Political Snap Shot



Written Dec. 2 - 17

When dealing with the new world order it is about restraint in the public eye, a polished look, while portraying caring for another. It is about steering of the truth to form a desired opinion among the masses. If you hear it from sources you trust so many times, you do not question what you are being told. This is the essence of fake news. Where the narrative holds a lot of truth, but tweaking certain aspects creates a desired result. Control creates a slow bleed of wealth from the Middle Class through financial strangle holds as your politicians stand up for all others on earth, but you. How long do you think America will stay complacent as the Greeks and Italians have rioted, now the French.

A dark cloud has descended upon the EU and you want the same policies here? You are out of your minds in the media stating no criminals have crossed the border, but arrest records prove otherwise. Just who do you in the media work for? The American people or the new world order, make a choice.

As for Bush, he joins his wife where there is no light. Great father to his family, but had self interests that destroyed many souls and stole from this nation along with the Clintons. May the Almighty have mercy on his soul, but it is too little too late for his salvation. For the Clintons, Kissinger, Netanyahu and many others, there is still time to change your path as you can be next.

Bush was in the process of replacing all the gold in Fort Knox with plated tungsten replicas. This is why Congress never approved an audit by design. After he lost to Clinton a pact sealed by the dark one created an unholy alliance based on stripping the wealth of this nation. You ask, how did they expect to hide this? The pole shift was expected to happen in 2003 as another Bush was in power. The delay led to Obama who did not have the balls to inform the US population of their high crimes. Events coming will open your eyes.

Many in America are not totally on board with 911 as it does not make sense. Not one of you can explain how 7 WTC collapse without being hit by debris? With Nibiru closing in on our solar system war in the Middle East would secure oil assets or so they hoped through the military as the disaster would cover their tracks. Weapons of mass destruction were planted, then removed and those affected by radiation poisoning were transferred to hospitals in West Germany where they died, check it. All that are evil will be removed from this earth in less than a year. This is a promise. This is the Truth.

Dec. 2

You need to see that what appears to present a service to other in the media has tentacles that lead back to the elite. Bush was Skull and Bones at Yale as Clinton and they have a blood pact with the new world order. Look at W who was a cheerleader, so manly, has still has no clue, yet you allowed him to lead this nation, oops I am sorry it was Cheney. All to control Middle East oil under the guise of peace.

As for the Naval Commander of the 5th Fleet in the Middle East, Vice Admiral Sterling he was going to inform certain aspects of the media of upcoming event as his conscience had a heavy weight. He was eliminated, contrary to reports present in the media.

Dec. 5

The US has detected long ago that Russia is cheating on the intermediate missile treaty, but they have also hidden nuclear weapons within their old controlled states. The US has neutrino particle detectors that pinpoint nuclear weapons with no need to verify on site, which has been place for over decades. Your weak leaders choose to ignore the Intel in the hope of peace. The current perception presented in our media that Russia and China poses little military threat is false and they are preparing for war as your leaders preach peace is written in the Bible.

Revelations was put in place to warn you of the End Times, which is now approaching the point to where the common man will know the Truth and your world will now change. But Trump knows the plan of world domination and cannot be controlled by the elite.

Do not be deceived by the media that Trump is friends with Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi and the EU’s Merkel, Macron and May as all are enemies of our State, as they are new world order. Watch the body language between them for that is all you will see to tell you the Truth. Putin can build quickly with the funds of the puppet master, but the US just needs to transfer. Putin can play the game, but will lose. They are preparing for war and Trump is no fool and will destroy them all. Had Hillary got in, Americans would have surrendered to the new world order to stop an arranged nuclear war with predestinated cities marked for destruction. I will repeat 2, San Francisco and Atlanta.

Dec. 6

We are here to expose the injustices of the elite, which is to far to great be captured in the words of this paper and this web site. What you have to realize, is the media owned by the elite, controls what you hear and see in what you think is a free press. It is mostly not what they tell you instead of what you are allowed to hear, but omissions are designed to herd opinion by design. This is what you overlook. Fake news is some the truth with that would not give you a new prospective of those who lead you. This was standard CIA tactics when they wanted to shape the opinion of the people they were planning to suppress. It is by design that free speech is being crushed as it seems immoral to talk about another. If something is wrong in your life and you accept a brainless politician who tries to lead you, it is on you.

Ocasio has no clue of how government works or to partisan with the other side. Did she have a point that the Congressional District representative had nothing in common with the constituents. This was true. Not because he was white, he was privileged and was disconnected from the needs of those he served. This is the Truth. I have told you socialism is a less extreme than communism, but still related. She was a waste of your vote. It is one thing to care about your people, it is another with few skills to get the job done.

As the media continues to promote the browning of America few are listening. Do you really think the elite of this nation wants this nation to be brown? The elite controls the media and their anchors are their spokesmen. In the End Times Americans betrayed by their politicians as to the pole shift will rise up. The illegals’ when starving will work for little to rebuild this world they hope. This is the current plan.

Dec. 8

The media on the most part fails to realize the women were paid off. Trump did not seek them out, they did in an extortion scheme. One sold the story to a tabloid in the interest of profit, but the paper reach out to the Trump campaign with the info for the sole purpose of enhancing its profits. A certain person choose to buy the exclusive and then not publish. This was a legitimate business deal. As for Stormy, her lawyer approached the Trump organization with the intent to extort, but was replaced when real money was to made. This is a crime and should be prosecuted.

The incoming Attorney General needs to send a message that extortion is a crime as they accepted money for their silence. The Trump Organization did not find them as there were many more that Trump hit. You slept with him by your own free will. He is a man. You did not think of his wife as you had another agenda, greed. Private affairs within a marriage are between the man and woman and have no place in the public arena. Jail time and fines to offset the money paid to both woman who have come forward. As for this to have influenced the election, not one of have the ability to predict what would have happened. So the fact of changing the election is not based on fact and not admissible in a court of law. The women were seeking money and the timing was meant to place the maximum power of exploitation. Where they coached on the timing, yes, through many insulated layers leading back to the DNC. This is the side the media will never let you see. As I told look to those who would gain and you have the source of the crime.

In the days of Clinton, he was able to crush the attorneys and the women that came against him without a payoff through threats. He was not prosecuted and the practice of exploiting women by both Bill and Hillary, which continued in the White House, but you know of only one. Bill lied to the nation as he stated, “ I did not have sex with that woman”, while he was in office, opposed to Trump, it was his past. Try it Democrats and you will wish you were never elected.

What you do not consider is partisanship allowed extortion vs. campaign finance rules on a consistent basis. No one in the media talks about how both Houses of Congress paid off women to keep them silent as to not influence races and they used your tax payer money to pay for it. The money used to pay off the women that exposed a consensual sexual encounter was private. As for Congress they used your money to bury abuses and harassments so where is the Me Too movement? I thought so.

Dec 11

Cuomo, tonight I watch you say to America, a statement that presently terrorist are not crossing our border. Are you that naive? Now either you are covertly helping the Border Patrol by allowing terrorist to attempt to cross our Southern border as no one is looking for them or you are that stupid as to listen to the new world order as a Roman Catholic in the End Times. You are aware that I am an agent for the Almighty and I grant no mercy as that is for Him. You posted a quote from 2017 to back events now happening in 2018. Check the video tape and the Border Patrol numbers of terrorists captured along our Southern Border.

Impeachment is a process for high crimes. Paying off an extortionist for private consensual sexual events over a decade ago will not be allowed. A business deal that never went through, need not be disclosed. The point, Cohen was convicted on tax evasion, bottom line. In the General news I did not see the specific charges and the time associated with time broken down, why?

This payoff to the women was a backup plan by an insulated DNC and new world order. Put in place a year before the elections, but executed just weeks before election for president. Has anyone check the cell phone records and stipend payments of the lawyers for Stormy or the model for DNC contacts before the Trump Organization was contacted?

Trump was never supposed to win, but if he did the plan was to remove him under campaign finance laws and Russian collusion, which you see is in place. The goal after the election loss was to capture both Houses, which failed then threaten impeachment with the hope Trump would resign for the good of the Republican Party. All are hoping the earth changes will continue to ramp up where the general public can not monitor. All want Pence as he answers to the new world order at that when he takes over, you as Americans will lose your country to the globalists to a point. This is the current plan.

Border control was not resolved by the Republicans as many feared not being reelected due to the predicted blue wave that never rose to predicted levels, but eroded to mere ripples. Now the push for the wall will intensify as the Democrats continue release only token amounts of funding and Schumer holding fast. The problem is Tijuana showing the fears Trump express is reality in the city and there is no hiding this except lack of media coverage.

What your leaders do not realize is the polls that lie are accepted with distain as few when they speak to each other do not match the results or the pulse of the nation as presented in your media. So social media will continue to have breaches as to suppress chatter.

Pelosi and Chuck do you really think this nation wants millions of poor people to flood this nation, reduce wages in the cities as few want to go to the farms. Overload healthcare as they are treated for free and the cost is passed on to you by higher insurance rates you can’t afford now. Shortage of housing and rents sky rocket due to exploitation and your schools go south and resources are directed to bilingual teachers in the poor neighborhoods. And this is the plan Democrats see as best for America. Continue to vote for change like Ocasio who has no clue about government and would hide and cry when disaster comes. Ocasio when you are told a week after being sworn in exactly how will you alert your constituents in the Bronx and Queens? You won’t. Try it and you will be killed.

The social costs of illegal immigration is into the billions for every 100,000 and sales tax does not count. High school diplomas or less do not earn enough for income tax to be applied. They do not speak the language and now our only recourse is spent to include a second language. What is enough? The more that cross the border illegally and get accepted the more that comes. Have you considered this? Just how long Democrats before your base turns as their needs are ignored for an added vote? There is a vast difference between those that over stay their visas and those that force their way across the border.

Compare the welfare rate of illegal border crossings and those over staying visas. Poor people pay no income taxes as they do not give positive net contribution to this nation. Yes their second generation for the most part will contribute, but you take care of home first. Health care is about controlling the wages of doctors, the cost to educate them and the excess profits of the Pharmaceutical industry, but you won’t go there. Schumer do you really want to walk down this path.

Your duty is to protect America. This is not the late 19th or early 20th century as our needs have changed, but you reminisce at the Statue of Liberty as all are welcome at your taxpayer expense. You are dinosaurs and need to be removed.

The current plan of the Trump Administration is to expose the Democrats for what they are. Short term decisions and policy based on rigged polls and a media run by the elite. The goal is more debt and an immigration system raising real estate, rents, taxes and medical expenses thus reducing disposal income is the plan, but you do not see this. I ask, with all the homeless people on the streets and the many that can not afford health insurance or have poor schools, your plan is to save the poor of the world. Great idea as you, Americans pay for their ineptness. What happen to taking care of home first, especially when our 20 trillion dollar debt states we are broke. And you call these leaders?

To govern this country where all benefit needs a politician that does the right thing even though it may be unpopular at the time. Your job is to represent the best interests of this nation, not skirt the hard decisions to get reelected. Where are your balls? I know where mine are.

A system of voting for a person who has the gift of gab and lies presenting opportunity for those who contribute. Obama bribed Hillary with the position of Secretary of State to unify the Democratic Party as they crushed McCain 08‘. This is a fact to secure her support especially after it was Hillary that started Obama was not born in America. Check it. Did you cover that? This is your system.

As the Mueller investigation proceeds we have convictions on all crimes other that what he went after, Russian collusion. Again, where was the break down of the counts and the time associated with the crimes that convicted Cohen? He was brought down on theft and tax invasion and reduction was dependent on revealing how the Trump Organization operates. Be careful as person #1 may not be Trump.

Cohen stated he did dirty deeds, yes by his choice to hide sexual encounters by women of prey. It is one thing to abuse or be assaulted as in Congress and pay hush money at taxpayer expense and another to pay off an extortionist, which is a felony. Campaign finance rules only control donations not personal money and speculation on what if may affect an election again is still speculation, not fact.

Now we hear campaign donations to the Trump Inaugural event is being investigated for influence peddling, really. All donations to your politicians are a legal form of a bribery for a government position or a favor that would help their agenda. Few major donors contributes without seeking a return. Ambassadorships when administrations change are given to the highest donors, check it. Just look at the Clinton Foundation, which took in billions under the guise of charity with connections made when Hillary was Secretary of State. What so funny is that few connected the dots when donations dried up immediately after she lost the election. This was influence peddling. You the public are so naive.

The Democratic Party and Schumer have made much about the 7 year old who died in the custody of border patrol agents. Was it not revealed that the father said the girl was in good health when interviewed? He lied. He was not dehydrated, but his daughter was, as preliminary reports showed she hade no food or water for days when examined after collapsing, why was that? The father abused his daughter as death was eminent, but you want an investigation at taxpayer expense pointing the finger of blame at the Border Patrol without an autopsy.

Dec. 17 1am EST

As for the Congress stripping the Saudis of support in the war in Yemen allowed by UN articles, many nations make up that coalition. The Arab Spring movement replaced Yemen’s leader, but support waned and its former leader drove its leader into exile. The West step in to shore up leadership and it is destroying the people. You have Russia, Iran and even Germany supplying weapons against the coalition. This tragedy was created by a war backed by the West. Khashoggi is an excuse to stop funding as the Saudis and many other Arab nations along with the UK and the former Blackwater corporation are in there. All is not what it seems.

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