Political Snap Shot



Written Dec. 21 5:25 pm EST


   As the Thursday night debate started, we heard the Middle Class is under performing. This is true, but current polls say many are upbeat. This has been their plight for White America since the millennial, but has affected minorities since the early seventies. We hear that it is up to corporations, to raise the living wage, when your policy is to flood the labor market with illegals that work for a fraction without healthcare. It is the Middle Class that pays to compensate hospitals for those who receive emergency care without paying. You talk about fair housing, but demand for a limited resource raise rents for our own in the crowded cities. Illegals commonly live 20 plus to a home or apartment to share inflated rents, can you as a family of four? Yes corporations have exploited the poor and middle class, this is nothing new. Again in place during the days of Carter, Reagan, PAPA Bush, Clinton, W, and Obama. Nothing has changed.

   The elite and banks are prepared to face a Bernie or Warren. They are no fools. So their current plan is a massive transfer of wealth to compensate corporations for the coming tax increases they are dictating. Under Trump in a pro business environment, a stock market bubble has been built by the Feds credit policy, just in case he loses. The elite will short (for the common man you make money as the stock declines*) the market to the tune of trillions citing reduced corporate profits under the guise of wealth redistribution. The Democrats will be seen as fools, propelling the Middle Class and poor into what seems a depression. The taxes will be applied, but as a double whammy, they write off their losses. 401s crushed in a great transfer of wealth. A tax on the wealthy, there is a difference between income that can be suppressed for years through investments and total net worth, which can also be doctored by buying failing companies. These are your tax laws, but I guess you failed to close the loop holes. You will get nothing. Your leaders, again are fools, if they win.

   Climate change will be exposed, as the fraud it is. Volcanic explosions wiping out towns and cities. Tidal waves washing over low lying islands and coastal cities to start. Earthquakes occurring where they should not be. Wild auroras in the mid latitude skies and streaking green meteorites now common as the sun rises. Your best scientific explanations, oh you listen to Greta, now what?

 . So in your so called wisdom for the green new deal, which I guess is muzzled like the squad, do you really think the Middle East, will shut down fossil fuels? You are idiots. This is there major source of income. What about India and China with their fossil fuel plants? Their air is already toxic, as they care not for their own, and you think, they will listen to you? They are saying, you can play the fool, as they prep for the pole shift, while you continue to lie, and will be exposed.

   You spoke about the purge of voter rolls. It is about preventing fraud and not voter suppression. News flash you can register online in most states, if you have legitimate identification, and are a citizen, but you do not state this.

   I heard a few say, they would isolate China, if they crush an innocent population like Tiananmen Square. Millions disappeared (body parts for sale) and others chose indoctrination. You will do nothing, as so many corporation manufacture their products there. That move is like a paper tiger, as it would crush certain aspects of this economy. Do not state a change, if you do not have the balls to deliver, women included.

   Freedom of the press is not being attacked by the present Administration. It is the narrative fed by the deep state that owns the media, and directs, what news is allowed to be heard in America. You were all told Hillary would be the first woman elected president backed by the polls. You allow others to shape, what you believe, and that continues today. Legal immigrants built this country and for that, we are grateful, and have blended. If they had diseases, they were not admitted. In that time, there was almost unlimited land for housing and jobs. This is not the case today. Times change Democrats, I mean dinosaurs. You were told, they do the jobs no one will. This is true, because they do not pay a fair American wage for those jobs. The influx of illegals that pay no income or property taxes, gladly will take a 2 dollar an hour job in the hot sun, when that is sometimes ten times what they make at home. They are under cutting the American worker as a fair wage would draw workers or the company would go bankrupt.

   The Democratic Party, you were told, that is true, is the party of Jim Crow before the Civil Rights Act. President Johnson forced this change. They just altered their façade since the sixties. If we can not continue to keep those second class citizens under, we can offer programs of hope. We can get paid operating the so called non profits backed by government funds, and the programs hold minorities in check as welfare, poor start up educational programs, busing programs, schools, job programs that lead no where. Infrastructure not improved in poor neighborhoods, so that the silent killer, lead, affects millions decades later. Those behind it, will be dead when it surfaces. Fast food in every neighborhood as their children become obese. We hear them say babies are being ripped from the arms of mothers seeking safety as a refugee at our border, no, babies are being ripped from mother’s wombs in Democratic backed, sometimes taxpayer funded abortion clinics. Anyone presently who attempts to change the system, is a racist.

   The spots on the racist leopard from the sixties has not changed, it has morphed, and most of you do not see it. You see leeches, aka allies as friends until the money stops. You see Russia as a friend to the Administration, but the Administration is blocking a Russian gas pipeline to Germany, as the EU becomes more dependent with sanctions on Germany and Russia being considered. But you see them as friends (Trump and Putin), when both sides are quietly preparing for war.

   You say comments on the Kurds, but they chose an outcome different than what was presented, but are under a gag order in exchange for weapons. Their homeland is under a threat from NATO ally Turkey, but they agreed to fight ISIS under the guidance of the Americans. Central Command in the Middle East used them to remove thousands of insurgents with minimal loss of American life. This was the goal. What was key, they were not offered weapons that could turn the balance of power between them, the Kurds and the Turks. The mission ended and there were no promises. So we are to go to war against a NATO ally? Spin, there is none. You are seen for the fools you are.

   Turkey gives up the F-35 program for a Russian missile system to defend them against who? Turkey is NATO, whose prime threat is Russia, and the missiles will shoot down what? The Russians have a failsafe system built in, so it is not them. No, the media focuses on the abandonment of a strategic partner, the true threat is Israel and a resultant US response, but your minds refuse to believe this. Turkey will close those US bases, halting a rapid nuclear response, the goal of the Russians, then what? Diplomacy only works, if the other side is unwilling to pull the trigger. The pole shift will give them that opportunity. Time is far shorter than you perceive. Your clue is, that there is 1 year of cataclysms, and the last 40 days is when satan rules, then three days of darkness before the Second coming of Christ. All that is evil not taken from this world, will die on the old earth in less than a hundred of your years, as for your women, they will be barren or birth the spawn of satan as a horribly deformed child. This is a promise.

   I will warn the Democrats of the deep division coming. You speak of being inclusive, but Republican are spat upon, and you really think they are going to give up their health care in order to support those who skirted the system by using babies and those looking for wealth redistribution? Democrats will ask, how long before you treat us the same way?

   The rich have lawyers, tax havens or can just leave. The Middle Class will foot your bill, higher consumer prices and taxes, and this is why, you have a disconnect. No one believes your promises, of who is going to pay. It did not happen in the past. It does not happen in the present. And, most definitely will not happen in the future, no matter what laws you pass. There is already a plan in place by the elites, if there is a Democratic win, even though they want Trump removed. I heard Warren state she is not about courting the billionaires, but she use to. Just ask why does all the tech giants support Democrats? Judge them by their actions, not their talk. Oh the counter point Republicans are now backing big tech, really, where is the support? Oh, our eyes lies.

   The next time a Democratic leader tells you how much an illegal family, will offer America, do the math. They earn 3 to 6 dollars an hour off the books. They pay no income tax, if so, they are guilty of identity theft. You pay their health care, your auto insurance and rents go up. Then what about the children in the school systems? This is a net loss, as the jobs they do, does not offset the cost of public funds that support them.

   Charity starts at home. Why don’t you start in Chicago and Baltimore, but you won‘t. This is the lie, they expect you to vote for. It is not about being against the browns, it is about being against illegals, no matter their race, creed or color. A white illegal is no different than a brown illegal. There is just less of them. Francis can talk as an influx sparks division, which is the work of satan. If not, then let them come to Rome, and sell some of those treasures you have to support them. This is what, you do not get.

   You are told, you are being set up for one of the greatest transfer of wealth from your 401s to the accounts of the elite. Taxes on corporations will be passed on to you, in the form of inflation outstripping your wage growth, and the illegals competing for jobs, just will not help. The Fed will respond by raising interest rates and credit for expansion dries up, creating a recession or depression. Changes in Healthcare will force rural doctors out of business. Healthcare companies will downsize to elevate their falling stock prices. The elite are ready to transfer assets based on the election, but you cannot. Whiney Warren is seen as weak and millions will lose their jobs, her plans that will not be enforced by the Democratic party. Pete will never carry the Black vote as trhe idea of a first man does not resonates in Black churches no matter how the media spins it, Joe will fall to corruption, who is left that can beat Trump, and it is not Bernie, Warren‘s male clone.

   Invest in your minorities, when they reach parity with effort, then offer help to legal immigrants and DACA recipients. Chain migration for anchor babies (DACA) will not be allowed. Financial compensation to families that had their children separated at the border, really? Are you that stupid? Many were being smuggled as slaves, separation was put in place to protect the children. The others were used to gain access to this country, and your answer, lets pay them for their pain and suffering on an illegal trek by choice based on greed? Yes greed, Costa Rica and Panama are safe, but lets not go there. Even Mexico was an option. If you want to give illegals a new option, then lower requirements to enter this country, and increase the quotas in Congress, but you won’t.

   I have heard the most dangerous president ever. Wilson sold out American with the Federal Reserve, transferring of hundreds of trillions dollars to the deep state and your focus is a phone call. National Security, a joke, as they could not stop the annexation of Crimea and never did the Democrats. Bush invented WMD to support a war were thousands died and trillions wasted. The goal was to find Bin Laden in Afghanistan, we did, but we are still there. Pay for NATO as they cannot protect us. Pay for the UN as they condemn us around the world. Support trade imbalances, as the money you call investments is a takeover of our companies and properties. This under you Democrats, has got to change.

   I speak again to the Democrats, same sex civil unions is your choice, but marriage is a Sacrament of God the Father Almighty, and you wonder why your world will be purified by fire. Know the difference.

   So what about the Op Ed in the Christianity Today written by Mark Gulli invoking the name Billy Graham? The comments on Trump is the same deep state talking points of the paid and compromised media. Franklin rebuked the comments. Trump has his problems, but he is pro life, pro marriage between a man & a woman, and takes his orders from and believes in God the Father Almighty. Mark are you offering the alternative, Democrats, turncoat?

   We have heard ambassadorships are offered to the highest campaign donors. This is true, and has been in place for the past century. Nothing new to see here check it, Obama, W, Clinton, and papa Bush did it. Just know Warren and Steyer used the system to elevate themselves above you. Warren was worse, by posing as a minority. They made it, and now they are the best to offer you a solution? Beware.

 Pelosi delaying the articles of impeachment to the Senate, is by design. Currently the Senate may call only witnesses that will favor the president, and this is what she fears. Did you and your parrots just state, he is a clear and present danger, and should be removed immediately? Yes, but we now know, that was a political talking point by your own admission. Those, they want to testify, will only reveal opinion, but not what is on record. We have the transcript. What Trump wanted answers to, was why the investigation was dropped on Burisma enveloped in corruption. When Hunter joined the board and Joe intervened with the removal of a prosecutor and shut it down. The owner of Burisma fled to Russia for safety with the former corrupt president. Why if the current president of Ukraine felt no pressure, where do those opinions come from, if not him? Do you really want the American public to have this questioned by a Senate trial?

   She hopes public opinion will temper, and move closer to the Democratic Party, as the poll bump dissipates. She is posturing. As introducing articles of impeachment to the US Senate does not mean the president is impeached. That is up to a trial in the Senate, which is not in place, few know this. What about Clyburn and his hanging Trump statement, was it a gaffe? Keep it up Pelosi, as your state will suffer greatly, and this is on you.

   Be careful with those doctored polls, as you were told they hand pick the most favorable samples* and show popular vote. Democrats are down in all battle ground states, this may show a Trump Electoral College landside. Debates, I would skip them, as it is true issues that divide this nation, that will never be addressed. I say this again to the poor in this nation, you want healthcare, housing, free education cross the southern border and come back as an illegal. You will fare better. Democrats the party of social benefits do not take care of their own first. Cummings in the house for over 2 decades, and did little to improve the lives of his own district.

*  Samples are a set number of calls made, to capture the opinion of voters designed to mimic the future voting patterns of this nation. The variation is random and can move either way, but dependant upon the client, the most favorable polls are presented of the many samples, not an average of all. This is business and the error allows deniability. This is what happened to Hillary.

*  How can you make money when a stock goes down? You are told to hold your stock and average down with new purchases and this does work if you have the funds. What the elite does on the NY Stock Exchange, is to borrow your stock, sell it and then replace it in your portfolio when prices near the bottom.

*  Example: Boeing is selling at a hypothetical price at 100 dollars per share. The elites borrows 1 million shares from Fidelity. As the price begins to fall by design they sell into strength. Average price of the sale 1 million is at 97.00 dollars. The revenue of the short sale is 97 million. As the market collapses panic drives losses on the NYSE down 40 % the sucker shorts cover, public buys and they short again into strength. The market bottoms and they buy stock at 35.00 and replace the millions shares back into your account. 97 million gathered by a short sale and 35 million spent to repurchase the stock. Guess who keeps the difference between 97 minus 35 million? And you think the stock market offers opportunity for the Middle Class. The are leeches that bleed the cash cow dry and you do not see it.


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