Political Snap Shot



Written Dec. 18 3 pm EST


   So today we concentrate of the media that is guided by the left, but wants to appear as fair. I have singled out Cuomo, not that he is the most unfair on CNN, but the opposite. When you say Trump is a threat to democracy, how is that so? Removing our troops from theatres of useless wars that indebt us, and do little to preserve our freedom. News flash we are energy independent, and do not need countries for oil that send terrorists. We do not need NATO, unless all pay a fair share. We donot need the UN, when we subsidize their budget and in turn undermine us. We do not need China as a trading partner if 600 billion flows to them, and use investments take over real estate, steal intellectual property and companies in America, but you call it investment. We do not need a flow of illegals that crushes health care, lower wages, stress school systems, and inflate rents for our own and in turn, take valuable resources from our own poor. Take care of your own first.

   The FISA warrants were illegal and entrapped some Trump officials. This was by design and a foundation of your present narrative for years. Now you are offered an apology. We hear of Greta, she is not relevant on climate change. She is a child leading children and Time gives her person of the year. You are idiots to elevate her status. Nibiru is the cause of climate change, but they will not reveal the truth.

   We heard you on Cuomo, some have problems with Pelosi praying for Trump. Pelosi is new world order and answers to the dark one. As one of many Godís representatives on earth, her prayers do nor reach Heaven, as they go south. This can change, and she knows this. She is playing you for a fool, and this comes from the Almighty.

   All of you keep stating Trump when asking the Ukraine for dirt on the Bidenís son and him created an impeachable offense. His words were, ď Do me a favorĒ. So not one of you specifically address, what Trump was asking for. It was not for the Ukraine government to start an investigation on the Bidens, as that would be held up for years, past our 2020 election. It was to reopen a case of why at the hands of Joe Biden, a corrupt corruption like the past government of Ukraine that stole over 40 billion dollars, of which little was recovered, would be given more money. Now Ukraine and Russia are enemies, but the corrupt pass Ukraine president and CEO of Burisma fled to Russia for safe haven. The Ukraine has taken a neutral stance, and refuses to take sides on an unknown winner. If they admitted Hunter was placed to deflect an investigation, it would have been the truth. They stayed quiet. If Trump wins in 2020, they are screwed. So they will reveal the truth after the fact, as the Democrats, as the losers they are, have no hand to play. Yet none of you raise an eyebrow.

   Trump had the right to ask Ukraine to reopen, but they did not. They did not foresee Trump winning the 2016 election. When the leadership in Ukraine was removed, due to corruption, well connected leaders were put in place. First to continue the status quo, but give the illusion of change and prosecution. The leaders are in exile. They, in the Ukraine are hedging their bets, Trump may be removed by the Congressional impeachment process or votes in November. So they offered nothing on the Bidens. The aid was released. You say, it was the information dropped by a second hand source, the whistle blower, that caused Trump to release the aid, as if you can read his mind. You can ask, exactly what could Ukraine offer Trump, only that Bidenís son was put on a board to stop a corruption investigation, which is true. Ukraine postured as the aid was needed, worthless to stop the Russians no matter what weapons they have, but they all get rich by stealing. This is the truth.

   So current polls show, a precipitous drop among Democrats from the nineties to the seventies for impeachment. What is behind this? Just as the polls in the UK showed a narrow lead closing by the Labor Party just before voting. I ask how can you have a landside, when polls showed labor closing in on Boris? They lie, just like the polls on Hillary. The polls were false, and Johnson won. This will same landslide, that will occur in the US. Remember, the doctored polls assured Hillary the win.. Currently, the Almighty will now allow the 2020 election to happen, but little time after, prayers needed to counter extended the timeline. It is measured in months. Most on earth will know.

   You in the media, keep talking about how Trumpís alleged crime is worse than Nixon and Clinton. Nixon executed a break in to obtain inside knowledge of the Democrats. This is a crime. Clinton lied under oath that he did not get a blow job in the oval office, one of many. And Trump asks, do me a favor to look into what Hunter was doing? The Almighty arranged to put Trump in to counter the new world order. Please remove him, and your world will destroyed earlier. It is your choice. Like Moses, I do not bluff. You do not rule this world, satan does until Jesus comes. I repeat, I can help you as a representative of Jesus, if you refuse to listen. God help our soul.


Update Dec. 18 7:45 pm EST


   The hearings today only allows a glimpse of the truth. Carefully scripted on both sides, but the Republicans handcuffed, only referred to Bidenís son and corruption rarely. Many on the Democratic side, state, Trump wanted to the Ukraine to invent corruption on the request, ďdo me a favorď. Again, this is hearsay. Nothing came from the Ukraine. What is important, is that the delay that Trump was responsible for, was within the time frame set by Congress. The requirement for the funds to be dispersed was meet. Check it. So if the period of funds to be released, is delayed for a start date, but before the end date, your impeachment is null and void. Again Trump was seeking corruption on Bidenís son and Burisma. Which was in place, and impeded by Joe Biden. These are facts. Do you really think the American public, is that stupid to listen the same talking points? You can not impeach on what you think may happen. Trump did not endanger our National Security, they are a liability, but letting the Russians annex Crimea is. That is on Obama.400 million sent into a corrupt hole, and this is our foreign policy. Ukraine can not defend us or will stop the Russians. They are wasting your money, as kickbacks are provided by no show jobs like that which Hunter once held.

   I have warned you Schiff, if you proceed. All know, your Democrats must follow the narrative or pay a political price. I told you, to let them vote their conscience, but you did not listen. In the eyes of the Almighty, you and many others, sides with the new world order, led by satan himself. So be it.


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