Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 18 11:59 pm EST


   The Democratic Party has approved South Carolina to be the first primary in the nation. Few question why? The reason, first and foremost is the secure the loyal Black vote that never changes, as they vote for a brand not a candidate. This will propel the media darling of the Democrats eliminating people like Warren, Sanders and future new comers like AOC. Outsiders will not be a threat anymore. They are stacking the deck, where Iowa and New Hampshire has given a chance to a new comer that can challenge the status quo. Your Democratic leaders have put in position, a first primary that backs the party leaders no matter your vote in most of the latter primaries and caucuses, as the field shrinks rapidly. Is this what you want as voters, a field of one or a few chosen by insider party leaders. You need to speak up.

   The Almighty is disgusted with humanity’s current path regarding same sex marriage. His unyielding and almost limitless patience is wearing thin. This is a Sacrament of God and you apply your feelings and rules influenced by the dark satan to justify a union forbidden in the Bible. The dark one aka the antichrist, now walking upon your earth and is pushing this idea into your minds, as it does not come from God. It is a sin, no matter how you spin it. In nature, two of the same species mating is an abomination with animals and you think Humans made in the image of God is promoted in Heaven or Earth as acceptable. God told you to love one another like yourself, not mate out of same sex lust. Yes, the Almighty told you of these times and told satan do with them as you please. From my vantage point, most of you are drinking the kool-aid and you are listening to the whispers in your minds from disciples of the dark one, oh those voices in your head.

   It is your choice to get a civil union ceremony in the eyes of man and your governments. This is free will. But, it is not a marriage, again a Sacred Sacrament of the Almighty. Know the difference. How you dare to defile this? Why did your government link interracial marriages with this? A man and a woman of any race can be married in the eyes of God. Only you in your prejudices do you need to have a law to uphold this union. This was a true subtle racist move and few of you saw the agenda behind this, pathetic.

   This action breaks 2 Commandments and if you break one, you might as well break them all. Again when the time comes and it is almost here, the Chastisements, a punishment all on earth will feel. You can look to this set of events, as one of your gravest actions against the Creator, God the Father Almighty. All on earth are children of God and respected in the eyes of one another. It is true, all love comes from Him. Procreation and its pleasures is a gift from God, not two of the same involved in a ritual of lust that yields no fruit, a child. Heed this, the application of the word love can be great or tainted, it is your choice.

   The scientific community has recently revealed a break through in fusion technology. Really as if they can master the energy technology the Sun creates by pressure and mass? Your scientist have only solved a small piece of the puzzle related to a sustained fusion reaction. First and most important is compression of mass. This you learned when you created a hydrogen bomb. Second was extreme temperatures. You can not create a fusion process by heat alone and your scientists know this.

   In this test was there excess energy produced? They can lie, as the power in to power out was never revealed. You ask why? It was incremental or less than .05% as instruments to measure a fusion energy reaction are crude with a large margin of error, but they will not tell you, as that and destroy your hope. The key here is that the reaction once initiated, can not be controlled on a commercial level to create energy. Extreme gravitational flows within the mass of stars control the fusion process and the outward flow of energy. Yes it is about a ratio of hydrogen to inert dampeners with in the core of a star that controls the fusion process within a star, but you have yet to discover this. The problem is what is the proper ratio? An anomaly or ratio discrepancy yields nothing or a bomb with a small room to get it right and it is a one time event. You ask why?

   You donot have the technology to maintain compression once the fusion reaction occurs nor is it used by other off world advanced races. It is this format that would sustain a long term reaction. What about cosmic and gamma rays as a by-product of the process. What about siphoning the heat? Did you really think this so called “elegant” solution through? Your time line to a proto type is off. The size of the fusion reactors places it where few in the population wants. Exactly what will dampen the fusion factor? A mistake or a terrorist attack releasing an uncontrolled fusion process enhancing the release of energy from a mass would lead to a hydrogen type bomb explosion, frying millions.

   So do we go back to basics like solar, which only works with direct sunlight or when the power output is greatly reduced, like night. A volcanic eruption or an asteroid hit, or just snow it is almost useless. Wind farms are ineffectual if a tsunami hits or the distribution grid goes down. Is there a simple solution that is portable, self contained and can be distributed locally without depending upon an established infrastructure? It would be an almost perpetual motion generator driven by natural gravity, an almost unlimited source. So how will it work without compromising the most important secrets?

   The key here is to throw out your current gravitational formulas, as they would not work outside of this solar system. Those who want to start over and learn need only to apply. I explained that gravity is a natural sub atomic particle flow that enters and exit’s the core all masses. The greater the mass and molecular concentration, the greater the attractive flow. The key here is that the gravity sub atomic particles on a natural float return to a mass, and applies a force through any particle or mass as it return’s to a core of the dominant mass within the spatial area. Those on the surface of a mass experience a force of weight towards the core. At a significant distance from a controlling mass, the result of a gravity particle flow is diffused as the pass through of gravitational sub atomic particles comes through many angles and the field is some what uniform leading to a net force applied to a mass that approaches neutral or what you call zero. In outer space this would be your weightlessness. With this basic blue print, how can mankind harness the power of gravity?

   The key is to use of the natural gravitational sub atomic particle flow already present on Earth. Gravitational sub atomic particles naturally flow towards the Earth’s core and it is here we can take advantage that process. Just like light sub atomic particles can bend or be focus, a magnetic sub atomic particle flow and the resultant field be intensified, so can gravitational sub atomic particles be compressed, directed and focused due to subatomic particle crowding. If you were to isolate a gravitational sub atomic particle flow, control would focus on a selected incoming flow in the form a random vertical column flowing towards the earth‘s core.

   First, establish the radius of containment of the column to be affected by sub atomic particle compression. The column has to be affected in vertical slices as the width of these slices theoretically approaches zero. Same approach you use in your limit theories with Calculus. Each slice compress the radius at an ever increasing force until a maintained point of an established equilibrium. All of this above the generators set up in pairs of 2 or a unit of 4 where the center drive plates all converge that provide spin to the shafts of the generators. So a concentrated stream of gravitational sub atomic particles hit the plates as they apply an amplified force to a optimal point on a plate that invokes rotational spin on a generator shaft. The side effect is the absence of gravitational particles flowing down except within the column, as all are contained within the concentrated stream. So how does this affect the generators within the affected column? They in a state of weightlessness and the generator and drive mechanisms are almost frictionless with gravitational subatomic particles directed to round them instead of through them. Gravity that would naturally apply a force to the generators are now concentrated in a central stream.

   We all know if the gravitational particles are compressed, it creates a void attracting those on the outside of the column to fill the void. Sorry just a few know this. This is true, but direction of the flow of force is parallel to the column slices entering in at all angles with a net force of zero 90 degrees to the incoming gravitational sub atomic particle stream. The gravitational particles overshoot the void created before the resuming their current curved path towards the earth’s core. Once started, the modified gravitational field surrounding the generators remains in a frictionless environment. Perpetual power created without heat or any energy source now present on earth. This is the break through energy solution for earth. Cheap, deliverable to the masses, green and freedom from the elite. Do not drink the kool-aid. It is your choice. Cry out to the Almighty and we will make it happen. You ask, who is we? We are the warriors of God placed on earth and above before the return of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to cleanse all evil, all.

   Now I know what you are thinking, our black project engineers will solve this given insight, really in the time line you now have. What are side projects that this will create? Levitation of heavy objects revolutionizing the transportation industry. Static gravitational force fields and gravitational particle beam technology well beyond your current military systems, but can only be used for good. The Almighty will eliminate any person that will try and use this in a negative way. Again you can continue your same path or change, before…..


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