Political Snapshot




Written Dec. 16 7pm EST


   The tax cuts by the Administration are a ploy to placate Americans with a campaign promise in the End Times as few will if any shall collect in 2019. If Hillary was in power your shores would have been invaded pre arranged as she is Illuminati, you would starve due earth changes especially in the cities and have no warning of your impending doom from Niribu. What I ask for is those in corporate America to allow those who worked for you to get overtime starting in 2018 so that families can prepare for what you know is coming. Trump under the guidance of the Almighty cut your rates, which will boost your bottom lines to be competitive in world markets. Do this favor for the next 18 months starting in March 2018 and the Lord’s Mercy will be granted to your retched souls, refuse and I will unleash upon you what has never been seen on earth as the Deliverer. This is a simple request backed by the power and authority of the Almighty. Heed this.

   As for McCain his cancer was not introduced by the CIA as he is Illuminati insider. His soul was hardened against the Almighty while portraying a façade of helping the common man is known among those in leadership. This is why he wears a GPS traitor boot like Hillary. He has made a choice long ago when captured in the war and survived for many years his fate is sealed as he worships another and will soon join him.

   We are now approaching another point of escalating chastisements beginning Dec. 22. Will it be earthquakes, another spike in murders, revealing the sins of those in power, or signs in the sky? This is up to the Almighty as in a little over 2 months your world will change forever. The Chastisements will last a year and the reign of the antichrist 40 days. This is the Truth.


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