Political Snap Shot



Written Dec. 23 6:30pm EST


    Today, we heard how out of touch the Democratic Party and the media is. Some say abortion is not mentioned in the Bible. It is, though shall not kill, which all life as children of God, the Almighty creates. Do you know the secret of life? No, so do not assume on how, and when it is created by God the Father Almighty. With same sex, which this world will pay a severe price, again you fail to learn from the Bible, as God destroyed two cities, and turned anyone to salt, who looked upon His wrath. He loves all involved in homosexuality and its variants, but it is a sin, that can be forgiven, if you ask You say the deep state does not exist, but were told of one world government in the Bible, occurring during these end times. The schism in the Catholic Church has surface with pagan idols adorned in the Vatican, and Father is seething.

   You speak, about how there is a difference between White and Black evangelicals. Really, Both believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Both believe in the Ten Commandments, pro life, and marriage, is a sacrament of the Father. Did you ever think, that the Father forgave Trump for his sins of the past, and gave him the task of slowing the progress of the deep state, you see as normal politics? As he was the only one to accept the mission, many were offered, but passed on. Again you were told in the Bible, even the elect would be fooled, so be it.

   In the Black community, you have been promised change from your own. Nothing has changed. Cummings, Jesse, Waters, Powell, his censured replacement, and Obama. The Democratic Party ordered the assassination of MLK and X, but you refuse to believe it. They were in power, and hate ran deep as former Jim Crow. They offered scapegoats just like in the time of Kennedy.

   Community College offering courses that mimic High school especially math. How are you going to compete with the world? You won’t, as this is by design, but you do acquire debt. The Me Too movement looks to expose exploitation and degrading of woman, but not one of you attacks the prime source in the Black Community, the rap music industry. Yes I just called a spade a spade. Again, all is not what it seems. Minorities are being played.

   Back to impeachment, the Democrats attempt to call Meghan to testify will not work, as there is attorney - client privilege. As for the deep state, offering the death penalty to our low level operatives in your secret agreement with the Saudis, is not excepted with the hit on Khashoggi. Even if the American public buys it. You in the CIA really think throwing the workers as the usual sacrifice, would let those who orchestrated the hit, as he was spy, work? You have a choice, covertly take them out all the way up to the top, or the Almighty will take out those responsible, including some of your own who signed off on this in the eyes of the public, by my order.

   Now a word from your Father, the Almighty speaks, “ My children in these end times I hope to bring as many of you back to your home, I loving created for you. My Son, who many of my faithful will celebrate His Birth over the next 2 days. I sent Him to earth incarnated by the Holy Spirit into Mary, the Queen of Heaven, to save your sorry asses. As few of you have listened to My signs, Mary’s signs, My prophets, or heeded the Bible. I your Creator, must separate the wheat from chafe. This separation begins in days not months. My Mercy is endless, but you need to accept my Son, as your Lord and Savior. No matter how you leave this earth, just know, those who ask for forgiveness even at the last second, I shall save in spirit as long as you believe in my Son, Jesus Christ. I sent My Son who is God in order to tip the balance of your sins in these end times. This is how much I love you.”


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