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Updated Dec. 21 2:30am EST


   The tax cuts by the Administration are a ploy to placate Americans with a campaign promise in the End Times as few will, if any shall collect in 2019. This is why it was offered and did pass in the Senate and will again in the House. Schumer if you really want to help the people, then eliminate over prescription of drugs and tests to the elderly. Take the profit out of entitlements as your peers set up businesses to exploit this, but you won’t do this. As you are just like the Republicans who help the rich and secure lucrative positions while you set up foundations or programs to help the poor taking over 90% of funding on average under proxies put in place by you. All of you are thieves.

   If Hillary was in power your shores would have been invaded late 2018 near San Diego and the Canadian northwest coastline by the Chinese and then they would move along the southern US towards Atlanta then turn north pre arranged as she is Illuminati, and you r general population with no farming skills would starve in the cities due earth changes and lack of current food distribution, hoarding. Crop failure would be rampant especially in the urban disenfranchised areas and have no warning of your impending doom from Niribu.

   What I ask for is those in corporate America to search your souls as it is forever rather than greed, thus to allow those who worked for you to get overtime starting in 2018 so that families can prepare for what some of you at the top know is coming. By empowering families through self sufficiency as you share with your workers with increased business and your windfall tax cut takes affect next year, now almost passed, instead of government run camps where sexual abuse will hit new levels as survival is on the line not a job. Is this what you want?

   Trump currently under the guidance of the Almighty will cut your tax rates, which will boost your bottom lines to be competitive in world markets. Do this favor for the next 18 months starting in March 2018 and the Lord’s Mercy will be granted to your retched souls, refuse and I will unleash upon you what has never been seen on earth as the Deliverer.

   Reinvestment in the market or paper investments will be thwarted as the earth changes will undermine market manipulation for wealth. Your stock markets will crash and paper assets almost worthless. If I were you, I would move to hard assets in the safe zones. If you try and capitalize on lumber and grain long futures, consider your life over as you will never cash that check. This is a simple request backed by the power and authority of the Almighty who will crush any attempt by mankind to exploit His children. Heed this.

   As for McCain, his cancer was not introduced by the CIA as some may speculate, but he is an Illuminati insider. His soul was hardened against the Almighty while portraying a façade of helping the common man is known among those in leadership. This is why he wears a GPS traitor boot like Hillary. He has made a choice long ago when captured in the war and survived for many years; his fate is sealed as he worships another and will soon join him.

   We are now approaching another point of escalating chastisements beginning Dec. 22. Will it be a dramatic increase in earthquakes, unexplained power surges knocking out the grid, another spike in murders, revealing the many sins of those in power, signs in the sky for all to see or something unexpected? This is up to the Almighty as in a little over 2 months your world will begin to change quickly forever. The Chastisements will last about a year and the reign of the antichrist 40 days in the latter time, but his influence is now. Given your current political environment, exactly who will lead when all know the End Times is immanent? This is the Truth.

   As for the UFO project put in place by Reid in 2007? This again is a manipulation of public opinion as your government conspires with the darkest of advanced alien souls granted access and resides in the D.U.M.B.s at the highest level to gain technology. They have delivered nothing in the 70 years that we could not have advanced ourselves with their captured ships provided by those aliens who are of the light. This leak is to say we know they are here and are seeking them, but they are already working with us since the late Nineteen Forties. You only have to look at the film. The US Military has the highest resolution even at night, yet you are shown a fuzzy black and white film with no definition when all recon is in color from an elite fighter plane. They are lying. And it is only you the general public and politicians who can not be trusted with a secret of national importance of the highest level, which is out of the loop. So they speculate for answers, wasting your tax dollars for what is already known, incompetence.


Update Dec. 18 11pm EST


   Mueller needs to go forward with the investigation as the Trump Administration shall not stop him, if he listens. As the Truth gets revealed, he will as the Hillary campaign will be exposed for their crimes. They are hoping Trump removes him, before the Truth is revealed. Will this happen? Not now. The key is to allow the Mueller investigations continue as to taint the Republican chances of holding the Senate and the House in the 2018 elections. This is the current plan.

   The Palestinians still hope East Jerusalem will be their capital when Allah decreed this is the capital of His Chosen. Mohammad was a prophet sanction by God. Know this, where does he call you the chosen people, Moslems. The Almighty wants all to come home and you as mankind do not have the right to choose who does with your small minds. He wants all you, the Jews, the Catholics, the Hindus and all others to come together against the dark. This is the goal. Jerusalem is the city of the chosen and to the many men stating otherwise may be wiped from the face of the earth, you have this warning. Stop or perish in the chastisements as you answer and listen to the voices of another.

   Chris Matthews you have dodged a bullet so far as a warning with the alleged abuse stated against you. You know the events of the encounter are known the Almighty. You in retrospect prayed for forgiveness so we move on, but that does not make it right. As I said to Trump, I say to you, remember who you work for, The Almighty. This will pass and count yourself as blessed and a behavior not to be repeated. As you, are the primary balance pushing back against the Fox network, and thank the Mercy of the Lord.

   You were told here that the death count on PR was under counted by design as to not raise alarms in the media. Thousands died as reported by funeral homes, but not reported in the news until now by CNN. This is going on now in the USGS as to the occurrence of quakes and intensity. Those in place to guide are lying. This is the Truth.


Update Dec.21 2:30am EST


   The UN has no jurisdiction over where the US places its embassy in Israel. The Almighty has written in the Bible that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews. No other religion like the Moslems can lay claim as Mohammad was a prophet of the Almighty and Jesus is the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity. This is the bottom line. The UN was created to promote a one world government thus a tentacle of the new world order and the Illuminati now rising in the End Times. The United States answers to no world organization as we provide your protection. Please caste a vote to condemn the move and you are on your own. America under Trump answers to the Almighty not a group of men. Fear this.

   Some corporations have stepped up to share their new tax windfall. Now it is not about spending all on workers and reinvestment as there will be bills to be paid during the earth changes. Some corporations have taken the hint, now we need others like Verizon to follow suite. Your corporation is as strong as the weakest link. Empower them to build your vision.



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