Political Snap Shot

The BS about the Electoral College




Written Dec. 21 1am EST


   The Electoral College was put in place to protect all in this nation. The states are given the proportional share to there population. This is a fact. This is a safety factor put in place by the founding fathers to prevent politicians like Podesta and Hillary from hijacking your freedom, but you donít see this as all in this nation are represented. The states have their proportion of electoral votes as California has the lionís share, but what it prevents is a disproportionate amount of a political movement to affect the raw vote total in this nation. Your vote counts in proportion within a State, but an overflow is removed. This was the safeguard put in place by our Constitution as an equalizer. As this nation, would never allow, the few due to population concentrations to dictate the direction of this nation. It is about protecting the rights of all from tyranny. This is why we fought England who was the establishment and now we have to relive this centuries later. The players have change due to time, but the agenda is the same.

   We fought the Revolutionary War on the basis of no taxation without representation, yet the Democrats want to bring you back to this. We will never discount Middle America for the few. We will never allow the East and West coasts lead our nation due to population saturation. We will fight for all as this nation respects all states and their concerns. What is so funny is that the population will shift and you will out of power in 20 years, but you know that day will never come. This is the Truth.

   The Trump Administration spent 10 of millions and Hillary wasted a billion in funds to win this election. She is a waste of resources, and this is why this nation has problems. The Donald may change this as waste is eliminated by removing he policy of appointing the inept as a reward to political favor and donations. The purge will trickle down into all agencies for the good of this country.

   The terror attacks differentiate between those Muslims that want to see this end and the narrative that saying radical Muslim terrorist will stop informants. The Muslim community wants respect in that all are not labeled as one. This is America and if you assimilate, we are one. This is what you need to understand. Bombs and attacks kill everyone as the destruction does not pass you because of your faith. Let the words flow, but you are with us or against us, choose.


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