Political Snap Shot





Written Dec. 20 1am EST


   The Electoral College has spoken with their vote. Trump has won. The Clintonís have no to little power to influence this world, but this has not sunk in yet with Bill. The recount under the proxy of Stein failed as was told here in advance. There was an effort, put forth by the elite still hoping their candidate would control the U.S. backed by the media under their control as if a chance, defectors in the Electoral College would switch to Hillary as Kasich said no, would surface. Look at who controls the stock of the media corporations? This is why you have a bias media. Events are not what they seem to be. The electoral voters valued their safety and voted as required by their States, if not riots would have filled the streets of America with a blatant stolen election.

   You were told the Hillary campaign introduced the Russian connection to discredit Trump. And it was Trump that suggested voter tampering as he knew of the DNC moles at polling places ready to flip the vote, but this was countered by US patriots. The same that crushed Hillaryís plan to replace the real vote totals with a substitute. Where a few was caught, no one was watching a hundred plus scattered among polling places that can accomplish their task? This did not happen except in Detroit on a detectable level. You were told this in advance. So why is Hillary still pushing the Russian narrative?

   Hillary as a loser is still arrogant and wants to control the future of the Democratic Party under her wing. This is all she has left, but it is the appearance to control that again shifts funds to the Clinton Foundation. Without influence there are no funds. This is the bottom line. Her donors are furious and many would rather sever ties with the Clintons and choose another that may raise the Democratic Party out of the abyss. This will not happen. It is all about the money. Any excuse is better than an inept candidate and the DNC out of touch with White American Middle Class citizens as they donít care if the Democrats hold most Black and Latino voters as they are a drain on the deficit due to entitlements to the economy. 2018 is coming and the cupboard will be bare for campaign financing. This is what they are afraid of. This is the Truth.

   Podesta lied on Meet the Press as all could see his body language. Mr. Todd asked the right questions and he sweated and dodged, but fought to get out a coherent thought. Podesta talked about how would Trump handle the dangerous situations around the world? We have problems in the Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the rise of Isis in Iraq and the Russian intervention in Syria. Yes these are problems, but realize they are only problems that the Democratic Administration allowed to happen under their watch. Now you put forth Trump is not qualified to solve problems you created? Again, this is a joke.

   Gates summed it up perfectly; being friendly in the eyes of the press does not mean you are friends. It is a game of respect in public, but when crossed behind the scenes you take them out of their position of power quietly. This is what makes a leader.

   Obama said there was a red line in Syria, retreated drew another line and so on. I call this a wet paper tiger. This is why you have Aleppo and EU migrations in the millions. Look at that city and this is your world solution? After the Warning, it will be us, the Army of God against all others who align with the antichrist. There is no middle of the road. You will the elite or any others looking to rise by earthly means shall have no power or influence in the Army of God, sad day for those who will carry it out. They will be swept from the earth. This is a promise.


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