Political Snap Shot


Written Dec. 18 8pm EST

Update Dec. 21 12:15am EST


   On the Global front in the UK as May faces resistance from within her own party, but an old player is injected, new world order Tony Blair. The new world order has no intention of letting the UK go through with the will of the people, Brexit. May is presenting a plan to the EU that will not be accepted as she has been told over and over again. The point is for her to appear to stand up for the voters, but she knows this is a front as not to divide the country. It will come to where all in Parliament see an impasse with the EU. The point, force a second referendum vote where Brexit decision sealed by the voters of the UK will be reversed. This is the plan of the new world order as this time votes from outside of the cities will be culled.

   May cares nothing about the plight of your nation as does the Queen as only the wretched Australia will give her safe harbor when the earth changes explode or as she thinks. Most of Australia will be affected by tectonic plate movement and any land that rides above the waves will implode subterranean bases and the surface washed over by ocean waves. Little life will survive and the new elderly over 40 will be discarded no matter who they are.

   As Brexit is reversed or delayed, the UK feel the constriction of the EU that controls their nation. What will be shortly, is a dictatorship where there is one world order. May is playing a game with the people of the UK backing Brexit, but doing her best as she lets it fail. Then by design offering the only solution reinstatement back into the EU. This is the plan the new world order backs and May their pawn must push it through.

   Brussels has erupted as the population wants their country back. Is this a lesson for the America, yes. As policies put in place have consequences. It did not work in the EU. It will not work here. They want to curb illegal immigration as a low wage worker enhances the position of the rich and in turn, burdens the general public with debt as they think they are offering supported for the poor thus increasing debt by design. Have they assimilated? No they are being used to divide, but you do not see this. Quick update as one of Belgiumís leaders has resigned over immigration.

   So you have the Russians allegedly spreading disinformation through our social media outlets, really? Exactly what did they hope to gain on a platform such as Google and Facebook? Social media is frequented by the young under 40 and the algorithms are designed by the corporations here to lead people to the ads. This was not designed by the Russians, but had collusion from our tech companies who granted access by design. The young do listen to weird views on media, but they follow trends and the Russians did not have that. This latest attempt to spread fake news is pathetic. Did not your own media state they spent 300 thousand and now 150 million were influenced. You are lying.


   As for the Trump Foundation being dissolved, members of the Trump family did abuse for their own personal gain and like other non profits, a small percentage of the proceeds were used to help others. There was no excuse to validate what was going on in the foundation and closing it was a slap on the wrist. Fines should return all funds misused and yes the charity should have been shut down, end of story.

   Google and Amazon are planning on moving vast resources to New York City. You ask if we are in the End Times and New York will be flooded first, then suffer earthquakes, why the move? As the New York and other Eastern cities face a rise in sea level and rogue tsunamis, the general public will not question the narrative as if there was a known issue the Corporations would know. They do and it is about keeping the coastal populations in place until most are eliminated in a disaster. This is the plan. All will be destroyed so use it to deceive. Those in Amazon and Google are looking forward to life after the pole shift and a general population that has expired at the hands of God. This is where they will point the finger in error.

   In Hollywood, people like Harvey still think they are invincible. In revealing the names of certain consensual encounters to embarrass women who rose as actresses is now by design. Will they sue, probably not, but denial in the media is their only out. Are their more to follow? Maybe, as a message is being sent to Me Too. Keep it up and many of your women icons will be exposed as opportunist hoís.


   Today Trump surprised the Pentagon, that we are withdrawing from Syria. CNN and other media outlets along with key Senators of both parties stated, the move is premature. No attempt has been  made to remove Assad, as he works with and is aligned with Russia and the Chinese. Has the threat of Isis been reduced, yes. Is there ant guarantee they will not return, no. But if Assad is in power, it is his and the Russians debacle to deal with. The problem with you politicians is you have no clue. No occupying military force has ever changed the will of the people. Trump has decided with the earth changes about to lay waste to the Middle East, to cut his losses and move on. You have been told we are in the End Days and war in Syria was key to starting a global nuclear conflict plan by the new world order with most politicians on board for controlled strike and the elimination of useless eaters.

   Withdrawing delays this, to the ire of the media, new order Senators, which were the spokesmen in the media tonight and the global elite. They speak of our interest in Syria, really they have no oil. They say the Russians need a new port, they took care of that when they annexed Crimea and you did nothing. We withdraw and Iran and Isis must face the Russians and Chinese and they pay the bill. The welfare payments to Assad has got to be stopped, but you do not see the grand picture.

  Syria is a hell hole of refugees offering no strategic advantages to our nation. We need to let go, like a stock going south. The push back is by military complex corporations as the gravy train ends. That is the bottom line, not freedom for the Syrian people or the elimination of Isis. It is about crushing the enemy, but allow a remaining threat. The money is not in the car, but it spare parts that must continuously be replaced.

   Some in Government are speaking as if they know how Jesus would react to the many challenges today. Yes we must help the poor, but in their country where a dollar would do the most good is the best option. Those skirting the immigration process is stealing as they are seeking riches. You those who left, did you protect your homeland , no you ran leaving those at home to die. No matter what you face you never abandon those in need. You did that. What you are doing is dividing this country and will lead to racial war, as planned by the elite. Poor people that get bused and fed. Really as if the Mexicans have the money when they are dirt poor an many cases. Few question where the money comes from and again look to who this benefits as to the source.

   The Almighty, Jesus and Mary sometimes has one dormant spokeswoman, Maria Divine Mercy and myself. Along with five other prophets for the end times to guide all. No man other than what is said here was authorized to speak for Jesus and the Almighty. End it now or pay a severe price for tainting souls. It is your choice.

   Fix our homeless problem. Fix our health care systems and prescription drug prices. Control rent that is out of control and help those who immigrate properly according to our laws. I and the Almighty asks why are you promoting illegal immigration? As leaders you do not take on the challenge, but pass it to the taxpayers.


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