal in the Senate if he had won by the Ethics Committee. Knowing the rules are specific on recounts as this will never happen, but the goal is to convince the general public who do not know the rules or watch the news and take him for his lying word. Moore, you used God’s name in vain as you spouted your Christian values without repentance and for this, you’re sorry soul will pay a price. Banned from a mall and you are to let us to believe this was a mistake as security cameras back this, records now missing. They are witnesses.

   Trump again you should have never backed him, and then reverse your decision stating he should have never run. If this is by design, fine otherwise you are and will continue to pay a political price. Caving to your advisors is your current problem and your faithful are being thinned out by design like Omarosa. You should have groomed her for a real job.

   The elite are building a case for your departure in a timely manner and you are helping the case with comments that are not needed to guide your base. Again this is fine as your mission is to continue place until the last day in March 2018. This is a direct order from the Almighty. Cut it short for any reason and your protection is off. For once there if you want to impress the Almighty then stay on and avoid impeachment. It not impossible as Clinton lied, banged an intern in her mouth just that day, ejaculated on her dress with proof in the Oval office and survived. As the Deliverer, those behind this plot will simply disappear slowly as to send a message when you align with the Illuminati your life will be cut short, by the Almighty under direction of His prophets. As He gives life in the spirit, He can take it away by His Divine Will.

   McCain’s future is in the hands of God; just know he answers to another and be removed with Hillary to follow.

   Finally, we will comment on Anderson CNN comments on the Russian influence on the election, America’s stature overseas, and inciting decisiveness between the races in America. This plan is in place by the Illuminati and the Russians, Chinese and your Western bankers answer to one.

   So how will sexual exploitation evolve? most men and some woman will just open the door. There are many competing for your position and they will walk. The point. you choose to sell your body for advancement of your career by choice and those who don't, are passed over no matter the talent. It will be consensual. It is about who will spread or suck, this is the bottom line as always. The will be the new norm.


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