Political Snap Shot

The Russian Connection: Hypocrisy




Written Dec. 17 4:30am EST


   The hypocrisy of the Russian Connection to the Election needs to be revealed. Most of you in the media said in October, Trump was a fool in stating that there was an outside influence in our voting system. How with our safeguards of polling places, secure lines for transmitting voting results? Few of you thought Trump would win, so you discounted the possibility of hack undermining Hillary as president elect. That scenario did not happen. Now he is the president. It was said serious concerns will be raised by talk that would undermined our political system from Trump. Yet these are the same words now coming from those that still back Hillary.

   The CIA knew of the threat well over a year ago. As it is their job to anticipate any threat from a domestic concern to a foreign government, but it seems now counter measures covertly put in place failed as stated in the media. They, “the Russians” succeeded in hacking backed by your intelligence reports with words and few facts, how with an advanced warning? The CIA is lying; as if a threat is known. Then it is prevented, unless your agency is inept? These were words video recorded from both Hillary, her campaign people, Democratic Pacs, the liberal media (CNN & MSNBC) and Obama as now seen on the news. Now you also stated now Trump will bring war to this nation, but it is the Russians that want him in. Really are you listening to what you are saying?

   So the Russians will help someone that going to bring war to their nation and the world? The hacked emails revealed Hillary had agreed to a limited nuclear war to reduce world population under orders from the new world order. Check it, please. They call you the Middle Class of the world, useless eaters. The poor will just starve outside of the prying eyes of the media as they focus on earth changes crushing the Pacific Rim, Greece, the Central and South American western coastlines and interiors, initially and then spreading quickly where quakes in the past were not recorded. Countries with little history of earthquakes with shake constantly removing populations in the millions as infrastructure crumbles. Your leaders will spout hope, but no real world solutions.

   We have heard this election was racial, but legal Hispanics and blacks in this nation are protected from the illegals, as there are laws in this nation. They, the illegals are exploited by the elite for cheap labor and supported by Wall Street to depress wages in the US as there is another looking for what you do not want work for. Protectionism was promoted as racism; really do you in this nation know the difference? This is how you were manipulated by those who wanted Hillary to rule this nation in the End Times. Since when do the rights of illegals and radical Muslims not vetted come before the rights of our own? One life loss is one that should not have happened. If so, state this to America, sanctuary cities that harbor an illegal which takes a life of our own? Is it worth skirting our laws in place to protect America?

   Wikileaks dumped many sensitive documents as to how Hillary and the DNC are using the general public, the media, and you concentrate on the source of the leak instead of the content. If caught, you ask why are not others falling like the RNC? Why because you rigged the polls, the media and loss? The playing field was evened by the Almighty. Your voter recounts a proxy by Stein for Hillary exposed voting irregularities in Detroit in favor of Hillary. It is fraud underreported as you the public need not know. Fraud removed in Florida as election officials put in place to favor Hillary doctored absentee votes. These are the facts.

  Assange told the media no state (government) is behind the source of the email leaks. So it means the Russians are out. No matter what the CIA states, you were offered just words as if the CIA does not lie for any reason. Their job is deception and they answer to the elite, not the people of this nation. This is your flaw. As for the FBI, they told you no, now it is yes. They were pressured to get on board. Just how many times did they flip on Hillary’s emails? They cleared her, then revealed the truth, but took it back as to deny, standard CIA tactics. You were told here, the source comes from patriots within this country, but you refuse to believe the Truth. You are offered no proof, it was the Russians as if they would leave a fingerprint compromising their intelligence community for Hillary’s and Podesta’s emails as if this is important. When research on anti gravity is passed over? Putin now is giving approval? This is a lie. Putin sees Hillary that can be bought as this was his choice, but the media paints a different picture. War with agreed targets is a win, win for the elite. Trump is a wild card.

   Putin has told his intelligence agencies to bring America’s cyber networks to its knees by covertly compromising it. Deniability to hacking as it was not them, but you are led to believe this, while they still are negotiating peace and trade. This is their agenda. This is their goal. Your government’s version is a joke as they are playing both sides. There was nothing found in the recount of Wisconsin, but domestic anomalies in Michigan. It is only you the media that makes the American people doubt. There is no other source. This is the Truth.

   You were told our state elections systems are not connected to the internet, so they cannot be hacked. Only if an operative was in close proximity to the precinct when the data was transmitted through secure phone lines or fiber connections that are only hackable at known node points. They would have to swap the data files with a substitute data file. How many agents would be needed? How will they do this, when all knew of this in advance? Where there not safe guards put in place as states requested?

   You are being lied to by those in the intelligence agencies as they have been infiltrated. As for Obama, he is a fool as the Democratic Party for proceeding down this path. We all make mistakes. Look at all who back this and you will see some that will undermine this great nation as traitors. The Almighty is angry and His Wrath will be swift and final. Interfere in the Electoral College and those who lead this shall be swept from this earth. This is a promise. You lost Hillary as Trump was the Almighty’s choice. Why? Hillary, as you sold soul to the dark one and you thought that blood ceremony was something you could walk away from; sorry I will watch you drop into Hell. This is the bottom line, as to why you lost is that God Almighty enlighten just enough to take you out, but allow the elite to continue to think they can win.

   Shortly, this earth will eliminate pockets of evil and the forces of light will be allowed to pardon certain areas. It is not about what you done in your past, but is about your move towards God with true repentance. Your future is in your hands by your actions. The strong will perish, this is a promise as we have special off world experience for the ruthless that will choose to escape when offered or that slaughter the innocent.

 I say again all is not what it seems. By the way I was so disappointed that you Michele went on Oprah and said you feel there is no hope. There is always hope. You will eat those words as Obama addresses the nation on earth changes and offers a false hope. Just whose side are you on?


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